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The Funeral

It’s with great sadness that we announce the death of great aunt Lisa’s ex-husband’s cousin’s cat, but most importantly, the death of all fun at Kiwiburn. Join us for a morning of mourning (in the afternoon)– whether it’s for an estranged step uncle, a confronting ego...

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No-flow Yoga

Yoga flow conducted by an experienced instructor brings peace to the mind and soul, grounding you for the day to come. This is not that. Close your eyes, take a deep, long breath and enjoy all the worst parts of yoga, particularly, uncomfortable inappropriate and...

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The NWF is back for its 4th year on Paddock! Witnesses the world's greatest spectator sport as our warriors battle for ultimate glory.

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Come get cosy with us in the chill lounge at Funkhutt. Some lush Lo-fi beats and lots of cosy pillows and soft & squishy places to lax about and watch the sun set.

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Solarsails Compost Toilet Tour

Come see how Solarsails poop in luxury! No stinky hot portaloos for us, the solarsailors get to poop in peace with a gentle breeze. After Kiwiburn we get some sweet compost. Come along with your questions for our team of professional compost toilet poopers. A couple...

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Vulva Painting

Who doesn't love lady land? This is a workshop for all Vulva admirers to express their appreciation for the source of all life. Learn to paint, with the best inspiration of all. Haven't painted before? Don't worry - we'll briefly cover colour...

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Bring a plate to share, prepare your most offensive screams and join the chaos. Exactly like a traditional, wholesome picnic just without the tradition or wholesomeness. But don’t panic, we’ve got it sorted… wait… DO panic? … shit, now I’m panicking.

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Art and Archaeology of MOOP

What do the traces left behind on the Paddock after our Leave No Trace event teach us about our Kiwiburn community? Archaeologist Snuf from the Leave No Trace team delves deep into the some of the rational/insane + sacred/profane things found by MOOP crew over the...

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Fake Fecal Forgery – Make Photorealistic Poo

Research shows that 1 in 2 people find buttholes funny—this is a workshop for those people. We will teach you how to use common household materials to create a perfect forgery of a human stool, for whatever nefarious schemes you might be cooking up in your horrid...

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Sunday Mass

Welcome to Sunday Mass! Our church is a bit different than what you're used to. Certainly it's more syrupy. We're not into scripture and flagellation, but there will be gluttony and temptation. Sunday Mass welcomes saints, sinners, and everyone in...

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