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Latest News

Health and Safety (and gate) Update!

Covid  (most hated C-word now) is still a thing, so a few things to be aware off: Please do not come to Kiwiburn if you feel unwell Ideally do a RAT test before you come, especially if sharing a car Avoid sharing utensils, cups, balloons (for those surprise Paddock...

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Ticketing Wrap

That’s a wrap, folks! If you don’t have your ticket for Kiwiburn 2023: Time Travel, unfortunately you won’t be making it onto the Paddock this year.   As of Monday, 23 January, STEP and all direct ticket transfers have officially closed.   For those of you...

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Our hosts for KB ‘23: Rangitikei

You know what’s cool? Guitar solos, obviously. But you know what else is cool? Paying respect to the community that allows hundreds of humans to come and inhabit their whenua for a week every January.    We recommend you to do as much of your shopping as you can...

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Weather Watch

Goooood morning, Kiwiburn fam! Your friendly neighbourhood weather-watcher here. I’ve got some good news and some great news for y’all!   If you were at Kiwiburn 2021, you might remember how bitterly cold it got once the sun went to bed. Well, the good news is...

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MOOP Hunters Needed

Kiwiburn is fast approaching and we're seeking fun loving volunteers for Leave No Trace to help with the MOOP (matter out of place) sweeps of the Paddock. If you or anyone you know is going to Kiwiburn and wants to get involved, meet the awesome crew, get fed...

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Super-Sneaky, Extra-Peaky Teaser: Pics from the Paddock!

Oh yes. You just can’t wait, can you? The Burn starts on the 25th, but you need some paddock action right NOW, dammit! Never fear, the EFP team is here to satisfy your impatience! We have our very own reporter in the field, Julia, snapping pics of the sprawling time...

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Recent Blog Posts

Moop, Moop, Moopity, Moop, Moop, MOOP!

The 8th Principle: Leave No Trace (LNT) Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and...

Kiwis on the Playa 2022

As someone whose first Burn event was Kiwiburn - close to home in a stunning part of the Rangitikei region, with a beautiful river for cooling off on those stupidly hot NZ summer days - I often...


Wow! What an adventure. The Tinkle Drum made it to Burning Man! Despite a plethora of obstacles along the way, the journey was equal parts fun, challenging, and exhausting. We couldn’t have done it...


A giant interactive music sculpture that people can walk in to create sound is picking up speed. People-Powered Music aka The Tinkle Drum Project is all about international collaboration, recycled...

​​The Thirty-Year-Old Birgin

Yes, unbelievably there are still people in the world who have yet to experience the magic and madness of a Burn. I am one of those unfortunate few. Burning Man and all its international mutant...

The Tinkle Drum: A Burning Man Art Project

“This piece is about art and music being for—and by—all of us. Music can be created by everyone, it's about sharing, participating, and creating together with what we have." - Bibi Bliekndaal, The...

Weekly News Digest

Kiwiburn Census

We want to get to know you better, take feedback, and learn how we can improve. The Census happens every year after the event, and the results provide insight into our community and a range of comments and suggestions.

Afterburn Reports

The Afterburn report is an annual summary, released after each Kiwiburn event, to keep the community up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes, and our plans to make the event even better.

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