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We need you! To manage Crew. 

In a case of the egg recruiting the chicken, we need a Crew Facilitator urgently! Kiwiburn is kicking into gear and exciting announcements are coming soon (like ticket sales!), so we need a wise and caring captain to take the helm of our volunteer ship ASAP. This...

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BONZA mate!

Burners Without Borders (BWB) is teaming up with the BONZA 2022 Summit to provide a Civic Ignition Grant up to USD$1,500! What projects do YOU want to see in the world? Do you have an innovative community or civic concept, or project which will: create collaborations...

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Enter the Matrix

Keen to volunteer, prefer a virtual universe of ones and zeros to sledgehammers and tape measures? We have opportunities in our IT team for you: Burners who prefer building databases over porta potties. Our IT team looks after the arcane, marvellous and increasingly...

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