Registered Art – 2023

Below is the Art registered for Kiwiburn 2023.

You’ll get a copy of this listing in your Event Guide when you arrive at Kiwiburn.

As always, Art is subject to change up until the start of the event.

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🌱 Bio-Sonifier🎵

🌱 The metabolic bio-rhythms of plants, magically converted into music 🎵

A Muse Made Art

Soupy, saucy, seductive, you name it, no shame in it, we have the space for you! Cosmic Soup proudly presents, to the good paddock people, an exhilarating microstage like you always envisioned. Have you imagined a play? A monologue? a poem or song? Do you have a dream? A dance?! We want to see it, we want the world to see YOU! muse made art". First in first served up

Ames window by Skittles

Ames window by Skittles. Does the window rotate or oscillate? How does the tiger pass through the window frames? Come and see and be slightly amused...

(Skittles reading optional)

Anchor & Flow

Anchor & Flow is life's journey in a visual and playful form. The power of the surrounds can either be resisted with weight or enjoyed by flow.. wonder down to the river and explore how you desire to play with it.. hold firm or let go!.. Have fun!

Apparition 2.0

Also referred to as the 'Leggings Simulator," Apparition will be making another appearance on the paddock, but this time better, faster, stronger, with 100% more projection mapping weirdness. Live dusk shows whenever the artist can be bothered.

Events: Apparition AudioVisual Experience


A Reflective Chromamorphic Helix Transportal.

Audio Nature Trail

So you are in the forest. It is dark. Get a friend to be your eyes. Hold their hand. Tight. Squeeze your eyes shut. BOTH of them. Nappy on? Ready! Slowly walk forward. Listen for noises. Careful now, there are scary things out there. Walk slowly. Do NOT run. Never stop.

Can you hear me? (Soundsuits)

Get Freaky from the future or the past. The Sound suits are meant to be immersive and are available to anyone wanting to express themselves, dance, and make some noise. They cover the entire body so that the "audience" or observers cannot tell or judge anything about the identity of the person. The performance is interpretive. Feeling shy? there is also mirror space set up on one wall of the gazebo so that you can do a performance for the person who matters most, YOU!

Castaway Foundry

A portable aluminium foundry and casting equipment.

We take empty aluminium cans, melt them down and teach you how to make a sand casting mould. We then pour the metal in and you get to keep the finished item! (usually a medallion or coin)

CNC Media Inc presents…The New Zealand Gerald

Our reporters “in the field” (that’s you) source content for “The New Zealand Gerald” - Camp Nipple Clamps expansion into print media. Print your own headlines, air your dirty laundry, share your secrets ….on our fancy letterhead. Deliver it to CNC’s letterbox directly, or try your luck and see if Pups Paddock Post gets it there in time for the 7.35ish o’clock news - where it may be read LIVE ON AIR! Or heck, just post to a friend, what do we care - it all helps us expand our empire and get our brand out there - but don’t make it moop!


[“kuv-rin”] (Welsh - translates to: Secret)

As John O’Donohue wrote “Above us, the galaxies dance out to infinity. Under our feet is ancient earth.”

But what’s in between? Come walk the labyrinth and find out!

Events: Chain of humming humans

Digital Crazy Mirror

This is modern day interpretation of the curved mirrors found at side shows which would make you look extra tall or extra wide.

This version applies digital effects in real time to create a mirror that not only reflects the people standing in front of it but adds effects which could be interpreted as hallucinogenic without the necessary chemical additives.

Dodecahedron trip

This piece is a plywood dodecahedron painted with uv spray paint. A dodecahedron is the platonic solid that represents the element of ether, or the universe or spirit. It is the only platonic solid that has pentagons for its faces. Due to its divine proportions and UV paint job this artworks launches the observer into the higher planes of consciousness. There is a certain recognition that we experiences when we look at sacred geometry, the impossible perfectness of it invokes a kind of affinity that stems from our higher selves. The observation of sacred geometry draws what is sacred within the viewer to the surface of our consciousness.

doorway to emotional freedom

This is a physical representation of one individuals experience after receiving news of a family members passing during kiwi burn one year.

Dot Matrix Display

A low resolution, dot matrix, user driven, touch screen.

The human interface has texture, sound, light and mechanical characteristics.

It can be used to capture messages or art for as long as the audiences allows it to exist.


From the fuchsia-bright skis of a Southern Spring sunset; an iridescent creature twists and takes form!

A great and benevolent dragon has come to the Paddock in search of adventurers and heroes in the making! Find them roaming about every day and speak with them to undertake a glorious quest through magical realms- they may even share their treasure with those who succeed!

Effigy’s through the ages quilt

This isn't your Grandmas typical quilt!

Come check out this piece of handmade delight, detailing the most recent six Kiwiburn Effigies in a mixture of patchwork, applique and a touch of embroidery, completed as a cozy quilt for all to enjoy!

Designed to be used and touched, rather than admired from afar, come along and get your dust mits all over this cozy quilt.


‹Ernie› is an interactive infinity mirror box. Welcome adventurers, you'll be rewarded.

Exquisite Corpse

Time travel to a cosy place of childhood nostalgia ,to rainy days sat playing that game , ya know the one where everyone has a piece of paper and everyone draws a face at the top and then folds the paper over and passes it along and then everyone draws a torso and passes it along and then everyone draws legs and feet and passes it along one last time, finally everyone opens their paper and giggles ferociously at the silliness of it all. Seize that silliness with other burners and make your own exquisite corpse - except this time not on paper but in 3d baby!

Faces of the Pandemic

2020 Vision revisited. The spinning faces from last years Kiwiburn re-imagined in a new format. Happy, Angry, Puzzled, how's your pandemic going?

Flamboyant Flashing Dragons

During the day their belly scales sparkle in the sun, and at night they truly come alive with their rainbow lights .....

Flaming Great Rhombicuboctahedron Gazebo
Fluffy the ridiculous 2.0

fluffy is a mobile illuminated ridiculouscycle that ill be riding round the paddock just to entertain

Footpath lights

Follow the light

“Fucking huge clock face” (or “High Time”)

Time is the ultimate abstract concept, pinned down with escalating exactness by man (sic!) over the course of centuries. But what if our clocks were to start surprising us with their answers when we checked in? What if they were to tease us, challenge us and give us answers to questions we hadn’t yet thought to ask? As if guided by some divine magic - or just the knowledge that most people, at some point, will be tripping - they speak to us in whole new ways. And in the process, completely reinvent time for those on the paddock.

Highway to the Moon

There once existed a great highway to the moon. With its creation came a surge in moon tourism. It was the most ambitious construction project that Earth had ever seen. That was, at least, until mysterious intergalactic beings ripped it to pieces....

Intergalactic Radio

Step into an audiological experience that's outta this world. Sounds have travelled across the cosmos to be discovered by your fingertips. Bring a friend to double (or triple?) the vibes.

Kiwiburn Collaborative Culture Mural

What is the culture of kiwiburn to you? What do you want to see? Express culture on our murals that will return every year.

Les Chandelles Swingers Club

Giant steel park swings.

Like sands beneath the pendulum, so are the days of our lives

This is a pendulum that scribes concentric circles in a bed of sand. During the day, a small intimate space where individuals or small groups can sit and or converse while using the pendulum to draw soothing, meditative tracks through the sand.

Once dark the pendulum is lit by soothing color changes providing a night time oasis to escape to.

Little's Playhouse - Get Shady

Let's get shady at Littles' Playhouse. We are a child focused camp and we need to protect our littlest campers from the harsh day star. See you there.

Mad Max returns

Max has upgraded his vehicle

Moths to the flame

Moths to the flame

Kinda just happened… they spawned from the idea of using steel rims to create an insect body, and the rest is what you see here…

They were created in the Theme Productions workshop in Christchurch

Natures Theatre

Come sit in Nature's Theatre and watch the "live movie" of nature.

Don't forget your ticket!


A camera obscura in a wooden icosahedron shaped structure, with a door for people to climb into it and marvel at the outside world from a literal alternative perspective.

Papatūānuku Roimata (Tears from Mother Earth)

Papatāūnuku Roimata, lie underneath the tears of mother earth.

Points of Light

Points of Light is a 2m x 2m star like installation. It contains around 1500 individual LEDs that light up to create endless mesmerising patterns.

The Dodecahedron base shape is one of the 5 Platonic Solids.The Dodecahedron resonates with the Universe element so in turn it resonates with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Dodecahedron’s key functions are Ascension, Expression, Divine creation of life and the highest form of Consciousness. Sitting with this installation can help raise your frequency and to connect with higher dimensions and your higher self.

Prometheus Rose

Prometheus Rose interactive day and night forest experience. The Rose represents the prickly yet beautiful nature of the future as it folds and refolds into the harmony of past, present and future. At dusk the lights, sound and projections will be powered to provide an immersive night-time sanctuary. During the day visit the space for contemplation, watercolour painting and find our mushroom gardens. Open every day and night till late.


Ignited from Lucid Substance Dawdles down short rivers, a divergent contingent of the pillow-clan founded a colony of incoherent proportions. A territory of minerals that can provide both substance and inspire conquest...

Room of Doom

The Room of Doom, where dreams go to die. Everything you think you know about this project is wrong, part art project, part performance art, part budget amusement park ride. Do you dare enter the Room of Doom?


Finally! Dragons and Bagels combine after all this time. Not meaning to sound too Smaug, but the bagels are delicious - come taste the danger and feel the flame, also expect a decent weight gain........

Something's peeking through the Portal

Observing by day .... but what happens at night?

Star Portal

Slip into the forest and find your place of resort at the Star Portal. Bathe in the colourful light of this large 10-pointed double star mandala. Handmade with 3D printing, carbon fibre, rip-stop nylon, and over 14,000cm of stitching.

Stick figures

Stick Figures

Another paddock offering from the Swing Fling crew, these are another Theme Productions creation, out for only their second adventure (and 1st party) come say hello

Sunrise Amplifier

constantly changing reflections amplifying the journey of the sun

Taking Flight

Sightings of a large predatory bird have been rife amongst the community as of late. It is said a horde of half human, half creature people arrived from a faraway land atop its back!

100,000 Schmacks reward for any information relating to this incursion.

Taniwha Tunnel

The work seeks to embody both the Taniwha itself as well as the liminal realm that a Taniwha might inhabit somewhere between here and the spirit realm. This speaks to the duality of atua, such as Taniwha and people as kaitiaki of the whenua. Practically this means we will create a structure made up of two or three geodesic domes connected with tunnels for people to move through the work. The overall shape of the installation will mimic an imagined Taniwha body while the space inside will invoke the place the Taniwha resides. The aim is to transport people physically and metaphorically through a story, shared myth or evolving history of land and place. Outside of this projectors will shine on the walls and speakers will be installed to immerse the structure in light and ambient sound. The beams that create the framework of the tunnels will be painted with kowhaiwhai like the spine and ribs of a marae. The internal space will be interactive, with colour, texture, light and sound forming an immersive experience for those entering. An area with seating, beanbags, cushions, carpets will invite people to linger in the space, meditate or have conversations. The installation is intended to be quiet and reflective at times as well as fun, engaging and joyous. We hope to position the at the edge of the forest and interact with the trees and specific landscape the work is in. The space is designed to be multi-functional and available to be activated in different ways through workshops, guided meditations and other learning opportunities.

Temporal Light Games Arcade

The perfect games arcade for when you want to hide in the dark and revert to childhood. Doodle crass images on the light-drawing table, get aggressive with Foosball, complain that you can't see the balls on the mini-pool table, resent everything about the mini-putt and more! Bring your own light source to charge up the glow of the arcade, or wait until daylight and risk being disappointed and seen. Only out when it's dry because it's too cheap to withstand the rain.

The Confession Booth

A space to talk about something previously unspoken, get something off your chest or simply have a laugh; the conversations that occur are entirely up to the confessors. Fitted with cushions, optional logbooks (for confessors to chronicle the experience)

The Flower Car

The Flower Car

Returns to the paddock again in 23, bought to you by those friendly folks at Swing Fling

Prepare your senses for fun, frivolity, friendly faces, fresh beats and fragrant & fruity ipa

The Last Minute Doorway

Get ready to step into... the other side of the door.

The Laughing Tuatara

Tuatara Bicycle!

the lure

Art car? Time traveller? Reincarnation of Angela? all of this and more? Travel with the Lure and find out ....

The Patron Saint of Pranks

The Patron Saint of Pranks is sneaking around Kiwiburn. Planning some shenanigans? Engaging in tomfoolery? Playing some games? Track down the sly fox and leave an offering to make sure your bit goes smoothly and luck is on your side.

The riverside sauna

The riverside sauna is back again for Kiwiburn 2023. Come sweat out last nights bad decisions, share stories with old friends or naked sandy strangers, jump in the river afterwards for the full experience. Cut your own wood and enjoy.

The Royal Pootanical Gardens

Looking for a place to deposit your most treasured scatological creation? Longing to sit bare bummed in a latrine amidst luscious foliage? Come to our compost commode - a royal oasis. Our decorative dung house accommodates your colon!

The transtemporal thingamajig

This art-piece represents an inter-dimensional/time portal come see where it takes you...

Time travel photo booth

Time travel here to create a memory that will last for aeons. Bring your camera and be the director of your own photo shoot. Bring your friends and practice your photo etiquette here!

Time Travelling Paint Wizard

Wandering Paint Wizard with the bright orange beard will be doofing through the vibes at all hours, catch her eye for some fantastically organic body paint wizardry to bring out your inner creature on the d floor.

Travel By Phosphene

There is an alien community who travel through the universe, sharing their

knowledge, encoded for those who are ready to receive it.

They visited earth a while ago and hid clues as their way to share their message with anyone with enough curiosity to be receptive to receiving the message.

They communicate through dreams. Find the artifacts, solve the puzzles, and bring the message with you into your dreams, and they will contact you there.

Trippin' Balls

Bounce, flop, drape and immerse yourself in a place for gravital discovery, glowing orbital night delight.

Twisted Tardis

Twisted Tardis - Reprise!

WE NEED YOUR NEWS: CNC's Content Generator

Have you got hot goss? In-jokes? Baseless Accusations? Have you always dreamed of being a roving reporter? A whistleblower? A regular John Campbell? Our CNC news anchors need your content! So grab a pen to contribute news stories of the day. 7.35PMish every night @ CNC - you can laugh at your own jokes as we read them live on TV!

Whiro, Māhina, hine nui te pō, Mahi toi piece

A space to inspire ngā tangata, embracing Māoritanga and Takatāpuitanga, centred around a Māori art installation and providing a welcoming environment for Māori, Takatāpui, BIPOC and anyone who identifies as an ally to exist in, for kōrero to happen, mahi toi (art), and Te Ao Māori to be explored.

Wind, sound, aurora

A healing experience with light and sound. Windchime brings healing through vibration powered by wind -- energy of nature, but what if we magically conjure healing vibrations through the energy of your presence, and the presence of people around you? Come find yourself in this quiet corner, getting lost, zoned out and nourished in this warm and gentle shower of sound and light.

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