Pups Paddock Post

The official unofficial post service of Kiwiburn!
2 things we can guarantee!
1) we’ll read your mail
b) we might deliver it!


Thursday 23 January

Hatemail 101

3:06 am - 7:46 am at Pups Paddock Post

Are you filled with rage and want to know how to express it? Let us teach you how to compose the most beautiful hate-filled letter you’ve ever seen. Possibly taking place in the general vicinity of 11am. Possibly including a special guest/award winning hatemail artiste.

Arts & Crafts, Workshop


Friday 24 January

Postal Techniques

7:59 am - 1:04 pm at Pups Paddock Post

Spice up your postie run with our hot new letter delivery techniques. Some of them are literally hot. You’ll see. At 1:30pm, maybe.



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