What to Bring

This is by no means a comprehensive list, please use your own initiative and creativity and all-round awesomeness to work out what you’ll need to survive and be completely self-reliant for the duration of the event.

But we got a few people who have done this a few times before, and smashed their heads together, to come up with a bit of a starter list, to help not only the first-timers but season burners who need a little reminder too.


  • Your ticket and Photo ID.
  • Water: We are providing water at the site – it is free and ready to drink. Bring a few litres per person in case of an emergency (and for your car ride). Also bring a way to carry water from the tap to your camp – bottles or containers you can carry!
  • Provisions: Enough food / beverages for yourself and yours.
  • Clothing: Something rain proof. Warm clothing for evenings – it can get cold in the Central North Island!
  • Camp stuff: Somewhere to sleep (tent, camper, caravan), warm bedding, and something to provide shade and shelter during the day – the winds can exceed 75 kph, and the midday temperature can exceed 30°C.
  • Waste: Rubbish and recycling bags, which once full you will take with you when you leave.
  • Lights: it’s dark at night and you need to see and be seen! Bring torches and spare batteries (headlamps are useful) as well as something lit up to wear – fairy lights or LEDs  are good for making yourself visible.
  • Bug repellent. There are sandflies at the site, and visitors to New Zealand are particularly sensitive. If you find bug repellent, well, repulsive, long sleeves and pant legs, socks, and hats will prevent many bites. This will also protect you from the sun. Aloe Vera, or some New Zealand made skin balms based on bee propolis and tree resin can help treat sandfly bites.
  • Sunscreen / sunblock lotion and sunglasses. Long sleeves and pant legs and a hat are also very helpful. The New Zealand sun is a harsh overlord.
  • Fire extinguishers, if you plan to burn your art or have a generator or burn barrel.
  • Medical: First Aid kit and any required prescriptions, contact lens supplies, toothbrushing gear and whatever else you need to maintain your health and comfort in a remote area with no services. Your First Aid Kit should have:
      • Ace wraps
      • Aloe Vera gel
      • Antacid
      • Antibiotic ointment
      • Anti-diarrhoea medication
      • Anti-histamine medication
      • Aspirin or Ibuprofen
      • Band-aids of assorted sizes
      • Eye wash solution
      • Gauze bandages
      • Gauze pads (4x4s)
      • Scissors
      • Sunscreen
      • Tampons or pads
  • Smokers: portable ashtrays (e.g. mint tin that doesn’t leak ashes, or film canister if you remember what that is)



  • Protection from the elements:
      • Shade structures, umbrellas, parasols, sheets; something to break the cruel midday sun. For those coming from other countries, New Zealand’s sun is stronger than anywhere else in the world. The sun here can burn you in less than 20 minutes, even with sunscreen on.
      • A wide brim hat (a chinstrap is useful).
      • A raincoat and or umbrella.
  • Watertight protective bags for clothing, cameras or electronic gear.
  • Costumes, musical instruments, props, banners, signs, and anything else you can think of that might make the experience more fun for you and your neighbours.
  • A cooking stove if you expect to heat food or liquid.
  • Earplugs! (Not everyone is going to want to sleep when you do).
  • Lotion/lip balm to treat cracked skin.
  • Camp marker (flag, flasher, distinctive marking to find your way home).
  • 300mm (12”) tent stakes (High winds are possible; rebar is cheap and effective).
  • Plastic bottles or tennis balls to top and protect dangerous rebar stakes.
  • Extra set of car keys (keys are easily lost!).



  • Sewing kit.
  • Rope and/or string.
  • Ribbons, Mylar, etc., to flag tent ropes/guy lines.
  • Handy wipes.
  • Duct tape.
  • Gifts to give to new friends.


There are some items which we don’t recommend you bring – to reduce waste and litter and risk to others. And then there are some things that are downright prohibited and will be confiscated (and you may have to leave the event!)


  • Explosives, fireworks, aerial flares, rockets, firearms of any kind – including BB guns, air rifles, or paintball guns.
  • Chinese lanterns are prohibited items – they are MOOP and a fire hazard.
  • Pets (if you have a service animal, contact us!)


  • Feathers of any kind e.g., boas (they shed, no matter what you do – and we don’t leave a trace!)
  • Glitter of any kind, including Bio-glitter and especially loose glitter.
  • Single-use glowsticks.
  • Nuts in their shells.
  • Glass containers of any kind if at all avoidable.
  • Excess packaging from foods (For example, remove outer box from cereals and just bring the inner bag).
  • Styrofoam Chillybins (they don’t hold up and will break into a million bits).
  • Anything that will break up and/or blow away in the wind.
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