Hooch ‘n’ Booch

Got a thirst for the ‘booch? Wanna smooch a cooch? Mooch some hooch from a pooch? Or scootch your gooch over a babouche? You’re in luck! This is a place like no other. Located in NZ.


Thursday 23 January

Open Piano Hour

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm at Hooch ‘n’ Booch

Every hour is open piano hour if you open the piano. Come and amuse yourselves while we moisten your gullets with rotten fruity vinegar tea.

Chillout, Performance


Friday 24 January

Team Speed Jumbles Jangles

4:19 pm at Hooch ‘n’ Booch

The name jenga is derived from kujenga, a Swahili word which means “to build”. Jesus was a carpenter. Look, we’re not saying that Jesus invented Jenga. But he did. Come and ascend to new heights with us and a very special speedy team version of our lord’s favourite game, also known as Jumbles Jangles.

Chillout, Games


Saturday 25 January

Don’t Play Für Elise on our Piano

ALL DAY at Hooch ‘n’ Booch

You have one whole day, your time starts now. You may not play it, not even the first two notes on infinite loop. If we succeed, Mitch will get out his special flubanubs and do a whoopsiedaisy. Losers get spanked.

Chillout, Performance


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