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Theme Camps – 2023

Below are the Theme Camps registered for Kiwiburn 2023. Don’t know what a Theme Camp is? Find out here!

You’ll get a copy of this listing in your Event Guide when you arrive at Kiwiburn.

As always, Theme Camps are subject to change up until the start of the event.

Want to Register a Theme Camp?

Theme Camp registrations for Kiwiburn 2023 closed on the 30th of October, but we’d still love to see you on the Paddock next year. Find out the process here.

3 Out Of 10: Outlaw Saloon

Outlaws and in-laws! Swing by the Outlaw Saloon for drinks on tap and rockin’ saloon ‘toons. We’ll treat you to the finest swill this side of the paddock - courtesy of our barkeep, trained in the wild country slinging illegal slop. Whether you’re here for wet high-noon shoot outs, to pre-party the upper paddock, or trip into our giant safe, mosey by to say hi and cause some trouble.

Events: Gallopin’ HeistRacing DemonsHuntin'3 Out of 10 lass’oopsTell us what to doDo our washing upHigh-Noon Water DuelsThe Mighty Quizard's Terrible QuizPizza Run

AccessabALL You

We are all about assisting participants who have issues with accessing the many wonders to be found on our Paddock. If you want to know what can be done to improve access to your camp or art piece come and chat with us.

Alphabet Soup

Welcoming like a warm bowl of soup, we’re an eclectic collection of humans creating a space where whatever your label is, you’re welcome.

We’re here to provide a safe, emotionally accessible space for rainbow+/LGBT2QIA+/queer people - whether that means queer-focused support or just locating other queer burners!

Come chill, nerd out, and connect with your community.

Events: Pronoun Badge and Patch MakingPronouns 101How did the chickens cross the road? - A reading of Terry PratchettAnxious Bisexual Speed Maybe DatingSilver Screen Slumber PartyLGBTQIA+ Safe SpaceLGBTQIA+ Meet & Greet, Imbibe & Vibe12 Pups of Christmas - The "best" movie at the burnMagic the Gay-athering DraftQueer High Tea Party


Aquanest is a place that’s safe in sound for you to rest. Where hydration and rejuvenation is at its all time best. A buffet of music will transform our cozy nest. We want to share with you spritz and sparkles in which we invest. You can recognise us by the blue sashes worn across out chests. Come to our camp for a spread of delicious vibes that you can in-jest.

Events: Breast MassageFred Again Boiler Room SetSims 2 PartyBadjelly the Witch audiobook listening partyWatercolor WisdomCosmic CircleSyn - Aesthetic LibrarySyn - aesthetic libraryClothes Swap


The world as you know it, has at last come to an end and as you guessed it - the Meows now rule supreme! It's a purrfect world!

Come and experience a sniff and a lick of life as it was always meant to be.

Drop in to pay homage to your new furry and playful rulers.

Stop by at our cafe and play with us, or drop in at our events to learn how to blend in and become one of us. You never know when something meowgical might happen!!

Events: CaterwaulingBaristacats Cat CafeSensual spanking workshopBody Painting demonstration and Art JamAristocats Cat Show! Fresh roasted coffee beans

Bedlam Apocalyptica

Bedlam Apocalyptica is one of few civilisations left after the apocalypse, and we’re confused by all of the friendly, unarmed bohemians roaming the wasteland. We offer an immersive experience of post apocalyptic sound, light, and art. Come and visit our civilisation for heaps vibes, heaps hangs, and heaps party.

Events: Wander The WastelandPost-Apocalyptic Percussion PlaytimeGraffiti The WastelandMetal TamingAn Uncivilised Post-Apocalyptic Civilisation PartyA Post-Apocalyptic Daytime Civilisation Party

BIPOC o te pātiki

BIPOC o te Patiki is a service camp dedicated to people within the Black, Indigenous, People of colour/culture community. A place for us to hang out, share knowledge, uplift each other and take up space. Come be apart of the movement! He kāinga, haumaru, he āhuru mōwai mōku.

Events: 🍿Melanin flavoured movie night🍿Reindigenize your understanding of the ancient Indian arts (Yoga & Tantra)Bhakti Yoga & KirtanSurya Namaskar (Sun salutations)Mātauranga MāoriHula fitness with Lee 🌺Taonga Pūoro Guided Meditation Poetry & Waiata open mic

Bless You, Fuck Me

Equally likely to seduce or sacrifice you; the Pagan priests, priestesses and playmates offer a Divine Den of Iniquity for your play and pleasure. Come experience ecstatic celebrations of sensuality and sacred service. A place to revere the cycles of the natural world, connect to the divine, and honour your debased self. Will the altar be adorned with crystals, stuffed toys, or butt plugs? Wait and see.

Events: Buddhism of PolyamoryHow to Burn all year roundRitualistic Uses of GrassRBDSMA demo, discussion, & practice Multisensory Massage ExperienceSex & Conscious Communication CouchShibari connectionToys, Kinks, and Gender Diversity Sensual SensationsEro's Eve FeastKitty KafeHow to be good to your transgender self or lover


Burn The Rainbow

*Ukulele serenade*

Welcome to “Burn The Rainbow” - a queer-positive, all inclusive rainbow-themed camp that would make Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole proud. We’ re a camp dedicated to all things LGBTGIQ, Rainbow, Queer & Ally. This includes a host of deliciously rainbow-flavoured events that would make anyone melt like a lemon drop.

Don’t believe us? Why not stop by for some pole-dancing, movie nights & disco parties. Or you can drop-in on partners Alphabet Soup & Consent Club for some safe and queer-friendly chillout zones.

*Ukulele serenade slowly drifting off*

Events: Spill the T Nail SalonRainbow Morning Mate FiestaExotic Pole Dancing Lessons for All Burn the Rainbow Meet & Greet56 Flan-gee FlowTime Warp Open MicYoga for Every BodyDrag Lube WrestlingDragtastic Transformation ExtravaganzaHookah & Hooks: Rainbow Shisha and Crocheting SocialRainbow Reels: Cinema Under the StarsQueering psychedelicsRainbow Pot’lunch PartyPorro Palooza: A Latinx rolling session

Camp Bored Games

Are you a bored burner? We will have daytime fun times for anyone who is bored and wants a bit of fun or a mental challenge. With our giant sized snakes & ladders game, giant jenga and a variety of board games available, we'll keep you bored burners busy and mentally challenged during your daytime downtime.

Events: All Day - Board GamesBored Games

Camp Incoherent

Work hard, make it through the influence of people from distant lands could have you wondering if this occurs. Your heart may be ready for an exciting new start of some kind, perhaps metaphysical, social, ecological, or humanitarian work. You'll be able to straighten things out in spite of anything but true passion. Relax and enjoy situations like this will be able to see things from a few flowering plants as an opportunity to let them talk you into trouble.

Events: Taxidermy petting zooBring us your cat picturesMission IncoherentThe 2nd Semi-Annual Cushion Olympiad

Camp Inflatable

Camp Inflatable is the new The Den!; The den has been around for many burns offering a safe space for burners new and old.

The den offers tools, solar power and assistance (as though the place doesn't have these in abundance).

We are offering a handful of activities - there will scheduled events but also we can talk and show pretty much any time.

These activities are:-

- an introduction to a Theremin - an instrument played without touching it;

- the invention of clothes, with examples out of the prehistory;

- for fun rope becomes costume as Shibari.

Come and find us for a fun interactive play or chill time.

(The Keepers of the Inflatables are this year raising an infant instead of being with us, so these toys are absent.)

Events: Introduction to a ThereminThe Invention of ClothesShibari - rope as costume

Camp Low Expectations

The key to a fulfilling and happy Burn is low expectations.

Happiness is fleeting and elusive. It’s only there for a few moments and gone before we know it. If you ever find yourself feeling unhappy during the burn, remind yourself of the happiness formula.

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

Focus on the things you can influence and cultivate gratitude to lower your expectation baseline. When you feel happy, enjoy and savour that moment to the fullest. Know it’ll go away. But rest assured, it’ll be back again soon.

Events: Don’t Expect Much Party Expectation Management Yoga & MeditationHow to give a BJ Berghaim Party - Guaranteed EntryMassage Train-ingSpeed Dating

Camp MPR

MPR is a space that offers a platform for aspiring performers to share their creativity with the world.

We have a booking system and offer it to new artists and guests to contribute to the magic of MPR over the week of Kiwiburn. You are welcome to perform a DJ / VJ / live set, art / dance performance. We will do our best to accommodate and find a suitable time to book you in. We provide our guest artists with sound, lighting and visual equipment to enable creativity, taking away the barriers and giving you a platform to express yourself. We endeavour to make our guests feel as “at home” and included as possible.

We will judge the performances for a Kiwiburn Idol competition. The winner gets a big box of 2 minute noodles and gets to name our camp for 2023. What is MPR?

Events: How to DJ 101Hardcore power ashtanga yoga sessionPoi Spinning & making workshopGymkhana gamesAstro photography workshop

Camp Nipple Clamp

We’ve been time traveling since before it was a theme! Camp Nipple Clamp (CNC) is a 1970s inspired retro, comfy lounge that’s a slice of (nana’s) home. Want to be laughed at, laughed with, and laughed next to? Then kick off your shoes, pull up a beanbag and turn the TV on - maybe get on it? Home of the nightly 7.35ish o’clock news - you make the content, we take the credit. PS: Sexy - but still #notasexcamp

Events: Who wants to be a Millio-nangBogan Record ThrowdownSunday Vinyl SessionsMatchy-matchy Dickbag DiscoCovid in Space: The Musical7.35ish O’Clock News The Nightline News

Camp No Brakes

Bringing the frothiest froth to the paddock as always!

We welcome and invite you to revel with us in our froffin fun times and remember to keep an eye out for when the bar's open... who knows, there may even be an (actually) inflatable surprise this year. Have questions? What's froth? Whos inflatable? Pay us a visit to find out.

Events: Punk Night BlueSundaySuper Frothy Toothbrush Silliness Make a Leather Do Bro Holster out of Leather\M/ METAL NIGHT \M/A Gang$tas 4:20A Pompous 4:20Ska! Ska! Ska! @ 4:204:20! 80's Glam Edition!Leave No Trace Amazing MOOP relay raceAbsinthe Breakfast


Camp Raglan

Everyone's welcome at Camp Raglan - our little slice of West Coast paradise on the Paddock. We bring you a cozy lounge, where both good conversation and unexpected shenanigans are the order of the day. Join us from mid-morning till sunset(ish) for our eclectic array of workshops, pop-up performances, classy drinks & tasty snacks (when we can be bothered) and other stuff that we haven't decided on yet. Topped off with our version of the infamous Sunday Sessions to get you feeling all yummy before Temple Burn.

Events: Dinner for TwoShimmy, Bump & GrindNaked Folks ReadingImprov GamesThe Mating GameRaglan Rouge (life drawing with a twist)Sunday Sessions (at the Notti)

Castaway Foundry

Castaway is an interactive metal casting expereance. We take the used aluminium cans, melt them down and teach you how to compress sand around your choise of mould. we then pour in the metal and you get to keep and take home the thing you make.

During the festival treasure will be hidden at various locations around the site. Clues and Maps will be drawn up that will lead participants on a treasure hunt.

Events: Can Pressing and EmbossingCastaway Foundry Sand CastingCastaway Can Crushing


The filthy Vikings of Cöffeehölm (Kiwiburns second best traditional viking teahouse) will be returning to the paddock with the ultimate experience in delicious hot beverages and soft squishy warm things. Come chill out in the shade with a coffee and an ancient boardgame all day, or snuggle up with cushions, blankets, & hot chai at night. Also hosting a plethora of weird and wonderful events through out the week.


Events: Foraged Flogger CompetitionWhiskoffeelosophyViking-style hair braidingA quiet placeDark & Stormy Story TimeTea and TarotGet SAVAGE with me!COFFEE SCRUBSCollective SufferingViking Rap Battles: The Art of FlyteLate Night ChaiViking Coffee LoungeBuilding consent culture: men doing the workBattle scars and Brews

Consent Club

Our kaupapa is centered around an intersectional, anti-discriminatory, and restorative framework of consent. Not only do we work to uphold the importance of consent, we actively resist all forms of discrimination and entitlement that inform non-consensual and disrespectful behavior.

Our trained volunteers (Consent Guardians) work to promote safety and consent amongst festival goers

Cosmic Soup

Welcome travelers, the Cosmic soup kitchen is open!

Bring a vessel, pull up a chair, and tell us of the adventures you've had.

Fill your soul (and definitely your bowl) at Cosmic Soup. All welcome!

Serving soup until we run out

Events: Vagabond SoupNeuroSoupThe Great Soup DebateDrunk Jam

Door Frame

The Door Frame. Home to the cherished Doors Bar. A tribute to the mighty Threshold in its metaphysical and material form.

Caves the original door frame, 2000BC Egyptian architecture for the first false door, the Romans in 74Ad for the first sliding door. the presence of 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine in plants, Aldous Huxley's experimentation with such things and the sparkle of a certain book on a shelf. Jim Morrison and the keys, Albert Walker and the 2021 hit track "Door Frame, Yeah!" and Camp Daddy Reuben for rescuing a drowning idea from a spa that was too hot. There is a lot hinging on this, perhaps the fate of the entire universe.

Events: TWERKSHOPIntro to MassageDusty Sunset Party @ the DoorFrame

Fat tummy

Providing food for all.

Cooking meat and vege on fire

Frolicking Fandango

Frolicking fandango is a time travelling vajayjay. A sacred portal through which you can be reborn at any point in time you choose, as whoever you want to be. Your imagination is the limit ✌️

Events: Eating the OWomb Bar FrolicksMerkin Schmerkin

Hail Mary

Led by a secretive champion of an ancestry rarely seen in these parts, Hail Mary reveres something of unknowable complexity and origin. It is unknown how this group recruits its members, but for years the numbers have been growing in secret. Now they're making one of their first assemblages in a village far from the "civilizard" world. Corrupt leaders are not be abided, this group seems to function in a non-hierarchical way... The only sense of hierarchy present in the assemblage is how some physical structures may stand taller than others. Mostly active in the day time. Strange relics, weird idols and rabbit holes of words are to be found when entering this area.

Events: Sensual Slip-Slop-Slapping WorkshopSock Wrestling(Semi) Naked Blindfolded TwisterMail Thiefs Dream ShowLove Letter StationBooty Bounce TwerkshopUnqualified Qualified AdviceWeb3 WTFAnything Goes Q&ASound Bathing


Take a detour off State Highway 1 and come and experience the best of the bay. Join us for some high (and maybe a little lower) brow events that exemplify our world class hospitality and sunny disposition.

By day we are a relaxed place to rest in the shade. By night we transform. Our delicious evening offerings from the bar will revitalise you for your paddock adventures. Creatives rejoice, we will have a variety of arty events to satisfy your cravings.

Events: Shots, shots, shots!Wine, Cheese & Story TimeShots @ SunriseThe Official Unofficial World's Longest Spank TrainThe HBFA Community art project

Inky Fingers

Bringing the joy of ink to the dusty paddock......tacky memento anyone?......making stuff is fun!

Events: Clothing Yard Sale

Littles' Playhouse

Littles' Playhouse is a camp for the youngest burners on the paddock. A safe, supportive inviting, informative and entertaining space for burner parents and their kiddos. Littles' Playhouse is helping guide and teach our future thinkers, doers and leaders a path for the benefit of the earth. We offer child-focused workshops and entertainment. Note: we are not a daycare, we expect parental involvement. Let's keep the fires burning with our little future kiwi-burners!

Events: Pregnant PauseGem Creations Gem CreationsGem Creations Littles Variety Extravaganza.Quiet TimeLittles Playhouse Cat Ear Making for our Futuristic FelinesLittle Yoga BugsBig Yoga BugsStory TimeKids Capoeira Faerie Queen Visit

Mint Country Club

Mint Country Club aka MCC is the place to be for an ice cold GIN & TONIC. Be cool as cucumber, play lawn sports, join in the games and fun activities. Keep eye out for the roaming gin bar there for your refreshMints. Come join the club, get Minted and wear GREEN.

Events: MCC presents the Trollied spinnersMeet the MintersHuman platterMTT at the MCCPhotographic consent in a tiny tentMini burner light upGet ready to burn!PLBA (Paddock Lawn Bowls Association) MCC Goth Dance PartyThe Rant Off @MCCThe Inaugural Mint Country Club Hobby-horse Polo Match

Octopussy's Garden

Octopussy's Garden is a nod to the eight-fold path and validating the experience of those that practice multi-love. Our members are all polyamorous - the expanded polycule and affiliates practice different formats of polyamoury. Experiential sensory reality guides our offerings including silent meditations and discussion on the realities of polyamoury in today's society. Watch out for our temporary tattoo team if you're looking for your body to be decorated.

Events: Silent Meditation

Paradiso Airlines

Embrace your dual human nature in our camp of two halves - quiet yin and party-loving yang!

On Paradiso Airlines, tighten your seatbelts, tuck your head between your legs, and get ready to boogie: Kiwiburn's first and only airline is open for business! Although our plane is a little worse for wear, the pilots have been sipping spiked coffee, and our oxygen masks will probably supply you with something other than oxygen, we'll strive to get you where you need to go. So brace for a good time and get ready to depart. No boarding pass necessary.

Need to recharge your social batteries between flights? Come visit the tranquil island oasis of Camp Introvert, where peace and quiet are on tap. Enjoy a selection of puzzles, books, and art supplies, or simply relax and rest your eyes.

Events: Quiet hours‘Oxygen’ Masks DeployedLiftoff!Maynard Keenan Appreciation HourBedtime StoriesBedtime Stories


By all accounts, Paradox should not exist. Lying between dimensions, this remote market outpost is home to colourful characters from all over: in search of connection, music or their next bounty. Come hang up your space boots, grab a drink or an instrument and lose yourself in the sounds, smells and tastes of the multiverse.

Events: A Freaky Night at the Cantina Perineum Sunning with Crazy JamesGrounds for FriendshipSh*t That Hits the Fan: How to Craft Photorealistic Fake Poo The Bizarre BazaarFire Jam ParadoxGenital Printing SalonOfficial Crap Art TourSilicon Subservience (not like that)Tantrum ReleaseCacao Ceremony & Ecstatic DanceShamanic Breathwork

peace and love

chill and positive vibration tunes for the daytime with spiritual consciousness and immersive interactive projected environment on some nights

Events: Erotica ElectronicaSoul Salve


Kiwiburn's hub for flow arts, fire spinning and expressional movement.

Join us for workshops during the day and fire spinning every night.

We will encourage and inspire flow arts in all people, from newbies to experienced flomies.

Events: Poi basicsPower Flower SticksBeginner 3 ball jugglingPoi basicsSkin 2 SkinPower Flower SticksEffigy Fire Spinning Sign upFire spinners safety briefingBeginners Staff WorkshopHooping 101Contact poiPoi No BeatsPower Flower SticksIntro to Poi Antispin and Flowers (intermediate)Skin 2 SkinFire fans basicsTHE BOUNCY ASSHOLE!Kids Flow Poi basics and intermediateKids fire spinningRope dart basicsClaymotion JugglingRope dart basicsDiabolo - all levelsFire Party!Chill Fire JamOnly FlamesBeginners Shibari


Psst hey human. Wanna get some snugs? Pillowtopia selects only the finest of pillows straight from the clouds themselves—it’s legit! Trust us, we all have PhD's in chill times! Come drink lots of tea, and have lots of consensual cuddles. All cool creatures craving cascades of comfort are welcome 🙂

Events: WAP-py HourPhilosophy JamPillowtopia gives out free cash to everyoneReichian bodywork workshop Feline Fortunes Ace SpaceBurnesqueSongs in the ShadeSlackgammonPILLOWFIGHT!Philosophy JamReichian bodywork workshopBackgammon Boss Battle! Blanket Fort!Why Anything? Why Me?Kinky Life Drawing

Planet Devita

Planet Devita is a wild yet wholesome, interstellar society of pagan psychedelic giraffe worshippers of abundance.

Fuck your Desmond. As the divine feminine rises, our goddess Devita goes beyond time and space to exist in new dimensions and imaginations. We will celebrate Her arrival via our infinite cosmic portal, as She leads us towards an alternative timeline with Her abundance, powered by the light of the solar system inside Her.

Events: Devita's Divine ArrivalKundalini Yoga with DevitaFritter Away Fritters and Coffee Shmop


Weeee'reee BACK, and this burn is our 5th Birthday! Come play! We run creative and crafty workshops. Swing by for a chat and see what we’re doing today, see if we're organized enough for a notice board. Are you more the kind to spend the day hiding from the heat and hangovers? Relax in the shade with us. Will there be birthday cake? Who knows!? Come play with strangers.

Events: Eight-legged RacesDig the JigCinnamon Scroll HugsGallery on the PaddockCreative Writing WorkshopHugging WorkshopThe Soapbox TaxiderbyPawnographic Instruction (Introduction to Chess)Collar MakingPeople's High Court of the Paddock


Zea mays everta; a kernel hard of shell and of solid base, is known to explode into soft and fluffy deliciousness when heat and pressure is applied. The same can be said about the fiends inhabiting the Popcorner. Chill, boogie, quiz and sponge with us. We tend to go well with salt, caramel and butter.

Back for the 4th year by POPular harassment!

Events: CHILLI QUIZ!Sunset ChurrosHuman Battleships A Song of Fire and Ice (TM)

Pups Paddock Post

Pups Paddock Post are proud to announce the return of Kiwiburn's oldest postal service. Our traditional ethos of "We will read you mail and we might deliver it" continues to yield the best results on the paddock, and we are excited for more outrageous delivery requests this year. Whether you want to send a love note, junk mail, court summons or perhaps a whole roast chicken, Pups Paddock Post will take the job. All mail to be delivered should be dropped in the post box at the Pups Paddock Post tent or flag down one of your friendly or possibly hostile Posties when you see them out on their rounds. NO POST ON SUNDAYS.

Events: Pups Paddock Post

Scamps and Tramps

We are a theme camp collecting the lost and infirmed, Stragglers and slow pokes, Ponderer's and Contemplators.

Safe haven for travelers and provide space and infrastructure for those who are traveling from overseas.

Come see us for chill vibes, educational talks and all who would like to contribute a talk please contact us via our Facebook group

Events: Cluffy's Classified'sChill out and read a Cook bookBasic bants and average adviceNon-Violent Direct Action TrainingScamps Humble Taco Journey A Failed Politician SpeaksAnnual Brewers Gathering


Come sail away with us at Solarsails, the ultimate destination for solar-punk enthusiasts and DIYers! Our camp is all about sustainability, creativity, and living off-grid. We're passionate about sailing, bamboo construction/natural building, composting, dumpster diving, and permaculture. Join us for some exciting conversations and hands-on workshops centred around living a low-impact, resource-conscious lifestyle.

Events: Pussy BangersBelated Sunrise Yoga (5pm)Maker PornBadtime StoriesMushroom Growing 🍄Seamanship for BrunersPerform in a music videoDaily Morning Deep and MeaningfulLittle SolarSailors Playgroup Pockets for the People

Solitary Refinement

Hating on your campmates? Sick of psytrance? One too many hugs? Get locked up and surrender into the beauty and punishment of Solitary Refinement. Repent and restore to a curated soundscape in a private, sumptuous cell. Treats for inmates on their best behaviour. Let the hole make you whole again!

Events: Solitary refinement

Space Cadets' Hideout

Welcome all to the Space Cadets' Hideout - the paddock’s local alien oasis! Offering all interplanetary pirates somewhere to refuel, relax and have a boogie. Come start your morning off with some wholesome day time fun before setting off on your next adventure, or slink on over in the eve for the tastiest and funkiest vibes that ever did be.

The Hideout has had a makeover. We are emerging from our chill cocoon. This year we will be hosting breakfast each day (in the new wing of the mothership) accompanied by live music, soft dj sets and some fun morning antics, with a few special evening events in the midst.

Events: Skittle's Classical HourSeventies StompMagic the Gathering in the Rangitikei GorgeMusical Wanderings, an Open MicPaleolithic Party Saturday Futuristic Fandangle Interactive Live Production Jam Annual Sexy Banana Walk Off Competition

Stitch & Bitch

Welcome to the new improved, enlarged and eco-friendlier Stitch & Bitch! We are here to help you pimp your costumes with a smorgasbord of wonderful bits and pieces that we can teach you how to sew on to your gear to help you strut fanstastically on the paddock. More than this, we can help you fix your gear - has your hem come down, your buttons come off or your knicker elastic lost its spring? We have the stuff you need, and will show you how to mend, make-do and fix your gear to withstand non-stop days and nights of frolicking. Just bring your self, the items you want to pimp or repair and turn up to one of our afternoon sessions. While we help you stitch, there will be some hilarious bitching for your entertainment.

Events: Stitch & Bitch sewing sessions

Swing Fling

Swingfling returns... Debuting our brand new circus marquee! As usual we'll be teaching all things circus; silks, lyra, yoga, acro, juggling. But just like an "as seen on tv" ad there's more! An amazing cocktail bar, craft beer, flames, swings, DJ's an art car and 20+ events to feast your eyes over. Don't miss our cabaret show on Friday night "The Biggest Show in Town!"

Events: Partner StretchingPartner AcroDisney YogaSlutty FitnessSwing Fling CabaretAerial Jam (Experienced Aerialists)Aerial silksDoubles trapeze and LyraNaked People Reading Dr. SeussSend NoodsPiet's ZaHow not to start a sex cultLearn to juggleJuggle JamBeatnik Picnik Sunday MassLife in FlowLife in FlowOpti-Mystic Optome-Tricks

Tangerine Steeze
Tardis and Tea

Travel through time with Tardis and Tea. Escape with the Doctor to a different time zone through the tardis. You are invited to pass by for your unique experience complemented by delicious chai (Futcha Chai). Disorientate, Reorientate. Find yourself in another time and space with intimate, fun connections.

The Aluminati

A shady secret society of night dwellers who shelter from the sun beneath our mysterious silver screens. Gladly providing void-screaming, philosophical pondering, and silent disco-ing, we're here to bring shade to the day and light to the night. Don't forget to slip, slop, slap, and wrap.

Events: DIY Tesla Coil WorkshopAluminati Opening Night + Silent Disco🎧 ASMR Open-Mic 🎧Philosophy Workshop: Happiness & WellbeingPhilosophy Workshop: Misinformation & Post-Truth

The Burrowing Pufferfish Social Kitchen & Lounge

Lush, lovely, nutritious and soulful... The groovy Pufferfish vibes come back to the paddock this year with its latest addition -- a compact and intimate version of the best place to be at a party... It's a pimped-out, fully-kitted kitchen! This is the place for chefs'n'foodies to hang out, creating deliciousness to surprise and delight... all to the backdrop of the sweet, soulful, 70s-esque sounds of the Pufferfish Lounge... right next to Centre Camp, with a lovely outlook on Temple. Guest chefs most welcome! (By prior arrangement, preferably. Call Pete 029-973 6111) : Bring ingredients to whip up your signature dish/cake/pastry/etc for sharing -- and we've got everything else you might need! (mixer/oven/freezer/espresso machine/hobs/hot water/crockery/etc). For more info, visit

If we manage to bring the big truck, and get to time-travel back with it far-enough before the festival starts, then expect The Pufferfish Lounge's unique hand-built structure overhead, carpet underfoot, and even a woodburner oven to keep you warm at night. Designed for conversations and interaction, it's a groovy, upbeat, vibrant refuge from the doof. Make a note to hang around for our Sunday Post-Burn Lounge Party, for a perfect way to say goodbye to the loveliest festival along the timeline.

Events: Sunday Post-Temple Send-off @PufferfishA Pizza di Lounge @PufferfishRetrogrove In Residence @PufferfishMaking Lush Lamps @PufferfishSofa Sounds in The Pufferfish LoungeSPREADSHEET PORN: Ultimately Easier Camp Admin & Festival Camp CookbookFleeting Guest Chefs @Pufferfish"Who kneads a pizza ma soul?"

The Closet

The Closet is an portal to another world... a portal to the REAL YOU!

Enter the Closet, be welcomed by our fabulous Closeteers and feel the vibes which will naturally flow from your limbs as you move to the grooves of our fruity DJ's...

DANCE, BE & FEEL FREE - take your pick from our rails of weird, wonderful and wacky clothes & accessories and don't worry... We understand love affairs are common on the paddock and if you happen to fall for any of the closet items, please feel free to accept them as our gift to you, and may they bring you joy & happiness for the rest of your years.

oh and..


Can't wait to see you! X

Events: Twisted TwisterPaintarockBurn Night Closet Party

The Creature Lab

Deep underground hidden from the prying eyes of the law is a seedy laboratory committed to the goal of bringing life to what was once thought to be impossible.

This sound camp is bent on global domination and together we will breed an army of incredible creatures with the power to change the world.

Events: Space rocks n shitGangsta Babe ShitBullrush is back babyPORTAL OPENING

The Cypher

A freestyle rap den, our camp supplies the goods to scratch your hip-hop itch. A safe space for wanna-be rappers to come together and spit hot fire (or tepid embers) over a cascading stream of instrumentals. We provide the mics and energy, you bring the lyrical prowess, or at least a can-do attitude and a mouth.

Events: Hip Hop and HashbrownsDark and Stormy Geography Tours Open Mic Dancing for nervous people Giant bubbles90's PartyTelestration Against Humanity

The Hangout

Slowly becoming one of Kiwiburn's only re-lie-able theme camps, The Hangout is back from the future to let you know our hammocks are still the best source of shade and comfort until 2052, when hover-hammocks hit the shelves and take the world by storm. A constant source of shade, delightful tunes and more hammocks than you can shake a stick at, come by anytime, day or night, and Hangout.

Events: Hacky Sack Jam & WorkshopBrown TownBleach dying fabric for BeginnersBloody Mary Breakfast Club ft. Mimosas and Meat SticksFirst Night FilmsMeet your year-round Crew Assistant Care BearsNapping with Nach

The Pheasant

Born from the ashes of road kill, the Pheasant brings you pleasant things and chill happenings. When the rigors of the night before leave you needing home comforts, come relax on our couches for a cuppa and a cuddle. If you've had your fill snorting ketamine off frogs, join us for baked goods and lawn games. If you need a break from the doof, we've got Music You Know The Words To (tm). If you're finding all that positivity overwhelming, we've got cross stitch and nihilistic optimism; or you can battle it out to be champion of our Butt Wrestling ring. Join us for speakeasies, yoga, capoeira, food, spite, and love. If you know the truth is out there, spin the conspiracy pinwheels to get red pilled.

Events: Lawn games and jungle (feat. chicken fighting)Improv Games!Capoeira workshop (all levels)Deep House & Techno NightBrief DatingDisco you know the words toDiscussion: Decolonising the BurnAfterburn Sunrise SlowdanceDude, Hold My BeerThe Ed Hearnshaw Memorial Butt Wrestling Championship

The Poetic medic

We cure people with poetry and shit talk, but mostly empathy and damn fine care. Come over for a poetic medic style consultation when your mojo is low after excessive stimulation, and we’ll prescribe the right tincture or treatment. Our team of guessing practitioners (GP’s) will keep you sane in times of this radical madness with emergency grooms and thirst aid. Bring your festival exhaustion here and equalize and recharge in the recalibration room till you reach inner homoeostasis. Disclaimer: I'm not your doctor!

Events: Group massageSeuss MeditationLaughter Yoga

The Sensory Dispensary

The Sensory Dispensary is a psychedelic wonderland full of sensory delights and experiences, a place to chill out and explore the unexpected. We have what you need to delight your five senses, and more LAMP than you can shake your eyeballs at. Open 25 hours a day!

Events: Deep House Coffee hourBacon Bloody Brunch

The Snuggery

Come and snuggle down with the Snuggets at The Snuggery!

The Snuggery is returning to KB23. Voted the best snugging venue in 2021 (take that Pillowtopia!).

The Snuggery is lovingly crafted to warp you back to your childhood and relive your most snuggly memories. Join us for cuddle puddles, board games, storybooks, and more! The new and improved Snuggery awaits!

Events: The SnuggeryTears workshopStory timeThe PlayroomSnorkel TourStory time - My Uncle OswaldUnicorn Dance PartyCuddle puddle with Mary Jane

Very Alternative Gathering

We are Kinky. With our core group of friendly and experienced Kinksters from Wellington and all over NZ, we bring our skills, knowledge, experience, and deviant alternative brains to the paddock eager to share with all who want to experience and learn more.

Consent is important to us along with SSC, RACK, and PRICK. Come down and pop in for a visit (even just query the alphabet soup!).

Curious? Indulge with us at our fun and friendly Parties, Workshops and Discussions on Rope/Shibari/Kinbaku, bondage, S&M, sensual touch, and debauchery, we welcome everyone from the experienced to the inquisitive.

Events: Very Alternative DemosShibari 101Intimate/Connective Rope Play Latex Chat + Show'n'tell Pet Play 101!Kinky Safety and Etiquette, Consent and Negotiation WorkshopBehind the sex curtain: What really happens on a porn setFreeform Shibari - how to make a netKinky = QueerAmosphere & Headspace ManagementSensory Play Bondage escapeFemme Dom Chats!Kinkster AMAEthical Non-Monogamy discussion circleHow to go f*ck yourself: sex toys 101Rope Nerds Talk a LotPegging workshop!Let's talk about P0RN (penis owners only!)VAG Kinky Play PartyPleasure Awakening - Inner Beloved Journey (vulva owners only!)


Imitation Is the biggest form of flattery, but there’s nothing insincere about our compliments. We love the theme camps so much that we Wannabe just like them. Expect some half assed, budget versions of your favourite Kiwiburn camp events along with some unique ones that we’ve pulled out of our twisted little brains.

Events: Quiz On My balls Bondage Karaoke

Warm Fuzzy Doodleboppers

Need a moment of 'aww' and whimsy? Pop by our camp to choose your very own warm fuzzy, fuzzily warm doodleboppers, hand crafted MOOP bags, a hug or some other cute & quirky creation! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world....

Events: Doodlebopper making workshopOracle ReadingsJust Breathe and Let Go

Wild Connections

A social and spiritual journey of sustainability, loving our land, our planet and each other through passion and creativity. Honest conversations, funky tunes and self expression welcome.

Events: Disco Disco Dance PartyRadiestesia, Dowsing and GeobiologyNew Zealand's Future Land Use & The Land of the FutureKids Acro Circus/AdagioCircus Circus Circus!!!Kids Rock PaintingPlaydough and bubblesUdder ArtThe telling of the beesMixology - Disco timeMixology. Hair of the dog

Zeff Camp, home of the Zeffouisie

Zef(f) Camp, home of the Zeffouisie, is a post apocalyptic ski chalet cargo cult. What happens when a band of survivors encounters the photographic remnants of àpres ski culture, integrates, then has a few generations of descendants who forgot how it all started? We're the 3rd generation ne'er-do-well grandchildren of those survivors, here to bring you our interpretation of Zefpres ski culture, conspicuous consumption, hostile architecture, and capitalist hierarchy in the ways that make sense to us. Come around for Zefpres ski nights before we head off to Zeffigy for the techno set. Interested in a drink from our toboggan themed bar, tobargan? Or come to our inexplicably goose themed open jazz night. Confused? So are we. Zef(f) Camp, home of the Zeffouisie.

Events: Genital Life Drawing with BjorkNude Life and Death Drawing with Jeff GoldblumZEMF Night and BernhainZefpres Ski Night: The SacramentPeach ParadeBref with ZeffMaid BrigadeAccessories Only Fashion Show Vague-stravaganzaZeffoise Spa Burns NightSnow’s Magic School Bus - A Natural History of the Kiwiburn SiteGet Bear Hugs from your year-round Crew Assistant Care BearsZefpres Ski Night: Goose Jazz and Open MicSexy Storytelling: The Paddock Edition


καφέ İstanbul

You’re a weary traveller lost amongst the hazy, cobbled laneways of Anatolia. Looking to rest your feet and coaxed by the smell of freshly brewed coffee, a small shop catches the corner of your eye. καφέ İstanbul, run by a small collective of eccentric artists, offers mediterranean hospitality, a luscious dream space, and intimate cuisine and art experiences.

The beat of a darbuka. Your fate in the coffee grinds. The shimmy of a dancer. Flavoured smoke fills the air. Come and find something we’ve been searching for.

Events: Mural Art for the godsAn hour of Simp…a life time inkΜεζέ μαζίLuscious life drawingΕλάτε για καφέ! Come for coffee

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