Behold the Kiwiburn 2025 Trash Renaissance Fair Poster Winner

Jul 8, 2024

Wait what’s this incredible image, you ask?

Unless you’ve been sleeping, you may have seen we’ve had a poster competition running for the past few weeks. We asked the community to create and submit a poster design for Kiwiburn 2025 Trash Renaissance Fair.

And guess what? The community delivered! We had a lot of entries and they were all fantastic. It sure made it hard for the KAC crew to pick a winner!

But alas, there can only be one poster per Burn, and that means only one winner.

So, we’re excited to announce, Cole Holyoake is the winner for the Kiwiburn 25 Poster comp! Huge congrats!

Just before we get to Cole’s description of the winning design, we wanted to take a second to thank all entrants of the competition, it was a tough field! We really appreciate the time and effort you spent on your designs, don’t be disheartened if you didn’t win, we’d love for you to enter again next year! We will feature other poster submissions in upcoming editions of the EFP (Electric Fencepost, the thing you’re reading right now), as we appreciate all your efforts and don’t want to see them locked away in a dark vault never to be gazed upon again. And of course, you can put those juicy artistic talents to use designing other fun stuff for the Burn!

Now, here is Coles’ description of the design:

“A bit of word play on the theme, loosely looking at each word in isolation, bringing it all together in a Kiwiburn-esque composition. You’ll see glimpses of potentially-useful junk, distinctive paintings, and festive thingamabobs. A figure stands unapologetically free (because Kiwiburn) in a pose strongly resembling the Statue of David, with a strategically placed arm (because society) holding a hobby-unicorn stick (again, Kiwiburn). There’s so many possibilities to create, repurpose and repair; now what will we find at the Trash Renaissance Fair

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