The Theme

After a record number of entries,  the winning Art Theme for Kiwiburn 2022 is:

Time Travel 

Submitted by Tracy Earl

Time is an illusion in reality. You are invited to experiment, create a new existence, re-live an old one, or embrace a timeless freedom… the possibilities are endless; is the future as bright? Or is the past what you’re blasting? Whichever direction you choose; via wormhole, black hole or time machine – take a journey to a place that brings a smile to your face. 

Poster Design Competition – Now Open

Now that the Kiwiburn 2022 Art Theme Time Travel has been chosen, poster entries are now open.

You have until 30 June to submit your ideas, so get going and give those creative juices free rein.

Think about what your design would look like on stickers, patches, wristbands, posters and the event guide. Go on, picture it, dream about it, but also, like, consider it in a design-y kinda way. What font will you use? Hint, Kiwiburn is particularly fond of Comic Sans. Fond of font. Haha.

Aaaanyway, we can’t wait to be surprised, delighted and plain ol’ wowed by what you crazy kids come up with.

More info and submit your poster ideas here: Poster Design Competition

Previous Themes

Here are the past posters showcasing Kiwiburn themes: