Theme Camps

What is a Theme Camp?

When a group of people camp together, that’s a camp…. when they do it with interactive style and have a rocking great time – that’s a Theme Camp. 

Theme Camps are an essential part of the heart and soul of Kiwiburn, they are social meeting places where anything can happen, and often does. Featuring art and activities, Theme Camps are interactive in nature. They are a direct expression of the principles of inclusion, communal effort, participation and gifting.   

A Theme Camp is a pocket of reality created by a group of friends who get together to do something interesting. Theme Camps create an ambiance, a visual presence, provide a communal space or create/host activities

Registering your Theme Camp

Theme Camp Registrations for KB2021 are now closed.

You need to have registered your Theme Camp to ensure placement and to be included in the event programme, on the website and on the event map. You will be able to post your planned events in the event program and on the website, through the Host an Event page (open until early Jan). You can even add them to the Event Board located at the Depot.

Registrations were open from 17 September until 30 October.

Registering online is just the first step in the process of becoming a Theme Camp at Kiwiburn and bringing something awesome to gift to our community.

In order to complete this process you’ll need to:

  1. Agree to our Theme Camp Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Agree to our Incident Report Plan as outlined in Theme Camp Guidelines
  3. Register 3+ events/activities
  4. Have no MOOP or sound violations on record from previous events
  5. Theme camp tickets will be made available if you meet the above and your Hazard and Risk Management Plan has been returned.

What is a Sound Camp?   

A Sound Camp is a Theme Camp whose primary gift is music, dance and sound. All Sound Camps must register for placement and meet Kiwiburn’s Resource Consent conditions to participate  

In line with our resource consent conditions and following on from discussions with our community, for the 2021 event we will continue to implement the stricter sound controls that had been successfully put in place in 2020.   

If you plan on bringing a sound system to Kiwiburn, you will need to follow these guidelines:  

You will be asked to provide details of your sound system during the registration process, if this changes you must notify us immediately.   

  • There will be no sound check for amplified sound systems prior to 9am Wednesday 27 January or after 7:00am Monday 1 February 2021.
  • At other times your sound levels must not breach these restrictions:
    Party time, 10am – 3am: SPL not to exceed 48 Db A-weighted average over a five minute period at the boundary with neighbouring properties.
    Quiet time, 3am – 10am: SPL not to exceed 37 Db A-weighted average over a five minute period at the boundary with neighbouring properties and not to exceed 65Db A-weighted Max volume

Sound Camps in breach of these guidelines will be shut down for the remainder of the event.   

Sound Camps will be required to nominate a sober person or persons to participate in the sound monitoring schedule. Taking a shift to monitor and provide feedback to sound camps in order to keep Kiwiburn compliant with our Resource Consent conditions.    

For our more detailed policy visit our sound policy page


Please note that all participants of Kiwiburn must hold a valid ticket to obtain entry into the event.  

Each year, we reserve a portion of tickets for Theme Camps, to help them bring their key personnel to the Paddock. To be considered for reserved tickets, your Theme Camp must have a good history at Kiwiburn or other burn events, or your camp lead and some team members must have run a Theme Camp successfully in the past at either a Burning event or other similar festival (e.g. Ignition, Southern Smoulder).

We also welcome brand new Theme Camps to apply for reserved tickets, but you’ll have to do a good sales job to win us over with your vision.

Reserved Ticket allocations have now finished for 2021! Congratulations to those camps who were granted tickets. We had more demand than ever before, and we allocated waaay more Theme Camp tickets than ever before. We look forward to seeing your offerings on the Paddock!

Early Entry

Some large camps may qualify for Early Entry to the Paddock. Kiwiburn needs to keep pre-event population to a minimum, so early entry will be strictly limited in 2021:

  • Large structures will be allowed to arrive three days early
  • Large camps will be allowed to arrive two days early
  • Medium and small camps are encouraged to arrive and set up on the first day of the event and will not be granted Early Entry (requests can be made in your application and will be dependent on many factors, such as what your camp set up comprises of and what it provides).

To apply for Early Entry you must first complete the Theme Camp registration process. Early Entry will be confirmed in early December.

Please note: Early Entry is strictly controlled. We keep a list of who is allowed onsite. You must bring with you an email from the Theme Camp Coordinator, clearly stating the names of all people allowed on site, and the date each is allowed to arrive. No one will be admitted Early Entry without approval, and no one will be admitted before the date indicated on the confirmation. If you arrive without confirmation, you will need to find alternative accommodation until the Gates Open on Wednesday 27 January (we suggest Vinegar Hill Campground).

Further Reading

If you want to know more about setting up and running your Theme Camp, including:

  • Burning and Fires
  • Alcohol and water
  • Cleanup
  • Generators
  • Water Storage  & Supply – Use of IBCs
  • Safety
  • Stages
  • Structures

Please check out the Theme Camp Setup Guide!