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Latest News

Effigy and Temple EOI – DEADLINE 1 August

We need Big Art! We need YOUR Big Art. Have you always wanted to construct a large structure, pour blood, sweat and tears into it and then set it alight? Here is your chance, and there are people who can help you to keep the blood and tears at bay. The sweat is...

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Drum roll please: Your Poster for Kiwiburn 2022, Time Travel

Cole Holyoake created the winning design among a bumper crop of 12 entries (a record). When choosing the winner, KAC (Kiwiburn Arts Committee) purposefully moved away from the softer, more whimsical designs of the past, given the turbulent times we are in and the open...

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Community Facilitator Needed

About a month ago, we announced that Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee (ExCom) are establishing a Community Department. This department will consist of various sub-committees: Diversity & Inclusion; Accessibility; Consent; Community Liaison; and Regional Burners;...

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Communications 2iC Needed

Kiwiburn’s Communications team needs a second-in-charge, a trusty sidekick for our team leader. We’ve been searching for the right person to fill this role for a little while now but still haven’t found them, so now’s the time to put up your hand!  As Communications...

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Build Something. Apply for Something.

There are only 3 more weeks until Art Grant Applications close - time to sit down, storm your brain, draw some diagrams and submit your application for your Art Grant. Let the amazing poster be your inspiration - this Burn is going to be wild, unpredictable and not...

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Burner Bio Registration Opens Saturday 24 June

As of this coming weekend, you will be able to register your Burner Profile so you can participate in the Great Kiwiburn 2022 Ticket Lottery! The registration will remain open for many weeks, so there is no rush. Here is what you need to know: The registration link...

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Recent Blog Posts

Moop, Moop, Moopity, Moop, Moop, MOOP!

The 8th Principle: Leave No Trace (LNT) Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and...

Call for Participation in Virtual Burn

You know what the best thing about Virtual Burn is? Everyone can participate - no matter where you are in the world.  Check out this tantalizing teaser video of the experience that awaits us...

A Glitch in the Art Grants

Last year, I received an Art Grant to build Reality Glitch, the little bit of mystical living room corner which appeared in the new forest section at Kiwiburn 2021. You may be thinking of applying...

Ticketing Survey Results

Overview We put out a survey to the Burner community to see their reaction to a proposed ticketing change (survey and details of proposal available to view here:...

Survey of Photography at Kiwiburn 2021

Summary The survey was answered by 161 respondents, 37% of whom did not take any photos at this Burn and the rest largely followed the principles of consent. Nearly all were private people (one...

Adjusting to the Default World

It’s been a week now since the Paddock emptied its population of tired, sunburnt and burned-out yet blissful Burners into the rest of the land. Many of us have returned to our urban jungles and...

Weekly News Digest

Kiwiburn Census

We want to get to know you better, take feedback, and learn how we can improve. The Census happens every year after the event, and the results provide insight into our community and a range of comments and suggestions.

Afterburn Reports

The Afterburn report is an annual summary, released after each Kiwiburn event, to keep the community up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes, and our plans to make the event even better.