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An update on refunds

We know you are awaiting news on refunds and here it is: Refunds are now ready and are expected to be processed this week on Thursday/Friday.  The amount that you will receive back is $170.42 per ticket - this is the original ticket cost of $195.00, less the pro rata...

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Burner Camping in the Wairarapa

Still not sure what to do with the Burn weekend? There is a plan afoot for a Camp Out in the the Wairarapa. Burner spirit, a lovely site, all the friendly faces - go forth and radically self express! The details:  Friday 28 January 3pm - Sunday 30 January 3pm...

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Paddock Radio Fundraiser

Paddock Radio, official radio broadcaster of Kiwiburn and staple of Burner and community events New Zealand over, is planning a light fundraiser afternoon concert on  7 February as a test for the new Paddock Radio touring truck setup, with performances by some local...

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Happy New Year 2022!

Welcome to a whole new, brand spanking new year! Summer is well underway, the weather has been glorious and it’s hard not to feel a bit more optimistic (yeah, even in a pandemic. Can’t last forever, can it. CAN IT?).  While there’s no Kiwiburn, the community has been...

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I smell something Mini-Burning

We have dried our tears and sighed our sighs, and loved the support from the community for the hard decision to cancel Kiwiburn this year. Now, the end of January approaches and many Burners are Doing A Thing, because we’re resourceful like that! The events are small...

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As the embers of Kiwiburn crackle and spit, a lone spark has traveled over land and sea, making its way to a new home deep in the heart of Te Waipounamu. A few dedicated souls have taken to fanning that spark into a flame and now in late January 2022, we’re inviting a...

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Surrounded by the luscious natural setting of Adventure Waikato, the ReGen team is creating and regenerating, fundraising for tree planting and shaping the stunning outdoor location with art and other curiosities to enjoy for years to come. Leave No Trace, Consent and...

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Burning Man reborn

Burning Man has taken a hiatus during Covid, but they are back in 2022, with many changes to the way things are run. Turnkey operations are disrupted, and coffee is no longer sold! Read all about it here. If you are hoping to head to BM2022, there is also a page for...

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Info on Ticket Refunds

You're all waiting to hear what is happening with tickets and here is an update: We will issue refunds on tickets purchased for Kiwiburn 2022, and we are working with Quicket to get this actioned early to mid in January, in line with our ticket purchase Terms and...

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Hippy Holidays

Hey Burner fam! This summer might not have brought the present we all so dearly wanted, though we hope that in true Burner spirit you’re finding ways to bring the Burn into your lives however you can. Maybe that means building mini-Burns together and otherwise just...

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