The Effigy


Thursday 23 January

Birthing an Effigy

10:00 am - 11:00 am at The Effigy

An artist talk with the wāhine behind the design & build of this year's Effigy – JD tutu-wearing mother of 2, builder-of-things, choice human!Keen to know how this effigy came into being & the story behind it?The challenges faced along the way?What the build crews in-jokes are?Who is the epic build-crew?(Hint: heaps of women)!Facilitated by the ARTery, talk held in-front of effigy.

Discussion / Conversation, Talk / Lecture


Squat Party!!

9:00 pm - 3:00 am at The Effigy

Whoop Whoop!… It’s the sound of the police. Well hopefully not.
Time to occupy the unoccupied, to party in the long forgotten. We found an unused section just begging for a sound system. Join us Thursday night for a one-off secret Rave! Find your fluro & big furry boots and get ready to stomp to some energised hard beats. Ask our crew in the paddock or call the party hotline on 0800 LETS RAVE



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