The Theme

Every year, Kiwiburn chooses a different theme to inspire art on the Paddock. Ideas are suggested by the community then voted on by the Kiwiburn Arts Committee.

What will the Art Theme be for 2021? The wait is over, and we’re stoked to announce:

The 2021 art theme is Mythical Picnic

Miss Hannigan (Pepperland) explains her winning idea: “Come one, Come all, The Mythical Picnic is our destination. Invite the Unicorns, Gryphons and Krakens… Even the Cyclopes’, Gremlins and Bunyips are invited! Bring to life your imagination and bring out your inner myth “If you go down in the Paddock today You’re sure of a big surprise…” 

Poster Design Competition

Excited? We definitely are. And now it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Untold glory and accolades will be awarded to the artist who can best capture the essence of Kiwiburn’s 2021 theme in a poster format. You will see it everywhere, as the winning design will be adapted for stickers, wristbands and volunteer patches too. The competition is open to all graphic artists, and those who have a fabulous idea (and a designer friend who can turn your idea into usable artwork).

More info and submit your poster ideas here: Poster Design Competition


Previous Themes

Here are the past posters showcasing Kiwiburn themes: