The Burrowing Pufferfish

The Pufferfish Lounge is relaxed & luxurious. It’s a refuge from the duff — but still upbeat and vibrant. It’s soulful, nutritious, and recharging. Grab a spot on a couch or a stool at the bar, perhaps… with old friends or soon-to-be friends… and chat amongst beautifully-sounding hi-fi… the soulful, lively sounds of funk, swing, Motown, disco, Balkan, latin, jazz… and even a little Sphongle in the wee hours! At times, there may even be musicians playing. Sometimes there’s a bar. At times, there’s food. Often there’s smoothies, and even espresso. But always… you’ll be welcomed in our home. So come on in: Feel the groove. Feed your soul. Delight your ears.


Thursday 23 January

Burners in Business

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at The Burrowing Pufferfish

Do you run a business and want to be more burner about it? Have an idea but no idea where to start? Just plain stuck? Or do you want to just connect with more burners in business?

This is the space for you!

This is a conversation as we explore some of the challengers and discuss the amazing possibilities and see where we end up!

Discussion / Conversation


Friday 24 January

Chakra Khan Disco Yoga Flow

11:00 am - 12:00 pm at The Burrowing Pufferfish

Following a tantalizing paddock debut in 2018, Disco Yogi sensation Chakra Khan is back. Armed with a set list full of dynamite disco classics and a series of questionable yoga poses, Chakra Khan is guaranteed to have ya shimmying, shaking and sweating as you boogie on down dog! It's yoga, it's disco, and it's a whole lot of fun!

Party, Performance, Workshop


Sunday 26 January

Post-Temple Pufferfish Party

9:30 pm at The Burrowing Pufferfish

Aiming to be the loveliest & liveliest place to be on the last night, this is our big contribution. Come share your post-Temple Burn warmth with us, and we’ll share our love of surprise & delight. You may already know, we do parties really rather well. They embody what we’re about – lush, vibrant, nutritious, and soulful. We promise to step it up a notch to make this the perfect end to your festival. Bring your love, & booze for the bar!

Chillout, Food & Drink, Party


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