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Trash Renaissance Fair

Join us at the Trash Renaissance Fair for an unforgettable experience rooted in sustainability and community.

We’re calling on everyone to be part of the solution by bringing items that can be reused or recycled. Instead of buying new, let’s dig into our closets, attics, and local thrift stores to find treasures waiting to be repurposed.
It’s about more than just reducing waste. By reusing and recycling, we’re building a culture of care for our planet and each other. Let’s turn old fabric into stunning costumes, forgotten wood into works of art, and overlooked treasures into something magical. Drawing inspiration from Radical Inclusion and Radical Self-reliance, we challenge ourselves to transform waste into beautiful works of art while embodying the principles of Radical Self-expression and Communal Effort.

So come on over and be part of the Trash Renaissance Fair. Together, let’s show the world the power of creativity and sustainability, one recycled masterpiece at a time.

Trash Renaissance Fair poster

Poster design by Cole Holyoake

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