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Thai Massage Class

Share Thai Massage with a buddy or two (BYO or be open to connecting with someone new) Be guided through 30min of massage (add sunblock for extra protection and flow) and then switch.

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Non-Monogamy & Yoga

Explore non-monogamy from a yogic perspective. How can we cultivate more peace in our non-monogamous journey with ourselves and partners? Reflect on how the yamas and niyamas can be applied on and off the mat.

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Learn some fundamentals to get you flying and basing with a partner (or two). First hour will include warm up and basics and last 30min will be a jam.

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Authentic Relating

Seeking genuine connection? You are invited to this ‘interpersonal meditation’ session designed to safely explore your vulnerability in awareness of your boundaries and curiosities. You will have the chance to develop embodiment and communication skills, strengthening...

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Chai by night

Join us for a cuppa and a sit down. Spiced hot chocolate and chai every night from dusk till it runs out. Vegan friendly.

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Fashion Glow

Calling all fashion lovers, fashion divas, fashion victims, and those with a passion for light-up fashion! We want you to strut your stuff at Camp 8 Butts Annual Fashion Glow. Dress to impress in your best LED/light up/glowing ensemble, hit the catwalk, impress the...

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Birthday Goodie Sack Surprise

Today is Kayleigh's Birthday! You can find her roaming around the Paddock with a long yellow cape and a birthday crown. If you find her and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" with a big hug (hug optional) you will be rewarded with the opportunity to stick your hand in her sack...

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Magick 101: The Ritual of the Pentagram

Wanna do 'real' Magick (with a 'k')? Wanna know why anyone would be daft enough to purport to such a thing? Come get the lowdown & learn the quintessential rite of the modern Hermetic tradition: the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, perfect for clearing...

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Relationship Anarchy – a circle/discussion

Relationship Anarchy? That sounds...errr...chaotic!? Why not simply ethical non-monogamy? Can we be fully autonomous AND community oriented? Rumi says: "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,/there is a field. I'll meet you there./When the soul lies...

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