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Radio GaGa a-gogo?

Were you allocated a radio during the event? We understand a lot of the crew get attached to them, though did you forget to return it and you still have one on you? Kiwiburn needs it back ASAP otherwise we’ll have to sacrifice the blood of a thousand volunteers to pay...

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AfrikaBurn cancelled

AfrikaBurn was scheduled to take place from 27 April until 3 May in Tankwa in the Karoo, and has now been cancelled amidst fears over Covid-19. Read their official statement here.  This is the first big Burn-related casualty due to the virus, and other cancellations...

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Keep those 2021 Art Themes a-comin’

OK Burners, do your worst. You silly-sods can enter as many Art Themes (+ their meanings) as your glorious heart desires and if chosen, your idea will shape Kiwiburn history and inform experiences for thousands of people. WHAT AN HONOUR! Here are some completely...

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Last week of Census!

What is the average age of participants? Do more people travel to Kiwiburn from Auckland or Wellington? What percentage of the population is onsite by Wednesday night? Answers to these questions and more can only be discovered whenin YOU complete the Census! If you...

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Burner Exchange

Did you know that we had a representative from Burning Man’s FAST team (Fire Arts Safety Team) at this year's Kiwiburn? Doxie attended our downunder shenanigans and brought with her a vast knowledge of all things related to FAST. She is also involved with the Michigan...

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Social Media Etiquette

Recently on the Kiwiburn Facebook Group, a member posted an interesting article about the toxicity of call-out culture, prefacing the link with these words, which resonated with us: “It’s fun to feel angry at someone who you think has done something wrong, but it...

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Last chance to have your say

We’ve been touting the Kiwiburn official Census for a while now, so if you‘ve not yet had your say, you only have until 8 March, so make sure you get your comments and feedback in. We really do use it all and will publish results in mid-late March, so keep an eye...

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