Theme Camps

If you’re interested in registering a Theme Camp for 2021, check out the Theme Camp Information & Registration page.

Once camps for 2021 start to get their paperwork all sorted, we’ll start listing them here, so that we can all start getting excited about who will be on the Paddock this year.

Until then, here’s a list of 2020’s theme camps to give you an idea of what you might be in for – there are options catering to all: the delightful and whimsical, the loud and proud, the immersive and provoking.

Kiwiburn 2020’s Theme Camps

Click on each camp to check out the events they hosted too.

Them Nest

ThemNestFemme Nest is for gender diverse & femme people to come together in celebration & solidarity. The camping equivalent of our living room. We welcome you to be in this nest in whatever space you are in. We are ridiculous space creatures with lots of love that want to create a thriving environment to hold each other while we party wildly.

The Umbrella Project

Exploring or working out your sexuality?
Just want to know if that special someone is also under the rainbow umbrella?
Let us help break down the barriers. Find our rainbow umbrellas throughout the paddock and grab yourself a white bandana to help you find and connect to others in the community.

Fat Bellies

Our team loves Sharing deliciously cooked Meat and Veggies that were born and grown on Rathmoy the Kiwiburn Farm.

Camp Damp: The Moistening Zone

2018 was a fucking searing year for Kiwiburn. 31 degrees??! We’re not putting up with that shit again!! Enter… Camp Damp: The Moistening Zone. We’ll spritz you when you’re warm. Open 12pm-4pm most days. Come and receive a refreshing spritz of H20, or volunteer as a ‘Moistcenary!’ It’s a great way to meet Hot people 😉

Camp No-Fun

Here at Camp-No-Fun, we are here to be safe and participate in justified rational activities. If you’ve had a bit too much fun on the paddock? Pushed the boat out a little too far? You can come take your fun hat off, ease the pressure, relax in our chill space, turn down the volume on some classical records and step into a juxtaposition.

Playful pixies and sleeping beauties

Bringing kids to Kiwiburn? Come find playmates or like minded parents to provide mutual support. Come camp with us in a quiet zone . OR are you a child free person looking for somewhere to gift your time? Can you perform magic, act out a story, teach a skill, lead a kid parade? Come!


By all accounts, Paradox should not exist. An anomaly in the fabric of space time has given rise to a cosmic shortcut between the stars; an outpost frequented by transients from across the galaxy. Traders, vagabonds and scoundrels abound—the only thing you have in common with the creature next to you is that you are both out of place.

Camp Nipple Clamp

Want to be laughed at, laughed with, and laughed next to in a loving and inclusive manner? Come visit Camp Nipple Clamp: a retro lounge with all the groovey 1970s trimmings – including – a state-of-the-art live technicolour TV stage! All your favourite characters showcase prankery and nonsense with special guest star – you! #notasexcamp

Eros Temple

Eros is the Greek god of love and sex. We are gifting workshops at different locations around the Paddock. Stop by and check out the board for daily offerings and while you are here, ask for your Deluxe Hug! (some workshops will also be listed in the guide)

Consent Club

The Consent Club provides peer support to people having experienced assault and boundary-breaking, as well as promoting healthy and consensual interactions in party environments.

The Sensory Dispensary

You’ve had them your entire life. Eyes to see, ears to listen, a nose to smell, a tongue to taste and skin to feel. You could take these senses for granted or you could take them down to the Sensory Dispensary! Guaranteed to please your perspectives and rinse your realities. Open 25 hours a day!

peace and love

Good vibrations are consciously created and this is especially fun in groups – humanise your spiritual experience………

Fuck Baozi

Birthed in deepest darkest China, Fuck Baozi! is here to show you that we still know how to party even under authoritarian regimes! Wholesome? Probably not. Some holes? Absolutely.


We are an eclectic tribe of solarpunks living in a temple of renewable energy made out of trash and bamboo. We are here to share with everyone curious about how to make things or how we can build a better, greener, more hopeful world.

The Museum of Inconvenient Teapots

The Museum of Inconvenient Teapots provides delicious chai and other tea-ish drinks to revive you for the dancefloor and warm your little cockles in its comfy environs. Sample the beverages in one of our unbelievable, impractical oddities from the history of failed (or otherwise just tacky) teapots, or bring your own cup to drink without spillage.

Deep Space

Feeling overwhelmed? Too much to fast? Deep Space is open throughout the festival to provide a space for you to come and ground. We provide one on one specialised care for those going through difficult emotional situations or just need to take some time out from their surroundings. We got snacks and electrolytes on tap. Party hard, selfcare HARDER!

Paddock Radio

Paddock Radio 88.1

Fully solar powered, mobile radio station.
Broadcasting at all times with no useful information whatsoever.

Circus ole

We are a bunch of circus freaks, we love all forms of circus antics, we want to encourage others to run away with us and join in our fun!! Bringing the noise and colourfulness to the paddock we are the pikey CIRCUS OLE

Hooch ‘n’ Booch

Got a thirst for the ‘booch? Wanna smooch a cooch? Mooch some hooch from a pooch? Or scootch your gooch over a babouche? You’re in luck! This is a place like no other. Located in NZ.

Tangerine Steeze

Tangerine Steeze brings you the steeziest parties on the paddock. If you crave fresh tunes and a boogie during the day, come find us. Also, look out for our one-off Tangerine Steeze nighttime bash, it’s gonna be huge! Our repertoire ranges from dancehall, reggae and hip-hop to the grimiest jungle, D&B and golden oldies. Come shake your booty!

Let’s Torque

TORQUE – the force that makes you spin around the dance floor. Nearly 2 decades ago, a few antipodean travelers and London locals started a crew setting up decks and speakers just about anywhere playing all sorts of groovy tunes. We want to do that again, with a kiwiburn-esque twist from the help of the Rainbow Unicorns. Love

The Ephectic Eclectic

The Ephectic Eclectic, a co-creative play space for all artists at Kiwiburn 2020! Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a shower singer, a DnD fiend or some other kind of abstract creator – you’ll be at home among our kind. The Eclectic are eager to swap, share and learn our skills and yours under the judgement free safety of our marquee and tipi.

Paradiso Tropicale

Trade your views of rye grass for palm trees and tropical discorama delights.
Join in the afternoon party games and activities – cocktails for winners and losers !
Test your drinking water quality and learn to protect our water ways! Find your lost dreams – unicorns and sea horses welcome!.For the adventurous watch out for our special event…

Whytch Camp?

Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Lavender Lounge & the extended Coven have brought a chillspace with alchemical concoctions, magical brews and soup!
Enjoy a cleansing Aura Carwash, Broomstick Racing, Tarot reading or spend time in our Sacred Space.
Silly, sorcerous and sordid… Get Crafty, and prepare to be Bewitched and Charmed!

Mystikool Jungle

Just follow the jungle drums to our little oasis – the Mystikool Jungle. A refreshing minty mist, cool breeze, seductive sonics, airbed and icy beverage awaits. It’s the perfect place for all you wild, exotic creatures to escape the heat and just kick back and chill. Rejoice and rejuvenate with us in the jungle – the Mystikool Jungle.


Gargoyltea. Where you come to make Gargoyles, sip tea and scare away evil demons. And maybe quesadillas. Oh and Temple crew’s banter tent, do you have game?

Camp Devita

Camp Devita (formerly Camp Desmond) is a non-hierarchical society of pagan psychedelic giraffe worshippers.

Wild yet wholesome, this year we’re hosting Devita’s Womb as a place for Kiwiburners to connect more to our feminine sides and to the well beings of ourselves which if they were included could bring more gifts and aliveness into our spaces.

Mu Mu Land

Afternoon slushy sessions, occasional shark attack, and sweet tunes

The Den

Think of this as a workshop – tables, hand-tools, power
for small machines such as sewing machine and hot glue gun, some materials.

Hishi Karada – rope suit demonstrations are planned for several times over the event – look for notice of times.

Pure-C operates from here and other spots.
A Cookie Fairy will be in action.

Pups Paddock Post

The official unofficial post service of Kiwiburn!
2 things we can guarantee!
1) we’ll read your mail
b) we might deliver it!


PHOSFORUS is an ever evolving camp. For the last 10 years we have been in a collection of house trucks and installed a number of well known LED Art works. This year both our trucks are off the road so we will be in two 5m bell tents. We have decided to just build what we feel like on site. There will be lights, we have been tinkering and scheming..

The Warm Fuzzies Doodlebopper Camp

The Warm Fuzzies Doodlebopper Camp
Need a moment of ‘aww’ and whimsy? Pop by our camp to get your very own warm fuzzy or a set of fuzzily warm doodleboppers! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world…. we also have cute MOOP bags!!

Vaguely Problematic

Formerly ZefCamp, the same obnoxious, body-, sex-, kink-, weird-, queer-, positive- positive assholes that you love to hate are back with a new name. Representing 9 continents, sponsored by 3 tech companies and 2 corporations, we’re content creators and influencers with collectively over 2.1 million followers. Come to our events so we can take photos and video for social media and our documentary series. We have our bracelets pre-loaded with thousands of US dollars. We’ve lost track of which cultures we’re appropriating, but we have a minor obsession with the Tiger-American community. If any of this sounds like we’re missing the point of this whole thing, maybe we are, but so are you? Or maybe it’s all just vaguely problematic. Are we giving you shit or gifting it to you? Hosting Golden Gay alleyway themed bars and hedonistic experimentation. Vaguely Problematic: Come as you are and Rawr as you come.

Planet Anarchy

Planet anarchy is a safe space for being triggered.
Unwrap yourself from the cotton wool lifestyle and come and do stuff the harder way.
Bring your baggage but leave your self entitlement at the door.
Planet anarchy is not some yoga retreat, planet anarchy is run by degenerates with intention behind every essence of our rediculousness


A sound camp designed for your aural and visual pleasure. Well be bringing the funky sounds, epic people and welcoming vibes. Come enjoy, create and participate.


The Dojo of Flow (Flojo)

Kiwiburns hub for flow arts, fire spinning and nearly all other forms of expressional movement. We shall be facilitating workshops every day and will host fire spinning every night. Accompanied by tunes and/or live djs/music as much as possible


Popcorner returns this time bringing more of the same gr@=”‘?:(‘@@!:/?:??::!:: :$?:)” (??:(@?:(:) This time without homemade sherbet “sorry about that “

The Hangout

The Hangout is here to fulfill all your restoration, education, contemplation and exploration needs. Burners, Pirates, Fairies, Ewoks, Creatures of all walks: come hang in a hammock, clamber amongst the radical playground or seek much desired reflection and refreshment for the soul. You can check in any time

Mint Country Club

Mint Country Club aka MCC is the place to be for the mintiest Minters on the paddock. ice cold GIN & TONIC at our day-bar, be cool as a cucumber, play lawn sports, join in on the games and fun activities. The roaming gin bar will be everywhere or no where for your refreshMints. Come join the club, get MINTED and wear GREEN.

Barrio Del Chur

Chur is an integral element of the Kiwi vernacular. It expresses thanks, acknowledgement, encouragement and enthusiasm. ‘Barrio’ is the word for neighbourhood in Spain, where Chur was born.

Chur throws boombastic parties, makes legendary sandwiches and creates transformational space for people to glimpse a new of being in the world.

Centre for Change

The Centre for Change aims to capture the potential for creating positive change at Kiwiburn.

Mornings are dedicated to yoga, meditation and other embodiment practices.

The day is dedicated to the revolution – with talks and workshops that inform and inspire the changes necessary to co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Hookah Road

If you like hookah, chill times, spinning yarns and big red buttons – have we got a camp for you! Come hang for some chill beats and friendly faces, all while enjoying the delicious flavour of the day. 24/7 e-shisha with scheduled classic coal shisha sessions.

Home for Wayward Girls and Boys

We are aimed at travellers who had to pack light for the plane. You are
self-reliant and have all the food and drink you require, but would
love some homely comforts and a chance to meet fellow travellers. As the
unofficial International Ranger camp we often have campers trying to
get some sleep during daylight hours after a long night

Fire Tribe

In the beginning there was only Balrogs Playpen…. Now we have evolved into Fire Tribe with a collection of both old and new faces, for those wanting to play with fire we are one of the authorised fire performance camps but you don’t have to belong to our camp to join our open fire play gatherings or workshops.
During daylight hours we also like to


The Snug Specialists.
Psst hey kid. Wanna get some snugs? Pillowtopia selects only the finest of pillows straight from the clouds themselves—it’s legit! Trust us, we all have PhDs in chill times! Come drink lots of tea, and have lots of consensual cuddles. All cool creatures craving cascades of comfort are welcome


Pangea is a village-style collective of smaller theme camps that have joined together to create a space offering workshops, music, and more! With an emphasis on our live music stage, you can dance the evening away on the paddock. Pangea is a space full of surprises and creative, eclectic humans that are ready to welcome you!

Cool School Camp

We are the Cool School Camp. We will serve delicious Hawaiian Shave Ice for recess and we will teach valuable life skills that are not usually taught in school but are necessary to succeed and thrive in life. Workshop topics cover Authentic Relating, Sex and Romance, Money and Financial Success, Self-defense and Survival.

Cape Carnival

This time the Cape Carnival is not only back at Kiwiburn to provide veteran Kiwiburner hospitality, but it is turning the Carnival psychedelic! Cape Carnival is the home of Kiwiburn founder, Yonderman, and many fellow KB veterans and new characters.
We’ll still have the cheesy tunes and snacks to share, but this time we will provide a feast of visual entertainment along-side and around the musical delights. We have a projector and thousands of movies and videos to roll, and some incredible decor and creative costuming to get the vibes going when the tunes come on late afternoon.
It’s what Cape Carnival is all about, getting the party started! And keeping a comfy chill space when the time is right. Come hang out with us and enjoy the music, company, visuals, cheesy music, and space geek chats.

Very Alternative Gathering

Our core group are experienced Wellington Kinksters who are bringing their knowledge and experience to the paddock for the benefit of all who are interested to learn, Join us for Parties, Workshops and Discussions.
Consent is important to us and hence there is no pressure to be, do or see anything you do not wish to.
Come down and camp or a visit

Camp 8 Bit

Trippy led art and live electronic music will emit from camp 8 bit from midnight until 3am each night.

Existentially Bent

We offer a space to connect and share whatever is on top. We will be meeting in heart space daily in a formal sharing circle in the morning. We are interested in the many ways that we can exist and present ourselves that transcend the limits that society imposes by gender definition.

The Creature Lab

Dope sound stage invasion.
Funk,soul hip hop and fun cruisy beats in the daytime.
Proper schtonking underground electronica at night.
This is our third year and we are gonna do it proper this time.
Love and shenanigans.
Fuck your burn.

– The Creature Lab –

The Playhouse

Welcome to Playhouse. Come play! Every afternoon we’re running creative and crafty workshops for you. Pop by for a chat and see what we’re doing today, or check out our notice board. Or are you more the type to spend the day hiding from the heat and hangovers? Relax in the shade with us, come play with strangers.


Lick it now, lick it good, lick this ice cream just like you should..
We’re reinventing how you should eat ice cream and we can’t promise that it won’t get messy.
This is one theme camp that you wouldn’t take home to mother.

The Connection Section

The Connection Section is where you wanna be to come and have chats with me and you and me and others. Join us and me at the scheduled times and get involved in a bunch of fun activities and games targeted at getting to know eachother, and me. I like you. Do you like me?


What do you mean it isn’t all fun and games? It is at Hijinxx! Because we all enjoy a bit of mischief and wild antics! Get your groove on and celebrate the good times with an exciting mix of music – house, disco, techno, electro swing and rock. Bring your dancing shoes and smiles to come party with us from late afternoon into the night.

The Burrowing Pufferfish

The Pufferfish Lounge is relaxed & luxurious. It’s a refuge from the duff — but still upbeat and vibrant. It’s soulful, nutritious, and recharging. Grab a spot on a couch or a stool at the bar, perhaps… with old friends or soon-to-be friends… and chat amongst beautifully-sounding hi-fi… the soulful, lively sounds of funk, swing, Motown, disco, Balkan, latin, jazz… and even a little Sphongle in the wee hours! At times, there may even be musicians playing. Sometimes there’s a bar. At times, there’s food. Often there’s smoothies, and even espresso. But always… you’ll be welcomed in our home. So come on in: Feel the groove. Feed your soul. Delight your ears.


where you can chill and share .
Find your inner light healing and unconditional love .

Camp No Brakes

Camp No Brakes ~ Home of the Bouncy castle and 80’s Karaoke nights! Come and see our Frothy heads art installation or get a drink and blast out some 80’s hair metal Karaoke with us. Enjoy our day/night lounge and and assortment of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages always served with a side of Frofff.

Childish Adultish

So you’ve transitioned from a Child to an Adult, but Kiwiburn is so full of possibilities you can’t possibly choose where to go from here? You can come to experience Fear and Loathing in our own little Las Vegas. Spin the wheel and see where life takes you, will you be in charge of your own destiny or will lady luck give someone else the reins?

Swing Fling

Hey from formally Tarzan swings we’ve evolved into a lush environment. Swings are replaced with soft silks, lyra, juggling and freshly made cocktails. Come enjoy a Cabaret show, a Bingo afternoon (Burner Style), and a kids birthday party. Workshops on these and yoga so come participate with us!

Camp Incoherent

Camp Incoherent will be camping and incoherent. Are you disappointed? We can help! Services include:
Lost and Found Board.
Disgustion Board: answer our very important questions!
Optimism competition: if you win you’ll think it’s great!
Taxidermy petting zoo: so cute!
Meditation with Tangle and Dangle: align your shark-rarrs!


Peppperland is a magical village celebrating the Yellow Submarine, the Beatles, pizza, cocktails, peppersnorting, and regenerative events! Visit our Aqueerium and the Sea of Holes (open 24/7) and come Thursday and Saturday 6pm-8pm for the full Pepperland Experience… But we will ask you to sing for your supper!  Sacred Sunday sees Pepperland transformed into a space for sacred experiences.

Two Couches and a Rug

Now in their 5th year, Two Couches and a Rug promise to again meet your expectations of bringing two couches AND a rug to the paddock. With an aesthetic inspired by a scarcely furnished student flat, heckling workshops; and persistent and unnecessary use of megaphones, Two Couches is the low effort camp to come to for a sit down, and a warm Dobro.

The River

Not a theme camp, but a lovely spot worth a mention! Laze your days away beside the gorgeous Rangitikei. Have a little swim, or frolick in the natural mud pool (if it’s there this year).

And what a lovely place it would be to host a little shindig! Feel free to host an event here.

The Forest

“I don’t believe in things like that – fairies or magic or anything. It’s old-fashioned.’
‘Well, we must be jolly old-fashioned then,’ said Bessie. ‘Because we not only believe in the Faraway Tree and love our funny friends there, but we go to see them too – and we visit the lands at the top of the Tree as well!”

The forest can be filled with magical wonders, take a look at what you might find there…

(Remember, the forest is only for awake and aware activities)


Why would you restrict your events to one location, like a numpty? Enjoy all the Paddock has to offer with Roaming Events! Host some cool stuff, and see everyone else’s cool stuff, all at the same time.

And for those of you who are going to be on the Paddock, take a look at what may roam near you…

Centre Camp

Once known as the Town Hall, Centre Camp sits in the heart of the festival as a public space and cultural hub.

It’s available for everyone to use for talks, workshops and events. It’s also available as a shelter from the rain and sun.

Why not host an event? You could run a workshop on the art of drinking absinthe, cartwheeling or a hopscotch-a-thon. Tell ghost stories, play charades or start a knitting circle.  An event white board will be up showing you what exciting stuff is happening on the Paddock.

Whatever your interest, there is a place for you at Centre Camp. To enquire about availability or book a slot, or for more information, contact the Centre Camp Coordinator.

The Depot

The Depot is our icey information hub. Wanna buy some ice? Depot. Wanna sign up for a volunteer shift? Depot. Lost wallet, keys or phone? Depot. Need to contact the Site Manager? Depot. General questions? Depot. Forgot your tampons/condoms/toothbrush/mind? Depot. Need a ride home? Depot. Come have a yarn, find your marbles, and enjoy some misinformation in our front yard. Open 10am–5pm daily.


Artery is the heART of all things art on the Paddock and open 24/7. It’s a public space where all are welcome, near the Depot.
Come hang out in the shade, create collaboratively or by yourself in the company of others. Learn how you can get an Art Grant to bring your epic idea to the Paddock next year! View designs and images of Kiwiburn’s Temples and Effigies. Check out the Event Guide for information on workshops, art tours and art gifting. You can also find Pup’s Paddock Post Headquarters in the ARTery – they may or may not read your mail.

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