Register Your Event

Events at Kiwiburn are gifted by community members and Theme Camps.

Ranging from silly to serious anyone can host an event creating an opportunity for inclusion, participation and immediacy!

Events + Guide Criteria

  • All events in the Event Guide are submitted and run by participants. These need to be registered before January 5th to be included in the printing.
  • It is up to the host of the event to arrange a location for their offering. This could be anywhere on the paddock! Consider collaborating with a Theme Camp or using Kiwiburns central Hub, Centre Camp. It’s available for everyone to use for talks, workshops and events.
  • Please remember that your events must respect the Kiwiburn policies and all local laws.
  • Kiwiburn doesn’t proofread your event submissions, so make sure to double check that your events appear correctly.
  • No amplified events during the Temple Burn on Sunday evening.

Registered Event Benefits

  • Your Event description and details will be featured in the online and printed Event Guide, distributed to every participant on entry.

To be included in the Event Guide, Events need to be registered with Kiwiburn and paperwork submitted.

Key Dates for Kiwiburn 2022

Registration + Event Guide

21 September Event Registration and guide submissions open
5 January Event Registration and Guide submissions close

General Ticket Sales

7 October General sale tickets allocated from STEP via lottery

Registration Process

  1. Fill out the Events Registration Form (by 5th January).

Sound Policy

Does your event involve sound? What happens if I want to play it LOUDER? Where can I set up our sound system? Can I throw a sunrise psy-trance party in the forest? Who cares if our music is a little loud? What else should I know?

Luckily for you, we have the answers, right here in our Sound Policy.


Have we missed something?

Please get in touch with the Events coordinator!