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Latest News

Kiwiburn 2023: Important updates from our Summit

On the weekend of 29 April ExCom* members sequestered themselves in a beautiful, isolated AirBnb at Manukau Heads near Auckland and hashed out the parameters for Kiwiburn 2023. There were presentations by the Green Kiwi Sustainability team and a virtual meeting with...

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Ticket Lottery update

We know all those who purchased tickets for Kiwiburn 2022 via the general sale lottery and then received a refund have been feeling the loss and disappointment, and wondering what happens to you for Kiwiburn 2023. Conversely, everyone who was not successful in the...

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ExCom name

ExCom needs a new name! One that is less stern, corporate and dry and represents what the Facilitators actually do, which is, well, facilitate the necessary bits and pieces to make the Burn happen.  We’d love for you to submit your ideas of what ExCom should be called...

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Tinkledrum update

The Tinkle Drum is taking shape! This project follows the legacy of The Giant Weta which earned Black Rock City Honoraria project in 2016. Now we are building a human-powered musical instrument! The first, smaller(!) prototype build is well underway in preparation for...

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Welcome back, Afrikaburn.

Afrikaburn was reborn in the flames this April - the event has come back from a two year hiatus, smaller, relocated, but by all means bolder and even more beautiful than before. This EFP writer has shed a tear or two seeing her home Burn come back to life, and if you...

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Participate = be part of something. Be a Volunteer.

Kiwiburn needs volunteers.  We are purely volunteer based. Everything that happens, happens because someone gave of their time, heart, sweat and mind to make it happen. What does happen is a fabulous, ethereal bubble in space-time where the normal rules don’t hold and...

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Recent Blog Posts

Moop, Moop, Moopity, Moop, Moop, MOOP!

The 8th Principle: Leave No Trace (LNT) Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and...

The Tinkle Drum: A Burning Man Art Project

“This piece is about art and music being for—and by—all of us. Music can be created by everyone, it's about sharing, participating, and creating together with what we have." - Bibi Bliekndaal, The...

Looking Back and Into the Future | KB11 Twisted Reality

Photo: “Cows with Guns” Effigy, Pete Lumos.

Beginner Burners | What’s in a Paddock Name?

Don’t Panic – Chapter one for the newer burners out there... What is a Paddock / Playa name? How do you get one? And who cares anyway? A Paddock or Playa name is a respectful nickname given to you...

How the Burn Ruined My Life: Five Reflections on Ten Years of Participation with Kiwiburn

As the countdown to the 2022 Effigy Burn slips on, second by second, I am feeling excited and ever-more buoyant, but also quite humbled and emotive. Time Travel will be my tenth Burn with...

Debrief: the KB22 Ticket Lottery

Kia ora Burner whānau, Wow, that was a different general sale! This year, after KB21 tickets sold out in 10 minutes flat, we consulted with the community and implemented a new lottery system. ...

Weekly News Digest

Kiwiburn Census

We want to get to know you better, take feedback, and learn how we can improve. The Census happens every year after the event, and the results provide insight into our community and a range of comments and suggestions.

Afterburn Reports

The Afterburn report is an annual summary, released after each Kiwiburn event, to keep the community up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes, and our plans to make the event even better.

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