Fuck Baozi

Birthed in deepest darkest China, Fuck Baozi! is here to show you that we still know how to party even under authoritarian regimes! Wholesome? Probably not. Some holes? Absolutely.


Thursday 23 January

Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

10:00 am at Fuck Baozi

Learn “the gentle art” of BJJ. We’ll be covering some self defense basics, using leverage and technique to control an opponent, starting from standing and moving to the ground. No experience required!

Health & Wellness, Workshop


2020: Let’s Do This!

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

How many times have you heard (or said) "thank fuck 2019 is over!"?? Whether it was topsy-turvy or smooth sailing, let's take some time to reflect on all that made 2019 one to remember. Hear inspiring stories, provide support and encouragement, and formulate a killer plan to make sure 2020 kicks some serious ass! (Paper and pens provided)

Discussion / Conversation, Health & Wellness, Workshop


Salsa Class and Latin Party

7:30 pm at Fuck Baozi

Join Ellie to learn some basic salsa moves and get that bootie workin’ to the Latin beat.
We’ll start with a salsa cubana class – all levels are welcome also if you never tried it before. After the class we will continue with a spicy Salsa party!

Party, Workshop



9:30 pm at Fuck Baozi

Come shake your booty and show the world what Mama gave you. Heavy beats, rap and trap music. First time twerkers welcome, booty shorts and underwear encouraged. lessons provided.




Friday 24 January

Navigating Social Agreements, Relationships, and Intimacy.

2:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Across our lives we play out roles in our relationships. Expectations can come into play without intention – but why is that?
Let's explore social norms around relationships and alternative ways of loving and being loved in this guided discussion/workshop

Discussion / Conversation, Health & Wellness, Talk / Lecture


Intimacy and Connection -Tantra Style!

3:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Playful workshop exploring intamcy, connection, and touch. We will experiment with expanding our sensitivity to others, and delve into the world of boundaries and consent. It’s a practical session – be ready to stroke and to be stroked



Contact-Improv Workshop

4:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Explore intimacy through dance with strangers and friends. Relax, chill, vibe, flow, just don't let go

Chillout, Health & Wellness, Workshop


Raccoon Party

7:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Are you a raccoon? You may already be a raccoon. You’re a raccoon!
We’re also raccoons!

Come party. Raccoon makeup or attire recommended.

Tentative garbage sorting mission post-dance party.



Saturday 25 January

Naked Dice Games

1:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Start naked. STARK naked. Roll the dice, throw a hand, FULFILL. YOUR. DESTINY.

We’ll be starting by playing a Raccoon Society Classic – Bones, Fists, and Harmony.

Frisky truth or dare and drinking elements for those interested and consenting.

Chillout, Games



Sunday 26 January

Morning After Cabaret

12:00 pm at Fuck Baozi

Hussy has been known to sleep on the stage to make sure she made it on time… what other “performance art” will the (self-appointed) Queen of Trashy Cabaret be bringing with her creature friends this year? The most fabulously ridiculous experience on the paddock that has become an institution at Burning Seed Australia. Strong adult themes, don't bring the kids.

Party, Performance



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