The Manifested Terrarium

Have you ever delved so deep into your mind you thought it was a terrarium…we have. And now we have manifested what once was a ferny corner of our collective subconscious into a real world experience of synchronicity and whimsical creation. Inside our terrarium we have embraced the art of manifesting and we’re now ready to pass on our manifested wisdom. Lush flora surrounds our space where you will find us further exploring the arts of manifestation. Come join us and manifest the day away.


Thursday 28 January 2021

Manifesting for Dummies (aka Build a Terrarium)

11:11 am at The Manifested Terrarium

Did 2020 mess with your manifesting mojo? Does the idea of manifesting what you want for your life now feel overwhelmingly like too much hard work? Couldn’t get into see your woke ass shaman on zoom last year? Feel like you are losing your grip and have no control over this world? Come play god and manifest your own more manageable tiny world

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The Absurdists Alternative Awakening

3:33 pm at The Manifested Terrarium

Come one, come all! All you non-spiritual beings out there. We welcome you to set your intentions for 2021 in our anti-manifesting extravaganza. Spin the wheel of manifesting misfortune! How much can you manifest in our games of chance? Is lady luck on your side or is the game of life rigged against you?



Friday 29 January 2021

Manifestering Macramé

11:11 am at The Manifested Terrarium

Struggling to keep track of where you left your drink bottle? Terrarium? Marbles? Dignity?? Come and manifest a macramé holder for that special something you don’t want to accidentally gift to the Paddock you moopy bastard.

Arts & Crafts


Medicinal Cannabis 101

4:20 pm at The Manifested Terrarium

Come and join an informative discussion on medicinal cannabis, exploring the history, pharmacology, latest developments and legislation for medicinal cannabis in NZ.

Talk / Lecture


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