Planet Anarchy

Planet anarchy is a safe space for being triggered.
Unwrap yourself from the cotton wool lifestyle and come and do stuff the harder way.
Bring your baggage but leave your self entitlement at the door.
Planet anarchy is not some yoga retreat, planet anarchy is run by degenerates with intention behind every essence of our rediculousness


Wednesday 22 January

Practical ways to reduce the rates of rape and sexual assult in a community

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm at Planet Anarchy

listen to a privileged white male be vulnerable and honest about a topic that no one wants to talk about

Talk / Lecture


How to make a cheap loud quality subwoofer

5:20 pm at Planet Anarchy

come and save some money but still have mean tight bass on a budget

Talk / Lecture


Thursday 23 January

Sex Hugs and EDM

9:30 pm at Planet Anarchy

Dress up with sparkles, you cant be too outrageous with your outfits




Friday 24 January

Interview with a retired sex worker

12:00 pm at Planet Anarchy

Prepare to be enlightened into the good the bad and the dirty in an ex sex workers tell all. Passionate for helping others step forward. This is one to bring your Q&As to.

Discussion / Conversation, Talk / Lecture



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