Registered Art – 2023

Below is the Art registered for Kiwiburn 2023.

You’ll get a copy of this listing in your Event Guide when you arrive at Kiwiburn.

As always, Art is subject to change up until the start of the event.

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Anchor & Flow

Anchor & Flow is life's journey in a visual and playful form. The power of the surrounds can either be resisted with weight or enjoyed by flow.. wonder down to the river and explore how you desire to play with it.. hold firm or let go!.. Have fun!

Apparition 2.0

A Reflective Chromamorphic Helix Transportal.

Aroha atu, aroha mai (tbc)

Sightings of a large predatory bird have been rife amongst the community as of late. It is said a horde of half human, half creature people arrived from a faraway land atop its back!

100,000 Schmacks reward for any information relating to this incursion.


[“kuv-rin”] (Welsh - translates to: Secret)

As John O’Donohue wrote “Above us, the galaxies dance out to infinity. Under our feet is ancient earth.”

But what’s in between? Come walk the labyrinth and find out!

Dig Urself! (You know you gotta)

The answers you seek aren't far away. In fact, many of them lie just below the surface of the very ground you walk upon. The bones of your life can take any form, sometimes all it takes is a little digging.

Dodecahedron trip

This piece is a plywood dodecahedron painted with uv spray paint. A dodecahedron is the platonic solid that represents the element of ether, or the universe or spirit. It is the only platonic solid that has pentagons for its faces. Due to its divine proportions and UV paint job this artworks launches the observer into the higher planes of consciousness. There is a certain recognition that we experiences when we look at sacred geometry, the impossible perfectness of it invokes a kind of affinity that stems from our higher selves. The observation of sacred geometry draws what is sacred within the viewer to the surface of our consciousness.

doorway to emotional freedom

This is a physical representation of one individuals experience after receiving news of a family members passing during kiwi burn one year.

Effigy’s through the ages quit

‹Ernie› is an interactive infinity mirror box. Welcome adventurers, you'll be rewarded.

Exquisite Corpse
Faces of the Pandemic

2020 Vision revisited. The spinning faces from last years Kiwiburn re-imagined in a new format. Happy, Angry, Puzzled, how's your pandemic going?

Intergalactic Radio
Les Chandelle Swingers Club

Giant steel park swings.

Like sands beneath the pendulum, so are the days of our lives
Little's Playhouse - Get Shady
Moths to the flame

Moths to the flame

Natures Theatre


Optimal Oratorical Oracle Hut (Oooh)

Scared of fortune tellers? You'll enjoy this one. Come and have your exquisite future revealed to you by the Optimal Oratorical Oracle.

Papatūānuku Roimata (Tears from Mother Earth)

Papatāūnuku Roimata

Photogasm Phantasmagoria

Photogasm Phantasmagoria is a photographic experience. Allow yourself to be painted in light and receive a memento of your burn.


Ignited from Lucid Substance Dawdles down short rivers, a divergent contingent of the pillow-clan founded a colony of incoherent proportions. A territory of minerals that can provide both substance and inspire conquest...


Finally! Dragons and Bagels combine after all this time. Not meaning to sound too Smaug, but the bagels are delicious - come taste the danger and feel the flame, also expect a decent weight gain........

Something's peeking through the Portal
Star Portal

Slip into the forest and find your place of resort at the Star Portal. Bathe in the colourful light of this large 10-pointed double star mandala. Handmade with 3D printing, carbon fibre, rip-stop nylon, and over 14,000cm of stitching.

Sunrise Amplifier
Temporal Light Arcade
temporāria (the time machine)

Enter the time machine. Look into the Past, the Present or the Future. Like stepping inside a crystal ball or entering a hall of mirrors, it's the portal that lets you see deep into the fabric of yourself and glimpse Reality beyond the veil of ordinary space and time.

The Confession Booth
The Laughing Tuatara
the lure
The riverside sauna

The riverside sauna is back again for Kiwiburn 2023. Come sweat out last nights bad decisions, share stories with old friends or naked sandy strangers, jump in the river afterwards for the full experience. Cut your own wood and enjoy.

Time Travelling Paint Wizard

Wandering Paint Wizard with the bright orange beard will be doofing through the vibes at all hours, catch her eye for some fantastically organic body paint wizardry to bring out your inner creature on the d floor.

Triangle Tunel

Triangle Tunnel is literally just that. 1000s of LED lights all work together to provide endless patterns. The view down the tunnel is something that has to be seen!

Twisted Tardis
Wind aurora

A healing experience with light and sound. Windchime brings healing through vibration powered by wind -- energy of nature, but what if we magically conjure healing vibrations through the energy of your presence, and the presence of people around you? Come find yourself in this quiet corner, getting lost, zoned out and nourished in this warm and gentle shower of sound and light.

シュモクザメ Shumokuzame

This sculpture is part of a much larger vision for Burning Man 2023 Animala which is aimed at creating awareness around how we can love our planets oceans more deeply and restore harmony to our world, the water planet.

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