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Art on the Paddock

We had a plethora of amazing art registered to come to the Paddock in 2021, our community certainly were busy bees during 2020!


Check out the registered artworks below.

2020 Vision
2020 has been a year. How did you spend yours? Would you like to express the way it felt on the paddock? Find your local paddock witch and see what you can muster. Because with hindsight, everyone has 2020 vision.

All the Places You’ll Go
Cozy into crochet-topia’s four corners of imagination. Delve into a Dr. Seuss story. Chime into a very important date (mad hat and croquet kit provided). Ride the luck dragon to depths and distances or wonder in waves of cuddly creatures. Seek and you will find sweet treats.

Art Buquél Contemporary Art Committee Presents: The Greatest Work of Art of the 20th Century
we are very proud to present to the Kiwiburn community, a truly significant work that has profoundly touched the lives of everyone who has witnessed it. Please join us for the dramatic unveiling at 2pm Friday.

Art Journey
The art journey is a space created for people to explore opening, healing and themselves through the use of various art modalities such as painting, writing, clay play, movement and music whilst being surrounded by nature. This journey will be guided and facilitated to best learn how to utilise these tools and then will be accessible for people to be in the space and admire peoples creations. All space decorations created by us and with collaboration from other friends and artists

Bio-Sonification Station
Listen to the strange metabolic rhythms and electrical impulses of plants, converted into sound! Play a keyboard made of fruit!

Bomb Bike
The bomb bike is just a bit of fun, it was made by a very talented Artist from Christchurch called Chris Van Der Mays

we owe a lot to bees

Content Generator
Do you like the news at 6ish O’Clock? Always dreamed of being a roving reporter? Got hot goss? A great idea for a television game show? A sizzling interview question for that one random Burner/small child from the camp next door/tired ranger still on shift? To continue to bring you quality programming, CNC’s news anchors and TV hosts need your content! Grab a pen and a clipboard and hear YOUR content read live, on air, at Kiwiburn’s ONLY live in technicolour TV stage.

Crux Aeternum
Crux Aeternum, the eternal cross marking the border between the light and shadow realms.

Cybus Incaendo
Cybus incaendo is a crypto-plant species native to the future. Invasive to our timeline, it was likely introduced through nano-particles on a Space Force employee’s unsterilized hands. When in bloom it reverses its photosynthetic algorithms, creating a hypnotic light display to attract errant 5G signals and curious forest creatures. Totally not a mind control device.


Giant Stag
Are you a lost pixie or sprite stranded on the mortal plain? Keep a lookout for our giant buck roaming the paddock after dusk; let him and his butterflies of rebirth guide your spirit and transform your myth to reality.

Going Full Circle
Have you ever wanted to go all the way around the top on a swing? Now is your chance. You know you want to… Operating daily 4-6PM

Impressionable Nangs
Come and reunite your self with your Nang from last year and immerse your self into it and see what impression you leave on the other side.

Koru Ahi – The Fire Labyrinth Burn
After the Temple Burn: A final journey through fire, we spiral to represent the journey we took to get here, our connection with the people we have met, and the beginning of the journey to Kiwiburn 2022…

Les Chandelles Swingers Club
Swing to your hearts content.

Let’s Chalk
Let’s Chalk! – We provide the chalk, you provide the talk. Or the draw. Or however else you’d like to express yourself! Follow the prompts if you want, or don’t! You’ll find our chalkboards in 3 spots around the paddock. Gluten free brownie points if you draw on all of them <3 – Jax and Finch

Lunar Moths
The bright lights of the Biggest Burn on Earth in 2020 have attracted some big guests to The Mythical Picnic. Keep you eyes peeled for a rare pair of Actias Luna Gigantus flitting about the paddock when the sun goes down. Easily distinguished by their soft glow and unusual size, these gentle giants are an omen of good fortune – for anyone who doesn’t have Lepidopterophobia.

Made and Found Library
Check out the Made and Found Library. Pop by our camp site to find the Kiwiburn Library(no card required). Books, games, objects, kind words, activities…we hope you will leave us a note on the chalk board… Bring something to add to the Library collection for fellow Burners to enjoy… Use at our Camp, at yours or anywhere you please. Swap it out, borrow it, keep it, gift it on, make it, reuse it…..

Mate Roulette
Mate Roulette is the opportunity to experience the novelty that only a good ol’ phone call can offer, but with a twist. Picking up the phone will most likely result in a conversation with someone you don’t know, and maybe even a future band member, partner(s), sub, or accountant. So get amongst it, find something you have in common or be introduced to a whole new concept, laugh, cry, hold space, schedule a rendezvous, or simply shoot the shit the whole way through.

Minimum Wage
Entry level position available starting immediately. We are looking for a fit and enthusiastic button ninja. Benefits: Open plan workplace, Flexible hours, Market competitive remuneration. Requirements: 5+ years experience, Good hand eye coordination, Strong work ethic.

Mobile Mystery Voyager
The mobile mystery machine makes it return to the paddock this year and once again, bonds as strong as diamonds (and just sparkly) will be formed.
we are open to people wanting to play music and cruise with us and Generally hang out and become our new best friends…

Mobility Assistance Device
I have discovered that too many participants have days when their health prevents them from getting around the paddock, as a step towards solving this problem I have obtained a mobility device and pimped it up with some art, the device is available for anybody who needs the use of such a thing to get around

Mythical Pet Pixies
Interact with strangers and their pet mystical pixie. Adventure as you explore to find mystical herbs and potions to feed your pixie. A mystical pixie is seen as a colored pattern on LED strips, and is carried around in a key FOB – if you can get one from the pixie breeding workshop…

Nan’s Roving Romance Library and Sweetheart Selection
Nan believed all life’s irritating wrinkles could be ironed out with a cuppa, a romance novel and some lollies. Demure, exotic, erotic…Nan’s love of lurid literature is available for you to browse, borrow or keep. A selection of heart shaped confectionery is on hand to sustain you through this romantic reading romp. The Romance Repository can be found most of the time at the Mythical Garden of Frivoli-Tea but you may lucky enough to find it roving the paddock with the Librarian of Love

Pagan Fire Stick
Ever wanted to build a flame effect and not kill yourself? This workshop is for you; we will cover all the basics of conventional builds. We will also move into more adventures designs that step out of the well trodden and highly unsustainable petrochemical approach and look for a solution that does not cost the earth. I will also touch on using venturi pumps to include metal powders, it’s effect and some economical sources for this. Oh and naturally you can spark one up for yourself!

Patron Saint of Pranks
Years of horseplay, high jinks and tomfoolery at Kiwiburn have caught the attention of the universe, manifesting a portal for The Patron Saint of Pranks to come through in physical form! Planning on pulling a goof? Playing a joke on a friend? Before you engage in any shenanigans, seek out the Saint with an offering to ensure your gag goes well. But you’ll have to find them, as the mischievous deity sneaks to a new location every day. Good luck!

Peace Crane
Peace Crane is here to heal! Participate as we fold 1000 origami cranes to hang from ‘Mother Crane’. Inspired by an ancient Japanese legend promising that if anyone folds a thousand paper cranes they will be granted a wish by the Gods. Therefore let’s wish for peace! Popularised by Sadako who folded a thousand cranes in hospital after the bombing of Japan. Quick come visit, before peace escapes us! It’s not too late for harmony. Presented by Folded Friends

Picnic in the Sky
If you acquire a pet key fob you can swipe and send your pet into the “big picnic in the universe”. This is seen with the illuminated pattern of the pixie pet flashing its way up the pole and then…. Find interactive installations around the paddock and swipe your pet pixies to feed them *special* mystical foods to “alter” your virtual illuminated pet.

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea. And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff. And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Quantum Flower Theory
The artichoke lamps in the forest are back <3

Ka ora te Whenua, ka ora te tangata. The connection between people and land. Even saying there is a connection sort of gives the idea that there are two separate things that are connected by something. We are the land and the land is us. “We are apart of the mauri and embraced by it” – Tiawaiwaka. Weaving this knowing into our current dominant culture. Sit down, weave, and remember.

Reality Glitch
Is it a dream? A teleportation accident? A glitch in reality? Your grandmother’s living room? Discover a strange Glitch in the forest, where nothing is as it seems and everything is wonderous. Lose yourself in a little corner of Somewhere Else. The Glitch awaits.

Release Me
RELEASE ME is a door to releasing and feeling emotions on the paddock. A place for reflection, peace, and recharge away from the rest of the festivities. Give yourself a little downtime, sit down on the earth and enjoy the calming running water featured in this artistic expression. Please respect the quiet of this space.

Sea of Holes/Holy Perspective
Play in the the Sea of Holes – a feature from the Yellow Submarine movie – and peer through the portholes of the yellow submarine for a fun photo opportunity.

Sew Relaxing
Curl up, cuddle or (and?) fool around on our giant pin cushion come to life, surrounded by oversized pins and needles. A perfect place to escape the doof, and take in the mystical elements above and below.

Skate 3
Come hang with the gang and skate!!!!!

Solar Flare Sun Costume
I do not want to publicise this project this is just to register it so I can submit and H&S plan as it includes flame effects. Experienced flame effects artist who has already bought large flame effects to Kiwiburn.

Steampunk Rides Again
The Steampunk Beast returns to the paddock

Sting Ring
Sting Ring is a circle of 6 2.5m tall gas puffers that shoot flames into the sky. come and ‘Push The Buttons’

Swing Fling Letterbox
Form before function or function before form?

Talk to God Phone
At the Burning Man festival almost every year for the last two decades there has been a symbol, a waypoint, an opportunity; to speak with God. There have been laughs, tears, concern and a most unique human interaction…in a phone booth. This year that very same Talk to God phone is taking a new journey to the Paddock, where we anticipate the connection is loud and clear. God loves you!

Teddy Bears Picnic
If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today…. now enjoy having that stuck in your head.

The Gift Box
Do you long to own a fine collection of artworks? Are you an artist/crafter/maker who wants to share/gift your talents? Then come on by to the “Gift Box” with a stick figure drawing or a stick you whittled for hours! An oil painting you did a year ago, or something ya whipped up at the Burn (perhaps in the ARTery?) Pick up a new handmade treasure or drop one off in the marked box.

The Midnight Chaat
The Midnight Chaat will be popping up around the paddock to provide delicious treats to tantalise your taste buds at random times.

The Nook
Come find us, we live in the trees in a quiet place. Rest weary traveler, stay awhile. Brew a tea from our garden and curl up with a book. Everyone welcome. Read, chatter and enjoy. Life is just peachy when you find a good Nook.

The Octopussy
Introducing THE OCTOPUSSY: a large collaborative sculpture celebrating textile arts, cephalopods, and vulvas. Textile arts traditionally have been associated with people who have vulvas, and octopuses are some of the most beautiful, diverse, and mysterious creatures on the planet, so they have a lot in common with vulvas in that regard! Each vulva has been created by a different artist from within the Kiwiburn community as an ode to the diversity of oceanic organisms everywhere.

The Phoenix
Rise from the ashes, The Phoenix spreads her wings! Hope lives, forever.

The Riverside Sauna
The riverside sauna is back again for Kiwiburn 2021. Come sweat out last nights bad decisions, share stories with old friends or naked sandy strangers, jump in the river afterwards for the full experience. Cut your own wood and enjoy.

The Sheep

The State of the Art Live in Technicolor TV Stage
Lights! Camera! TV! Created by a group of Burners who enjoy a laugh but can’t be bothered coming up with new material, the State of the Art Live in Technicolor TV Stage is a platform for spontaneous (immediacy!) collaborative (communal effort!) semi-passive entertainment (participation!) & non-sensical wankery (radical self-expression!) Featuring a star-studded lineup (you!) & edge of your seat programming (stuff we make up on the spot)! Don’t miss the news at 6ish o’clock!

The Tentacles
Near a dark dark town, through a dark dark paddock, down a dark dark path, in a dark dark wood, by a dark dark river, The Tentacles lit my way.

A geometric shape of pure form, made entirely of light and reflecting our positive outlook to the future, from a recent past of so much chaos.

The Zoetrope cometh. A totally interactive kinetic piece from the crew at Tripper Traps Inc.

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