This page might not be up-to-date for Kiwiburn 2022. Check back soon, or contact us in the meantime.

Register your Event

Time is nearly up!

We’ve extended event submissions for 2021 to accommodate you stragglers.
It will close tonight (14 January) at midnight  – final chance!

Have you been dreaming of running a zombie beauty pageant, croquet tournament, or macrame workshop? How about hosting a yodeling choir, a friendly game of pin-the-ponytail-on-the-Prime-Minister or a serious conference on how to save the world? You don’t need to be involved with a Theme Camp to host an event. Some of the most successful long-standing functions have been held at a range of different locations. You can either host your dream event at the Centre Camp, some other public area on site, or connect with Theme Camps to see if they’re into it.


Please note: Kiwiburn doesn’t proofread your event submissions, so make sure to double check that your events appear correctly. All events in the Event Guide are submitted and run by participants. Please remember that your events must respect the Kiwiburn policies and all local laws.