Theme Camps – 2024

Below are the Theme Camps registered for Kiwiburn 2024. Don’t know what a Theme Camp is? Find out here!

You’ll get a copy of this listing in your Event Guide when you arrive at Kiwiburn.

As always, Theme Camps are subject to change up until the start of the event.

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AccessabALL You

We are all about assisting participants who have issues with accessing the many wonders to be found on our Paddock. If you want to know what can be done to improve access to your camp or art piece come and chat with us.

Alphabet Soup

* Alphabet Soup Presents *

Wasteland Dreamhouse

An off-kilter camp to meet and celebrate your alternative true self

Genderfuck, Queer the Norm, Kitsch meets Dystopic, Punk meets HyperPop, Sweet meets Salty. A harmonic clashing space for acceptance and support of different needs and abilities, while also celebrating and allowing each person to exist and thrive in whatever way they needed – which is inherently queer as hell. A safe inclusive space for the rainbow, LGBTQIA+, and accepting people of Kiwiburn

Come for the weird, Stay for the Support and Community

Events: Cats (2019) Movie NightCompassionate ListeningThe People's CourtAnxious Bisexual Speed Maybe DatingTism-ma-Rism The Autism MeetupApocalyptic Pool Party!

Antelope Sloop

Set sail with our crew of Yankee Sailors on an epic quest for Hot W, Cold P, and ADVENTURE on the shores of Kiwiburn! Anchored by our marquee art piece, the Antelope, our decks are alive with the sound of gratuitous Sea Shanties and Camaraderie. Dare to walk the plan? Quench your thirst at our Treasure Map Bar, and immerse yourself in Pirate Acroyoga 101. If the sea beckons you to sing, join our Shanty Lessons and partake in our Hot W(hiskey) Cold P(icklejuice) Weekend Brunch. All sailors and landlubbers (begrudgingly) welcome!


Aquanest is a place that’s safe in sound for you to rest. Where hydration and rejuvenation is at its all time best. A buffet of music will transform our cozy nest. We want to share with you spritz and sparkles in which we invest. You can recognise us by the blue sashes worn across out chests. Come to our camp for a spread of delicious vibes that you can in-jest.

Events: Assman’s Catchphrase & Chaps Making ExperienceExpritz Yourself!A Bloody Lovely Kick-onThe Bloody Lovely BallEnergetic EmpowermentCryptoeconomic & Philosophical Forum

Bedlam Apocalyptica

Bedlam Apocalyptica is one of few civilisations left after the apocalypse, and we’re confused by all of the friendly, unarmed bohemians roaming the wasteland. We offer an open and immersive experience of post apocalyptic sound, lighting, and art. Come and visit our civilisation for heaps vibes, heaps hangs, heaps brews, and heaps party.

Events: An Uncivilised Post-Apocalyptic Civilisation PartyMetal Taming & Percussion PlaytimeShameless Kawah Tea Un-CeremonySwag Hag presents: Swag-it-Yourself For VolunteersWander The WastelandA Post-Apocalyptic Daytime Civilisation Party

Bless You, Fuck Me

Equally likely to seduce or sacrifice you; the Pagan Playmates offer a Divine Den of Iniquity for your play and pleasure. Come experience ecstatic celebrations of sensuality and sacred service. A place to revere the cycles of the natural world, connect to the divine, and honour your full self. Will the altar be adorned with crystals, stuffed toys, or butt plugs? Wait and see.

Bless You Fvck Me is an Ōtautahi based community project that celebrates sex positivity, body positivity & pagan ritual connection to the natural world & the cycles of life.

Events: Celebrating the SabbathsSex & Consciousness CouchHow to host a play spaceKissing Workshop RBDSMA Kitty Kafe

Burrowing Pufferfish - Social Kitchen & Lounge

Lush, lovely, nutritious and soulful... The groovy Pufferfish lounge vibes return with its compact and intimate version of the best place to be at a party... It's a pimped-out, fully-kitted kitchen! This is the place for chefs'n'foodies to hang out, creating deliciousness to surprise and delight... all to the backdrop of the sweet, soulful, 70s-esque sounds of the Pufferfish Lounge... and with a lovely outlook on Temple. Guest chefs most welcome! (By prior arrangement, preferably. Call Pete 029-973 6111) : Bring ingredients to whip up your signature dish/cake/pastry/etc for sharing -- and we've got everything else you might need! (mixer/oven/freezer/espresso machine/hobs/hot water/crockery/etc). For more info, visit

Come hang inside The Pufferfish Lounge's unique hand-built structure, with carpet underfoot, and even a woodburner oven to keep you warm at night. Designed for conversations and interaction, it's a groovy, upbeat, vibrant refuge from the doof. Make a note to hang around for our Sunday Post-Burn Lounge Party, for a perfect way to say goodbye to the loveliest festival of the year.

Events: Taskmaster @PufferfishLive Lounge Sessions @PufferfishRetrogrove In Residence @PufferfishFleeting Guest Chefs @PufferfishSunday Post-Temple Send-off Party @PufferfishSofa Sounds in The Pufferfish Lounge (Open Mic)

Camp Bored Games

Our camp wants to see all you bored burners. We will have daytime fun times for anyone who is bored and wants a bit of fun or a mental challenge. With our giant sized snakes & ladders game, giant jenga and a range of board games available, we'll keep you bored Kiwiburners busy and mentally challenged during your daytime downtime.

Camp Douche

Our beautiful green shady space is a home and there is always room for one more at the table. We are generous and extravagant, we excel at caring for and nourishing our fellow festie goers. We advocate for comfort and silliness. This place feels like a spot of shade on a scorching day, a warm shower on a dusty body, an oasis just when you needed it.

Events: Holla a hottieDisco PicnicHuman Car WashMooning the Moon

Camp Easily Distracted

Not to point fingers, but someone from the Popcorner team got distracted last year and burnt the popcorn. In honor of this glorious mishap, we bring you least concise gathering of nomadic vagabonds. If we could stick to our event schedule, we deserve some praise. Swing by and remind us what we were supposed to be doing again.

Events: Human BattleshipsGo Fly a KiteBad Movie NightChili Quiz 5.0

Camp Low Expectations

The key to a fulfilling and happy burn is low expectations.

Happiness is fleeting and elusive. It’s only there for a few moments and gone before we know it. If you ever find yourself feeling unhappy during the burn, remind yourself of the happiness formula.

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

Focus on the things you can influence and cultivate gratitude to lower your expectation baseline. When you feel happy, enjoy and savour that moment to the fullest. Know it’ll go away. But rest assured, it’ll be back again soon.

Events: Kinetic ConnectionNaked TwisterSensual WrestlingManaging ExpectationsGroup Healing Circle

Camp Nipple Clamp

Camp Nipple Clamp (CNC) is a 1970s inspired retro, comfy lounge that’s a slice of (nana’s) home. Want to be laughed at, laughed with, and laughed next to? Then kick off your shoes, pull up a beanbag and turn the TV on . Home of the nightly 7.35ish o’clock news - you make the content, we take the credit. Sometimes we turn the tellie off and our matchy-matchy dickbag DJ’s sling vinyl for your aural pleasure.

PS: Sexy - but still #notasexcamp. Sick tunes but #stillnotasoundcamp

Events: Live Music w/ Greta O'LearyMoon Hopper JoustingArt Shark Welcome Night PartyNightline News (after the temple burns on Sunday)News @ 7:35ishBackgammon Tournament

Camp Non-Gendered Parent Joke

Why did everyone want to visit the parent joke-themed Kiwiburn camp? Because they heard it was in-tents-ly funny!

If you're tired of highbrow art installations and fancy schmancy sound camps, come on over to Camp Non-Gendered Parent Joke and try out some dad-ical self-expression! What makes OUR jokes cooler than the ice at Depot? Well, let's just say our punchlines are like paddock sunrises—guaranteed to make you want to go to bed. So fire up your Mum-agination, awaken your inner parent, and practice your most exasperated teenager eye-roll. We’ve got a stage, a mike, a jenny and Dave.

Events: Spin us a Yarn - literallyDo a Nang, Tell Us a JokeTiny Tikes with Tiny MicsEnter the Pun-derdome

Camp Ohhh-Gasm

We are a sex-positive, ENM camp bringing unique 18+ conscious pleasures to the paddock!

Expect a mix of playful exploration and deep connections in our workshops and events. Get ready for a journey where pleasure meets authenticity in a heart-centred space.

Check out our board for daily offerings, since not all of them are listed in the event guide.

Consent club

Our kaupapa is centered around an intersectional, anti-discriminatory, and restorative framework of consent. Not only do we work to uphold the importance of consent, we actively resist all forms of discrimination and entitlement that inform non-consensual and disrespectful behavior.

Our trained volunteers (Consent Guardians) work to promote safety and consent among festival goers

Electric Avenue

The use of generators at festivals troubles me, noise, pollution etc.

For KB 2024, we're a micro sound camp, experimenting with running a sound camp without a generator. Our plan is to bring an electric car and park it behind our marquee and power all our sound and light from the EV. No generator is ever used.

We'll have a DJ mixer, small PA, some lighting and art work. All powered from the car.

existentially bent

A place for conversation, relaxation and creativity

Events: Guided Visualisation

HIlbert Space

The hilbert space is a daysnug that exists for beings outside of time.

Hooch n Booch

Got a thirst for the ‘booch? Wanna smooch a cooch? Mooch some hooch from a pooch? Or scootch your gooch over a babouche? You’re in luck! This is a place like no other. Come tickle our ivories while we moisten your gullets with rotten fruity vinegar tea.

Events: Ramble ‘n’ GambleEcstatic Dance

Littles' Playhouse

Littles' Playhouse is a camp for the youngest burners on the paddock. A safe, supportive inviting, informative and entertaining space for burner parents and their kiddos. Littles' Playhouse is helping guide and teach our future thinkers, doers and leaders a path for the benefit of the earth. We offer child-focused workshops and entertainment. Note: we are not a daycare, we expect parental involvement. Let's keep the fires burning with our little future kiwi-burners!

Events: Quiet TimeKids Cat Ear Making for our Futuristic Kittens Storytime

Mint Country Club

Mint Country Club aka MCC is the place to be for an ice cold GIN & TONIC. Be cool as a cucumber, play lawn sports, join in the games and fun activities. Keep an eye out for the roaming gin bar, there for your refreshMints. come join the club, get MINTED and wear GREEN.

Events: Get Ready to Burn Bright at Mint Country Club pre-Burn Meet the MintersImprov outAir Guitar ChampionshipsDust off your HobbyHorse and Strut your Stuff! Mint Country Club’s HobbyHorse Dressage event

Neon Dreamscape Oasis aka rusty bullet hole

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where reality and fantasy merge in a dazzling display of UV artistry. "Neon Dreamscape Oasis" is your gateway to a mind-bending, visually stunning journey through the neon/UV cosmos. Our camp is a vibrant explosion of fluorescent colors and mesmerising patterns that come to life under the playa's UV embrace.

At "Neon Dreamscape Oasis," we believe that creativity flows best when you're well-hydrated and your spirit is high. Join us for free, refreshing drinks that will not only quench your thirst but also elevate your kiwi burn experience. Sip on our signature UV cocktails that glow like liquid neon and set the mood for a night of exploration and enlightenment.

Once buckled in your seat or in a comatose position on the floor you will be taken on a guided mantra workshop by a our camp spiritual leader who was a Tibetan Monk for 5 years

Think----Full black out UV Chill room, fresh squeezed orange juice with ice, UV cocktails and fresh coffee. The enclosed 18m square chill space will be cooled through a solar swamp cooler. The whole room will be a decorated with UV art from the light artist DEXNFX. Once you are comfortable in this pocket galaxy, get ready to be taken on a Tibetan Mediation Mantra journey!

Paddock Radio

Paddock Radio has been an institution on paddock and beyond for several years now. Tune in to 88.1 FM to hear the latest news, updates, live interviews and streaming music from around the paddock and the world

Palace of the Sand Dragon

The Palace of the Sand dragon rises to collect and share stories from all across the paddock. Come and find respite from the sun or sound and share your adventures with our local scribes. Our ever growing library will store your stories for you and others to read.

Events: Paint-a-Van!


Pangea is where music meets pancakes. We are a sound camp with muso members who want to jam out, serve pancakes, and have a good time. We welcome others to come join our musical offerings, to jam with us or have a boogie. Our vibe is magical and mythical, where fairies and dragons are real. Keep an eye out for our roaming fairies! If you spin their wheel, you may win a prize.

Events: Peanut Butter & JamsLoFi Pancakes90s Gin & Juice PartyOpen MicHomebrew Complimen-Tea

Paradiso Airlines

Rudders check, engine check, Drinks check, Good times check. Ready for Takeoff.

Tighten your seatbelts, tuck your head between your legs, and get ready to boogie: Kiwiburn's first and only airline is open for business! Although our plane is a little worse for wear, the pilots have been sipping spiked coffee, and our oxygen masks will probably supply you with something other than oxygen, Paradiso Airlines has everything you need to get you where you want to go.

Events: Liftoff!Maynard Appreciation HourIn Flight EntertainmentParadiso LoungeCruising AltitudeIn-flight meal service


By all accounts, Paradox should not exist. Lying between dimensions, this remote market outpost is home to colourful characters from all over: in search of connection, music or their next bounty. Come hang up your space boots, grab a drink or an instrument and lose yourself in the sounds, smells and tastes of the multiverse.

Events: Like Never Before: a Live Alien Porn ShowGrounds for FriendshipBizarre Bazaar

peace and love

Chill and positive vibrations with spiritual consciousness for the daytimes and immersive interactive projected environment on some nights

Planet Devita

Planet Devita is a wild yet wholesome, interstellar society of pagan psychedelic giraffe worshippers of abundance. Come join our cosmic congregation as we bask in the glory of Devita, the divine giraffe deity turned interstellar cyborg. Get ready for joyful rituals, ethereal music, and a constellation of communal activities that will lift your spirit to the stars. Abundance awaits! 🦒✨

Events: Soda-lightful Daydream DistillerySerene Space MelodiesCosmic Yoga & Music with Devita


R.A.T is here for all the critters out there, from the smallest pygmy rat to the biggest capybara. Enter our nest and get weird with The Rodents – there’s puzzles for your fingers to fiddle with, and tunes to bump and grind! Our rat den is a safe space for every kind.

Events: it's not a phase mom!Sex Work Q&AB2B2BMaditationScottish Cèilidh

Secret Sasquatch Society

The Secret Sasquatch Society - As these majestic big footed creatures arise from there slumber they invite you into their den of chaos to stomp your feet, get scruffy, and cuddle up for a good time!

Pirate Dub Party Night - Pirate Night as SeSaSo. Come shiver your timbers to some boot stomping dubs and delicious rum on tap.

Cabaret/Renegade Show - Come watch the sultry circus sluts unleash some hell. Got a fun act idea, hop on stage at the Renegade after and try out your skills.

Hungry Hungry Hippies - Get lubed up and battle it out at the wook awards for some great prizes.


Come sail away with us at Solarsails, the ultimate destination for solar-punk enthusiasts and DIYers! Our camp is all about sustainability, creativity, and living off-grid. We're passionate about sailing, bamboo construction/natural building, composting, dumpster diving, and permaculture. Join us for some exciting conversations and hands-on workshops centred around living a low-impact, resource-conscious lifestyle.

Events: Regression Sessions

Souper Kitchen!

Didn't bring enough food? CBF cooking the food you did bring?

Never fear, your Souper Heroes at Souper Kitchen are here to save the day!

Featuring the sexiest Super Heroes you've ever seen (and maybe some naughty villians) we are here to fill your tummies with tasty hot soup.

Please bring your vessel and we will fill it with yummy soup. New flavours available each day and vegan options always available.

Tardis n Tea

Relax and awaken with yoga followed by delicious chai.

Empathy and chai - an ear to listen and a hug in a cup.

Keep your eyes peeled for the TARDISCO (the smallest disco on the paddock) deca-dance pop up chai!

Events: Tea and empathyYoga n chaiTherapeutic Self MassageTardisco


As the night deepens on the paddock, dust yourself off from your shaded caves and venture into a fertile wonderland where the palm trees sway and desert creatures dance to driving bass lines and lush sensations all night long. At TechnOasis, every night is paradise.

Events: Postcard from the FutureHarness upSaints at sunriseSinners after sunset

Thanks and Praises!

Thanks and Praises are your paddock encouragement team. Come to us in our lounge to rest, to drink tea, to chat, to play music with us, to pray with us or be prayed over, to be encouraged about all the wonderful things we see in you! We follow and practice the teachings of Jesus, we believe Jesus teaches us to bring kindness, love and compassion into every interaction. We believe in the power of loving your neighbour as a vessel for a kinder and more equitable world. Everyone's welcome at our table.

Events: Flying Carpet Rides with AslanBircher ChurcherThanks and Praises at Thanks and Praises

The Closet

Enter the Closet, be welcomed by our fabulous Closeteers and feel the vibes which will naturally flow from your limbs as you move to the grooves of our fruity DJ's...

DANCE, BE & FEEL FREE - take your pick from our rails of weird, wonderful, wacky clothes and accessories and don't you worry... We understand love affairs are common on the paddock and if you happen to fall for any of the closet items, please feel free to accept them as our gift to you, and may they bring you joy & happiness for the rest of your years.

oh and..


Can't wait to see you! X

The Creature Lab

Deep underground hidden from the prying eyes of the law is a seedy laboratory committed to the goal of bringing life to what was once thought to be impossible.

This sound camp is bent on global domination and together we will breed an army of incredible creatures with the power to change the world.

Join us as we expand with new labs at burn events across the globe.

Events: Wetland and stream huntScience symposium‘I get high with a little help from my friends’Science symposiumDoom YogaSleep Music for Vegan Dogs' science extravaganza!Portal Opening

The Magic Doof Bus

All aboard the Magic Doof Bus for an audiovisual odyssey! Featuring our custom converted bus stage, personal lighting system and Paraflex sound system!

ADHD/Neurodivergent Bootcamp

Harm reduction/safe partying/the role of alcohol in NZ society

Help us build an LED structure for our bus

Various parties featuring various artists

The Pheasant

Born from the ashes of road kill, the Pheasant brings you pleasant things and chill happenings. When the rigors of the night before leave you needing home comforts, come relax on our couches for a cuppa and a cuddle. If you've had your fill snorting ketamine off frogs, join us for baked goods and lawn games. If you need upbeat musical treats, we've got day parties and Music You Know The Words To (tm). Join us for yoga, capoeira, food, and love; and beat the competition to be champion of our Butt Wrestling ring. If you know the truth is out there, spin the conspiracy pinwheels to get red pilled.

Events: Lawn games and jungle (feat. chicken fighting)Capoeira workshop (all levels)Need to tie stuff down? I think knot'The Ed Hearnshaw Memorial Butt Wrestling ChampionshipFeathered Fidelity

The Sensory Dispensary

The Sensory Dispensary is a psychedelic wonderland full of sensory delights and experiences, a place to chill out and explore the unexpected. We have what you need to delight your five senses, and more LAMP than you can shake your eyeballs at. Open 25 hours a day!

Events: Bacon Bloody BrunchCold Brew Coffee HourSunrise Appreciation Hour

The Tipsy Whisker

Saunter into 'The Tipsy Whisker', where our cocktails will have your whiskers a wee bit wobbly. Our quality control guarantees each visit will be different from the last. Ready for some lighthearted libations? Join us!

Events: Contact Improvisation workshop and jamWine tasting

Very Alternative Gathering

We are Kinky. With our core group of friendly and experienced Kinksters from Wellington and all over NZ, we bring our skills, knowledge, experience, and deviant alternative brains to the paddock eager to share with all who want to experience and learn more.

Consent is important to us in everything we do with SSC, RACK, and PRICK. Come down and pop in for a visit (even just query the alphabet soup!).

Curious? Indulge with us at our fun and friendly Parties, Workshops and Discussions on Rope/Shibari/Kinbaku, bondage, S&M, sensual touch, and debauchery, we welcome everyone from the experienced to the inquisitive.

Events: Kink & BDSM MunchSHIBARI FOR ALLKink Demo ScenesKink Safety & Etiquette, Consent & NegotiationKink Curious?

Warm Fuzzy Doodleboppers

Need a moment of 'aww' and whimsy? Pop by our camp to choose your very own warm fuzzy, fuzzily warm doodleboppers, hand crafted MOOP bags, a hug or some other cute & quirky creation! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world....

Events: Just breathe and let goOracle readingsWant to become a Master of MOOP?


YumTown; where we do what the body needs. A sanctuary for sensual (not sexual) deep human connection. A place to drop in, expand and feel your soul nourished through the elixers of life.

Events: NaptimeThe CauldronPsychedelic Integration Therapy


The Tigrene Regime �

Enter the illustrious realm of North Tigrea, where our Supreme Leader Tigrene reigns with an iron paw! Our land, North Tigrea (Best Tigrea) is a mesmerising beacon of prosperity, unmatched in its magnificence.

Within our hierarchical society, order and discipline reign supreme, ensuring the foundation of a prosperous nation.

Join us, faithful followers, for each morning we pledge our unwavering loyalty to our beloved Supreme Leader Tigrene, while the mandatory boot shining bootcamp awaits you from the day of your birth. Only then shall you have the privilege of teaching the devoted simps of Ignition to kneel before our radiance and shine our boots with reverence

Events: Midday Massage Swap Workshop Birthday Suit Shinrin Yoku Cock & Tail Party Bogan Jim's Bogan GymGenital Life Drawing with BjörkAccessories only fashion show

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