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Burning Man is Burning

Burning Man, the big ol’ Daddy of Burns, launched yesterday! It’s all happening in the Multiverse, a mad, complex, free-spirited tangle of virtual universes with contributions from thousands of Burners. It’s a strange new thing, and people are talking about it...

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All the Art, all the time

Photocredit: Alice Peperell, 2018 We are rapidly approaching the final deadline for Art Grant applications - 6 September! In the run up, we are bringing you lots of Art updates - there will be an info evening on 1 September, Octopussy, Art Shark 2020 winner, is...

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Art Grant Info Evening : Held on Zoom

Planning on attending Kiwiburn 2021? Awww yussss! Let’s kick Covid’s arse so we can do this thing! Are you gonna make some art and wanna get some smeckles/smacks/dollars/coin to help fund it? Are you gonna stop talking shit and start making shit?! Let us help you! On...

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Art Shark

We all know about Art Grants , but do you even Art Shark, bro? Debuting live-on-air at Kiwiburn 2020, Art Shark was an on-Paddock, nail-biting, tongue-twisting, history-making show where contestants competed for an 2021 Art Grant. Art Shark will return to a screen...

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BM Multiverse: Prepare for Launch

It’s almost here! The parallel universes of Burning Man 2020 are launching on 30 August, and will be fully accessible to anyone, for free, for the duration of Burning Man 2020. Don’t miss out! Years from now, this may be that Big First Virtual Burn everyone remembers,...

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Introducing: The Octopussy.

“An interactive art piece to surprise, invigorate, challenge and “rebirth” willing participants” – Squishy. Content: vaginal chat.  It was Thursday afternoon at Kiwiburn 2020, and the tension was high. The first episode of Kiwiburn Art Committee’s (KAC) Art Shark...

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How to Art.

Nico is a long time Art contributor and recipient of multiple Kiwiburn Art Grants. So we thought it would be a good idea to pry open that head of his and syphon out some of that juicy knowledge he has been squirreling away up there - with his consent of course! Read...

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ExCom Summit and Covid Update

With the resurgence of Covid causing a lockdown in Auckland, the planned ExCom summit this weekend did not go ahead. Despite initial attempts to convert it into a fully online event, it soon became clear that more planning was necessary at such short notice, and we...

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