We’d love to hear from you and will respond as soon as we can. Remember, we’re all volunteers and sometimes it could take a while to get back to you, so make sure you look on the website for the information you need first. And you’ll get a quicker response if you choose the right department for your query from the drop down list below.

Volunteering for ALL departments is coordinated by the Volunteer Team, not directly through each department. Read more and apply here.

To help you choose the best fit to send your query to, read below:

What’s your query about? who should you send it to?

  • ExCom: You need to talk about policy, complaints, administration.
  • Volunteer: You want to volunteer – yay! Read more and apply here.
  • Tickets: You read the webpage and still have a question.
  • Media Liaison: You are a Media representative or have a graphic design, writing, blogs or newsletter enquiry.
  • Theme Camps: You want to contact the Theme Camp and Sound Camp Coordinator.
  • Art Grants: You read the webpages and still have a question.
  • Greeters: You read the webpage and still have a question.
  • Gate: You read the webpage and still have a question.
  • Black Sheep Rangers: You read the webpage and still have a question.
  • MPW: You read the webpage and still have a question.
  • Community Engagement Lead: You read the KB-log and now want to share something with the community.
  • Centre Camp Coordinator: You want to chat to the team about hosting an event at the Centre Camp.
  • Town Planning: You want to contact the Town Planning Coordinator
  • Photography Liaison: You’ve read the guidelines though are keen to know more.
  • IT Team: You found something on the site that needs fixing? Let the IT team know.
  • Conduct Committee: You wish to get in touch with the Conduct Committee. If you wish to CONFIDENTIALLY report an incident requiring investigation please email the Conduct Committee directly here, rather than using the drop down menu. Read the Conduct Committee guidelines here.
  • 10 year pins: You’ve been coming to Kiwiburn on and off for 10 years now and want to wear it with pride with a 10 year pin. Apply for one here.
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