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A loungey theme camp set up with lots of rugs, pillows, and couches

Image credit: Kasai Photography

What is a Theme Camp?

Theme Camps are an essential part of the heart and soul of Kiwiburn. They are social meeting places where anything can happen, and often does.

Featuring art and activities, Theme Camps are interactive in nature. They are a direct expression of the principles of inclusion, communal effort, participation and gifting.   

A Theme Camp is a pocket of reality created by a group of humans who get together to do something interesting. Theme Camps create an ambience, a visual presence, provide a communal space, or create and host art and activities for Kiwiburn participants. 


To qualify as a registered Theme Camp, you’ll need to:

  • Run at least 3 interactive events, which will be featured in the Kiwiburn Event Guide.
  • Contribute to the 10 Guiding Principles of Burning Man.
  • Agree to our Theme Camp Setup Guide.
  • Have an open and interactive space for participants.
  • Offer distinctive art, events, or a theme.

Some theme ideas: Chill Space, Music Space, Health & Wellness, Food & Drink Space, Workshop Space, Games.


By gifting the presence of a Theme Camp to the community, your team:

  • Will have your Events and Camp description featured in the Event Guide, distributed to every participant on entry.
  • Will have an allocated Theme Camp placement on site, in line with your space needs, for your camp to be set up for the week. We will also work hard to try to accomodate any other placement requests.
    – If you are planning to build a Theme Camp and don’t register your intention, we cannot guarantee that space will be available for you to build your camp.
    – The general camping area is a fire free zone.
  • Could be eligible for Direct Theme Camp and Early Entry tickets*.

*KB22 Registered Theme Camps who received an allocation of tickets in late September 2021 will receive at least the same amount of tickets again if they confirm that they are returning before 5th October 2022.

Register your Theme Camp

To access these benefits, Theme Camps need to be registered with Kiwiburn and submit some paperwork.
For Kiwiburn 2023, we have a new streamlined process.


  1. Fill out the Theme Camp Registration Form (by 30th October)
  2. Agree to our Theme Camp Setup Guide
  3. Submit your Health and Safety Plan (by 30th November)
  4. Register at least 3 events (by 5th January)
  5. Have no MOOP, sound, or safety violations on record from previous events.



14 September Theme Camp Registration opens

30 October Theme Camp Registration closes

Theme Camp Reserve Tickets

14 September Request for Theme Camp Directed tickets open in Theme Camp registration form

5 October Requests for Theme Camp Directed Tickets close

5 October Deadline for KB22’s Registered Theme Camps to confirm 2023 Attendance

10 October Theme Camp Directed Ticket Numbers Advised & Allocated

30 October Names submission for Theme Camp Directed Tickets closes

7 November Theme Camp Directed Tickets allocated to Burner Profiles

30 November Burner Profiles to complete purchase of Theme Camp Directed Tickets

General Ticket Sales

22 September General sale tickets allocated from STEP via lottery

Health & Safety

30 November Health & Safety plan submissions close

Sound Policy

November TBA Sound Policy updated

December TBA Sound Leads online meeting

Early Entry

November TBA EE passes allocated to Theme Camps (registration in Theme Camp application)

Event Guide

21 September Event Guide submissions open

5 January Event Guide submissions close


Theme Camps that meet all these criteria can apply for a set number of Directed Tickets. 

Allocated tickets applications will close on 5th October and numbers will be advised to Theme Camps on 10th October. These tickets must have burner names submitted against them by 30th October. They will then be allocated through the STEP system for you to purchase by 30th November. More info will come on this.

To be considered for Directed Tickets, your Theme Camp must have a good history at Kiwiburn or other burn events, and no MOOP, sound or safety violations from previous events.  You will also need to run a minimum of 3 events.



Theme Camps can also apply for Early Entry passes, of which there are a limited number available for key team members who qualify to come to site early and build your structure. 

You can apply for early entry in your Theme Camp registration. To be eligible to apply, Theme Camps must be registered by 30 October 2021. 

We will confirm Early Entry passes in November and you’ll need to provide to us the names of those on site early. 

Early Entry tickets are very limited due to our Resource Consent requirements and are strictly enforced. 



Early entry is limited by our Resource Consent, it provides access to Theme Camps where they need to set up Structures, Sound Systems, Art, or complicated Infrastructure prior to the event commencing. 

Priority is given to key members of your team and access may be granted up to 2 days prior to the event commencing.  

Please let us know when you register if you need early entry, what you plan on doing and how many days and people are needed.  Health & Safety during this period is critical as it is a working site.



Can I serve alcoholic beverages? What can I burn at my Theme Camp? Where can I dump my rubbish? Where can I plug in Theme Camp Sound System? 

For the answer to all of these great questions, see our handy-dandy Theme Camp Setup Guide



For the safety of everyone on site (and our Resource Consent to run Kiwiburn in years to come!), we run a Theme Camp WOF system (previously Guidelines) that each Theme Camp will be evaluated on. 

Passing this WOF is crucial to having your Theme Camp being allowed to return the following year.

More info on the WOF is to come – this will be distributed directly to Theme Camps. When it arrives, please take the time to familiarise yourself and your Theme Camp members with it.



What happens if I want to play it LOUDER? Where can I set up our sound system? Can I throw a sunrise psy-trance party in the forest? Who cares if our music is a little loud? What else should I know?

Luckily for you, we have the answers, right here in our Sound Policy.
NB: This is our 2021 policy; for 2023 we will be updating and providing a copy to Theme Camp and Sound Leads later in 2022.



Theme Camp Health and Safety Guides are live now in the portal! Log in to your account on the Kiwiburn Portal to fill this in by 30 November. For any questions, please contact your Theme Camp Coordinators.


Have we missed something? Please get in touch with the Theme Camp coordinator!

Image credit: Kasai Photography

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