Safety First (or third)

Jul 8, 2024

Hey, you know what’s not lame? Safety. 

Ever dreamed of being the guardian angel of Kiwiburn? Now’s your chance! We’re on the hunt for a Health and Safety Facilitator who’s as passionate about safety as they are about DoBros.

Picture this: you’ll be part of our wild Executive Committee, where your voice matters. Whether it’s strategizing the next safety move or cheering on our epic team leads (think FAST, Rangers, Medics, Security, and Site Managers), you’ll be the glue that keeps us all safe and sound.

Not afraid of a little adventure? Perfect! We need someone who can juggle safety protocols like a pro while keeping the vibes high. From refining our safety policies to shouting “Safety first!” louder than anyone else, you’ll be our safety net.

So, if you’re ready to turn your passion for safety into action at Kiwiburn 2025, hit us up! Let’s make this year’s event the safest—and most unforgettable—one yet.

Apply now and join the crew!

Catch you on the safe side,

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