Poster Design Competition

The Art Theme for 2025 is:

Trash Renaissance Fair

Join us at the Trash Renaissance Fair for an unforgettable experience rooted in sustainability and community. We’re calling on everyone to be part of the solution by bringing items that can be reused or recycled. Instead of buying new, let’s dig into our closets, attics, and local thrift stores to find treasures waiting to be repurposed.

It’s about more than just reducing waste. By reusing and recycling, we’re building a culture of care for our planet and each other. Let’s turn old fabric into stunning costumes, forgotten wood into works of art, and overlooked treasures into something magical. Drawing inspiration from Radical Inclusion and Radical Self-reliance, we challenge ourselves to transform waste into beautiful works of art while embodying the principles of Radical Self-expression and Communal Effort.

So come on over and be part of the Trash Renaissance Fair. Together, let’s show the world the power of creativity and sustainability, one recycled masterpiece at a time.

Now we need a poster design to showcase the theme!

Untold glory and accolades will be awarded to the artist who can best capture the essence of Kiwiburn’s 2025 Theme in a poster format. You will see it everywhere, as the winning design will be adapted for stickers, wristbands and volunteer patches too. The competition is open to all graphic artists, and those who have a fabulous idea (and a designer friend who can turn your idea into usable artwork).

You have until 1 July to submit your ideas, so get going and give those creative juices free rein.

View past Kiwiburn posters here: The Theme

Artwork specifications are:

  • A3 or A4; can be portrait or landscape
  • preferred formats to set files up in:
    – Adobe Illustrator (.ai);
    – InDesign (.indd);
    – Photoshop (.psd)
  • min. 300dpi resolution
  • must include:
    – the art theme;
    – the Kiwiburn Megamorphosis Man (can be in background)  download vector pdf
    – the Kiwiburn logo download vector pdf
    – the dates;
    – the location;
    – the Kiwiburn website;
    – the words: New Zealand’s Regional Burning Man Event
  • your design should embrace and reflect the art theme, and Kiwiburn
  • Kiwiburn’s somewhat ‘quasi-official’ font for information is DIN, tho it’s not mandatory to use it.

Please note:

  • the judges decision is final
  • the winner will be required to supply open files to Kiwiburn for use via an electronic dropbox, Google Drive, etc
  • Kiwiburn reserves the right to change elements of the design for readability, preferably in consultation with and working with the artist to achieve the desired result
  • Kiwiburn will own all image rights for future use
  • Kiwiburn will use the poster design on it’s website and social media pages and promotional materials as required.

Mandatory information

Your poster must say the following:
  • Kiwiburn 25 (or 2025)
  • Trash Renaissance Fair
  • Date 22-27 January, 2025
  • Hunterville
  • New Zealand’s Regional Burning Man Event

Submitting your entry

  • the competition closes at midnight on Monday 1 July 2024.
  • the winner will be announced in July.
  • submit your design in a digital format: pdf preferred, jpeg acceptable; no other formats accepted.
  • keep the original working files (.ai, .indd, .psd) – we will need these from the winner
  • file size no larger than 64MB
  • write a short artist’s statement explaining your design.


  • we will need your original working files to allow the design team to adapt the files for different collateral
  • we will collaborate with the winning designer if we feel the design needs further development to be finalised
  • your name will be used on the website, newsletter and in social media crediting your work.

Ready to submit your wonderful design?

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