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Did Someone say Be a Volunteer?

Well, yes. We did. A few times actually. So get off your bum and check out the vacancies. The event cannot be a success without your input, nor can it grow and accommodate all who clearly want to come along. Every single one of you should contribute something, and...

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Adopt-a-Burner is up for Adoption!

Do you think it’s important to acculturate our newbies? Are you keen to help connect first timers with experienced Burners? Then Adopt-a-Burner needs you! Adopt-a-Burner is a community organised programme which ran for the first time in 2018 for people going to...

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Joining the Kiwiburn Facebook Group

So you've got a ticket, or hope to get one soon, and would like to be in the know for all things Kiwiburn 2020? Why, as well as the website, there's a Facebook Group page for that. It's where you can go to get up-to-date news or reminders, and exchange all sorts of...

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STEP opens this Saturday

Be ready: STEP opens this weekend on 5 October at 10am STEP be the place where you can sell your unwanted or surplus tickets, and subsequently buy those hot tamales if you did not succeed in the original sale. For more on how STEP works and what it is, see here. ...

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