Kiwiburn 2020

Eclectic Decade

This year’s Kiwiburn will be held from 22 – 27 January, and we’re happy to be returning to our beautiful location in Hunterville, New Zealand.

The theme, in celebration of a new decade – and ten years of resource consent – is ‘Eclectic Decade’…

Ten year resource consent means that as long as we keep doing the mahi, we have ten years of treats to look forward to! What kinds of changes do you think we will see by Kiwiburn 2030 – in art, in culture, in self expression? Let’s make the 2020 burn an opportunity to envision what our wildest dreams can conjure up and set goals for the next Eclectic Decade of Burner activity and society in New Zealand!”

Tickets for this year’s event are all sold out, however some tickets are changing hands through our Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP). The queue is already roughly 1,000 people long (wow!), but you never know your luck, so feel free to jump in the queue to try your hand at nabbing a ticket. Tickets can also be bought and sold privately. For more information, check out the ticket info.

For all the information you need to know about this year’s Kiwiburn, check out the following pages

Before the Burn

For everything you need to know before packing your bags and making your way to the Paddock, check out the following pages:

At the Burn

What’s happening at this year’s Kiwiburn? How does one get there? When can you arrive? All that (and more) can be found here:

Our Culture

Kiwiburn is an event like no other. As New Zealand’s regional Burning Man event, we follow the Ten Guiding Principles. Learn more about our unique culture: