The Conduct Committee is comprised of volunteers from the Kiwiburn community who have skills, training and experience in fields such as counselling, teaching, mediation, and crisis management. A diverse panel of members is envisaged.

The purpose of the Conduct Committee is to provide a safe, consistent, fair and confidential process, by which reports of behaviour that transgresses the Kiwiburn Code of Conduct can be investigated, documented and actioned. The outcome of an investigation can be one of four levels:

  • Level One: The report is documented and archived for future reference.
  • Level Two: The Conduct Committee might offer feedback, a mediation process, suggest or offer transformative resources.
  • Level Three: The Conduct Committee might recommend that ExCom issue a warning to an individual, and may also advise that they be restricted from volunteering, organising a Theme Camp, bringing art, or offering services on the Paddock.
  • Level Four: The Conduct Committee may recommend that ExCom impose a ban on an individual for a given length of time.

Read the in-depth description of the Process.

We strive to hold a balance between being compassionate, inclusive and supportive of people’s growth and learning, and of taking measures to protect the safety of the community. We are not the Law, and we do not set out to incriminate people, but if we have reasonable grounds to believe that someone poses a threat to themselves and/or the community then they may be excluded from Kiwiburn events.

Useful information when reporting an incident:

  • To report an incident, please email the Conduct Committee directly here.
  • You don’t need to disclose any details about the incident you are reporting at this stage if you don’t want to.
  • If you have a preference as to the gender of the person who responds to you, please say so.
  • If there is anyone on the Conduct Committee whom you would prefer to not know any details of your report, please say so.
  • The process and the confidentiality agreement will be discussed first, so we know your preferences, and you know what to expect.

After this process, you will be asked for your account of the incident, if you are happy to proceed. The report will only be documented and/or actioned with your fully informed consent.

Become a Committee member

Kiwiburn is seeking expressions of interest for Committee members. Is this something you’d see yourself doing? Or have someone in mind you think this would suit? Apply here.

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