MPW Still Needs a 2iC!

Nov 21, 2022

Feel like you’ve read this article already? Got some Deja Vu happening? It’s not a glitch in the Matrix. We are still on the lookout for a talented and amazing human (or extremely well-trained animal) to take on this role!

MPW is a crucial part of taking Kiwiburn from a concept to a temporary community. We need people to “Build it” in order for the “They will come” to happen!

MPW 2iC calls for someone with an eye for detail, with built-in communication skills and the work ethic of a bumblebee with something to prove. This includes marking and maintaining access roads, clearing camping areas, building Gate and the Depot, installing all the lighting on gates, restocking and cleaning portos, and placing all signage all over the site!

Check out the full job description here, then apply! Did we mention that being a volunteer gets you a guaranteed ticket AND a year’s supply of high fives? 

Image Credit: Made by Dario in WomboArt

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