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Barriers to entry

Kiwiburn is striving to be an inclusive, diverse community. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to participate, is able to. With this in mind, we are looking for your input on any barriers to attending Kiwiburn.  If you have ever participated in Kiwiburn, but...

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Covid update

Kiwiburn 2022 is getting close, and we are operating under the assumption that we can make it all go ahead. But there is some uncertainty in the age of Covid, traffic lights, vaccination passports and the whole new world of whatever we are calling this age now. To...

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What’s in a Paddock Name?

Have you wondered how Paddock names come about? Hint: It’s not a special ceremony where ancient Burner Gods read your soul and bestow your true identity on you, along with your Paddock Hat and a coupon for free sausage rolls (if only!)  Paddock names happen when they...

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Blogger Needed

Kiwiburn’s Communications team needs a new blogger, someone to write long-form pieces about Kiwiburn life and issues, articles to inform new members about important aspects of the Burning experience, and even thoughts to help long-time Burners reflect on things. See...

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How to bring your Mobile Art to the Paddock

Are you making Art That Moves? Whether it’s an Alien Spaceship or a Steampunk Hedgehog, if it moves, it must be registered, and to be registered it must meet a bunch of criteria. Read all about what needs to happen to make your magic steed gallop safely and awesomely...

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Changes for MPW

Kiwiburn’s infrastructure build crew, Ministry of Public Works (or MPW) are undergoing a wee shake-up as the Mighty Nan, leader of all My Little Pony followers on the Paddock, is stepping down from the MPW lead role. He is handing over reins to his 2IC’s Bing and...

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