The Theme

Every year, Kiwiburn chooses a different theme to inspire art on the Paddock. Ideas are suggested by the community then voted on by the Kiwiburn Arts Committee.

What will the Art Theme be for 2021? The wait is over, and we’re stoked to announce:

The 2021 art theme is Mythical Picnic

Miss Hannigan (Pepperland) explains her winning idea: “Come one, Come all, The Mythical Picnic is our destination. Invite the Unicorns, Gryphons and Krakens… Even the Cyclopes’, Gremlins and Bunyips are invited! Bring to life your imagination and bring out your inner myth “If you go down in the Paddock today You’re sure of a big surprise…” 

Poster Design

This year’s poster has been designed by Brandy Davis, who says:

“Kia Ora, I’m Brandy and I am a rock art poster artist from the States, living now in Auckland. I enjoy developing scenes and characters rather than abstract or graphic art and my style often has a touch of Art Nouveau. I decided to plunge head first into that style with “Mythical Picnic”, which is the first poster I’ve designed for a New Zealand event. I really had fun with the hand lettering, and the Megamorphosis Man is a wonderful intricate detail to add to the classic Art Nouveau ring. I chose a faun for the character, which in Roman mythology were forest dwellers who represented peace and fertility as well as merriment and revelry. A perfect host for a Kiwiburn picnic!”

Download the poster here [5mb, A3].

Previous Themes

Here are the past posters showcasing Kiwiburn themes: