The Kiwiburn Portal

Manage your Kiwiburn Participation Information

Introducing… the brand new Kiwiburn Portal! Your one-stop-shop for managing your participation in the upcoming Kiwiburn Event. Through the Portal, you can view and manage the details for your:

  • Burner Profile
  • Community Survey
  • Ticketing
  • Theme Camp
  • Art Grants
  • Art Registrations
  • Event Registrations
  • Centre Camp Events

To access the portal, visit:

It Doesn’t Work! / I’m confused, help!

We’re absolutely loving the streamlined flow of having the Portal available, but we understand that there may be some confusion and a few bug fixes while we get these new systems all up and running. Please contact the relevant team as your first port of call (i.e. Theme Camp Coordinators, Kiwiburn Arts Committee, etc), and for technical support, you can contact

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