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Kiwiburn 2024 Decadance Ticket Price Announcement

The much anticipated lottery will be drawn later today, but you might be keen to find out what a coveted ticket will cost? Well, $exCom has crunched some serious numbers and were superkeen to keep prices as low as possible. Given the cost overruns for Kiwiburn 2023...

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Lottery Goes Live Tomorrow!

(Quick note: As previously stated, the lottery was due to be run today. Due to an unfortunate Quicket situation (involving weather and power outages - rain just loves to mess with Kiwiburn...) we will unfortunately need to delay the lottery until tomorrow. The lottery...

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Art Grants are Granted

Kiwiburn Art Committee (KAC) have been busy making coffee and meerkat-fuelled decisions (don’t ask - we don’t know either) and have allocated over $25,000 in funds for Paddock Art.  You know what this means?  There is going to be some hella epic Art for KB24 and we...

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Survey Lead & 2ic

You’ll never guess what we need… more volunteers! The Survey Team (the awesome peeps who take a map and turn it into Paddock reality) need a Lead and a 2iC. These roles lead and support the surveying team in marking out the Kiwiburn site including road networks,...

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Lead Ranger Needed

Calling all Burner legends! Kiwiburn 2024 is on the lookout for a Lead Ranger. If you fancy yourself a conflict-resolver, are capable of amicably strolling through the Paddock, or you want to live out those Aragorn fantasies of being the mysterious ranger that...

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Giga-Pan is Giga-Great!

Stitched together from over 600 aerial photos, the immense, 1.6 gigapixel picture of Burning Man: Animalia is up on the interwebs! Taken on August 31st, just before the initial deluge. See if you can spot your favourite Theme Camps, or perhaps your missing bicycle is...

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Crew Kitchen 2iC

Fancy yourself a bit of a culinary artist? Know how to whip up more than a cold tin of baked beans for brekkie? Can you take a meal idea for 1 and turn it into a spread for 100? The Crew Kitchen feeds up to 100 hard working volunteers during Kiwiburn and our Kitchen...

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Lottery Stats

Now that the lottery is closed, we’ve got some juicy stats for y’all! This year: 2,497 people entered the lottery (last year we had 2,893 entries). You can expect heaps of Theme Camps this year - over 1000 people plan to contribute this way. Over 1000 people also plan...

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The First Burn

Mark 'Yonderman' Stirling's Burn journey ignited when he stumbled upon the Playa during a camping trip in Nevada's Black Rock Desert back in '94. In true Burn style, this chance encounter sparked a blazing connection that would change January for many Aotearoa-based...

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