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Burner Breakfast

Devour and Delight’s proud gift to the Paddock is a yummy daily breakfast with a sexy little twist. Come get your daily deliciousness with us! May contain: nudity, erotica, eggs.

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Slutty Fitness

Being a slut IS a workout. Shamelessly own your sluttiness by wearing whatever the fuck you want and thrusting your hips with attitude. Yes, there will be squats.

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Authentic Relating with Laurie King

Keen to connect deeply and quickly? Authentic Relating is for you. This 'interpersonal meditation' is the practice of listening and speaking from a place of presence and sensation, allowing us to weave richer and more truthful connections.

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Animalistic Dancing

Awaken the animal inside of you. Dance like it’s a full moon and you give zero fucks. Feel liberated by being one with the buzzing bee and other resilient fauna.

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Making Merkin G-Strings

Ever feel like wearing your bush on the outside? Well here’s your chance! Join us to make a magnificent merkin g-string that will turn heads on the Paddock. A merkin g-string is the perfect addition to any Kiwiburn outfit. All materials provided, your imagination is...

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Hot shot roulette

Want to risk making or breaking your Burn night? Come on over and try a shot of no brakes hand-crafted spirits... but someone won't enjoy it, that's a promise.

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