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Situations Vacant

Kiwiburn cannot function without participants who are keen to volunteer year-round in both leadership and support roles. Although the Paddock could fit more Burners than the number of tickets sold at past Burns, we simply don’t have enough volunteers to make this...

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Photography Survey Results

We asked, you answered, we read. And read and read and read, because the photography survey contained so many thoughtful insights, ideas, and observations! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience with us. And for applying your minds to how we can...

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Survey of Photography at Kiwiburn 2021

Summary The survey was answered by 161 respondents, 37% of whom did not take any photos at this Burn and the rest largely followed the principles of consent. Nearly all were private people (one official photographer responded) and those taking photos mostly used cell...

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More trees for the Kiwiburn site

Question: What does a Burner do on a weekend off?  Answer: Weekend? What’s one of them? And so it was that a bunch of us found our way to Hunterville this past Saturday to do some much needed tree planting on the Kiwiburn site. 10 hardy, spade swinging individuals got...

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Crew Facilitator 2iC Needed

Fancy yourself as a handy sidekick? Be the Robin to the Kiwiburn Crew's Batman, by volunteering as our Crew Facilitator 2iC. In this role, you'll support the Crew Facilitator in building strong communication and co-operation between the various Team Leads. This will...

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Theme Submissions – Last Chance!

We asked for more submissions, and boy did we get them! We now have 31(!) delectable, impossible, inspiring, some-more-serious-than-others ideas on how to shape our wonderful thing in the Paddock in 2022. We are rooting for Space Cowboy Dinosaur Pirates From Space...

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Virtual Burning Man 2021

Were you one of the 165,000 Burners who participated in the Burning Man virtual Multiverse in 2020?  Or did you miss out first time round and were hoping to get another crack at joining in a virtual Burn? Well good news folks, Virtual Burn is back in August 2021! Six...

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