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Burning Man survives!

Burning Man, the mother of all Burns, was hit hard by Covid and lockdown. With the 2020 event cancelled (for the first time ever), the organisation was facing unprecedented financial challenges. For a time, we didn’t know if Black Rock City would rise again. The...

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Radical Self-expression

The Principle of Radical Self-expression is key to Burner culture. It allows us to step outside of the lines drawn in the sand by society; to experiment, express and experience the extraordinary. Radical Self-expression can be our greatest gift, but when unaccompanied...

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Art Registrations are Open!

Image credit: Peter Jennings, Kiwiburn 2015 Are you intending to bring a creative piece of wonder to Kiwiburn? Is that piece of wonder Art, or even just, art? Regardless: if you want your masterpiece to be displayed on the Paddock, you need to register it here.  ...

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STEP Queue Reminder

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, improved by the Electric Fence Post Are you registered and waiting in the STEP queue to get your hot little hands on one of the sought after tickets for Kiwiburn 2021? There has been some movement of tickets changing hands already,...

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Site Manager 2iCs Needed

Image Credit: Peter Jennings, Kiwiburn 2015 Kiwiburn’s Site Management team is looking for skilled ‘Burn participants to volunteer as 2iCs - people who will act as the second-in-charge during a shift. You will receive training and on-the-job support, as 2ICs are...

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Volunteer Positions

There are a plethora of volunteer positions currently available for Kiwiburn 2021, including several important lead and 2IC roles. Finding able and willing volunteers to fill these roles is absolutely vital to ensure a healthy and happy Burn. Lead roles currently...

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