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The Hub

previously known as Centre Camp, or Town Hall

What the deuce even is The Hub?!

It’s a community space for all to congregate, learn things, hang, get weird, wrap your looking-balls around some spectacular new art and co-create epic events together! Host an event at one of our three spaces or come along and enjoy what the community has to offer.

This year we are bringing the noooise to uplevel The Hub into a space fit for burner kings, queens and everything-in-betweens.

We’ll be located in the prime pole position in the northwest area of Temple paddock, flanking some banging Theme Camps (you know who you are) to feed off and contribute to a ragingly delicious fireball cluster of burner energy!


What will you find at The Hub?


The Hub is home to ARTery, the place for artists to create and showcase their glorious creations. We’ll have a lush and juicy tent offering shade from the brutal midday sun, bits and bobs for crafting your very own art, gallery space, and POWER!

Didn’t quite make the cut with your Art Grant application? Yeah, it was a tough year alright, but we still want you! Reach out to The Hub and we’ll see if we can sprinkle some fairy dust to help you out. We’d be honoured to adorn our walls, ceiling, floor and airspace with your artwork, especially if it’s interactive and punter-engaging.

Didn’t apply for an Art Grant but still wanna bring something? We got you! Got something super pretty that needs to receive all the eyeball gushing love? We’re your new KB home! Plus we’ll have some bougie cafe style seating to linger on while people-watching. Because burners are classy AF like that. Register your art here!

The Depot

The Depot is our community information centre. Buy a bag of ice ($5, cash only); check for lost valuables; check the Paddock map; find out the latest news; bring us your gossip; sign up for a volunteer shift; recycle your used ice bag.

Any questions? We might know the answer, or potentially make one up.

Learn more about what’s on offer at The Depot this year.

Centre Stage

Performance art! Live music! Poetry slams! Comedy shows!  Whatever your exhibitionist tendencies and/or voyeuristic viewing pleasures are, Centre Stage is the place to be.

We’ll have an elevated stage and seating up to 80ish participants, plus audiovisual offerings including stage lights, speakers and a microphone. The audience space can be arranged how ever you like, including a dance floor option. OoOooOoohh. 

Contact us for the full rundown of gear that we’ll have on offer. You’ll be supported by proficient volunteers including a Gonzo (techie/stage manager per shift) as well as a Fluffer or two (i.e. a helper/runner) to make sure that your event runs silky smooth. Ready to go? Register your event now.

Centre Camp

Centre camp is a space for workshops, workouts, parties, meetings and gatherings of any kind. We’ll have two large covered structures, comfy ground mats and cushions, and the option for audio equipment if you need it.

So bring your A-ist of A-games to showcase your weirdo offerings, whether it be a gimp mask fashion parade, teaching Mongolian throat singing for chakra realignment, blindfolded armpit-sniffing speed dating, a nude Chariots of Fire reenactment, an expert panel for Q&As on “how to do life wrong”, or whatever else tickles your pickle.

It’ll be a weird eclectic mess of it all and there’s room for everyone! Register your event now.

Host an event!

Interested in putting on your very own event at Centre Camp, Centre Stage, or ARTery? We’d love to have you.  Register your event now.

You want mooooore?!

Oh, that’s not enough for you? Ok, we hear you! We’ll also be bringing daily treats to melt your hottest body parts and sustain your energy levels through the afternoon. Is that enough? No? More?! How about some next level fire art? Perfect! What are you waiting for? Get cracking with your application to host an event or display your art at The Hub!

Have we missed something?

Please get in touch with the team that you want to host your event at:
ARTery: artery@kiwiburn.com
Centre Camp: centrecamp@kiwiburn.com
Centre Stage: centrestage@kiwiburn.com

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