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COVID Policy for Kiwiburn 2022

In light of tickets becoming available soon via the lottery (do not forget to register your Burner Profile in order to go into the draw), please be aware of the COVID Policy for Kiwiburn 2022 We have already run Kiwiburn 2021 in COVID times, and the approach remains...

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Burner Profile Rego Deadline!

Ticketing time is nearly upon us! The ticket lottery commences on 7 October. In order to be in the lottery, you must register a Burner Profile! The deadline to register your Burner Profile is this Thursday 30 September. If you don’t register in time, you don’t go in...

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Situations Vacant

The Kiwiburn volunteer positions page is currently choc-a-bloc full of roles in need of a capable human to fill them (werewolves will also be considered, provided they’re cuddly and they’ve been to a couple Burns). First up, we need a new Sanitation Lead i.e. Portaloo...

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Kiwiburn has a new Org Structure

Kiwiburn is an ongoing experiment - the community and the event are evolving and we are constantly questioning the way we do things and how to be better. And we have an obligation to listen to feedback.  All of this has led us to rethink our organisational structure...

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You want tickets? Register your profile!

It’s a busy time: applying for Art Grants and organising Theme Camps and registering events and planning volunteer shifts … but don’t forget the most important thing: You Have To Register Your Kiwiburn Profile By Thursday 30 September To Be Part Of The Ticket Lottery!...

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IT Wizards Wanted

Kiwiburn’s IT team are looking for two new volunteers to help develop and maintain our databases and web presence. You would  use AirTable to develop our Volunteer Management System database, build and maintain the portal which visitors to our website use to send info...

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Sustainability Team Needs Humans!

Kiwiburn’s new Sustainability Team needs some capable humans to help us become a less trashy community (less literally trash-creating, that is. Burners are welcome to be as low-brow as they wish). Specifically, we need a Data Collection Lead and several Think Tank...

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