Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp is ready to put our stamp on Kiwiburn. We are working our way up from quiet camping to become a proper theme camp. We love trampolining, running, improv, cocktails, tramping, stamping. Our ideas for events include a morning run, “Whose cocktail is it anyway” (an improv cocktail party), a roving cocktail bar and mindfulness workshops.


Thursday 28 January 2021

Scavenger hunt to the death

11:00 am - 1:00 pm at Tramp Stamp

Scavenger hunting as a competitive sport. Come make friends and enemies in a Paddock-wide epic battle for an incredibly average prize. Useful to find your feet on the Paddock.



Friday 29 January 2021

Tramp run

9:30 am at Tramp Stamp

Tramps, come earn your stamp! Start off Kiwiburn the right way; run, walk, or tramp ten laps of a 500m course (or as many as you want). For those with oodles and poodles of energy, finish the run with a bounce on our wondrous trampoline! All finishers will receive the limited edition Tramp Stamp (TM) logo to adorn your body as a badge of honour for the rest of your Kiwiburn existence.

Health & Wellness


Improv Cocktail

4:00 pm at Tramp Stamp

Join us and blend the unexpected mix of improv exercises and cocktail making. Improv your cocktails and cocktail your improv… Let’s figure out what an improv cocktail party is about, bring your favourite tipple and imaginary character for a real made up party.

Food & Drink, Games


18+ (Alcohol)

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