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Kiwiburn 2024 Theme

Alright you lot! Listen up! The time has come to start thinking about the Theme for Kiwiburn 2024. Each year, the chosen Theme guides the Art, costumes, and Events you experience at Kiwiburn. We’re sure we don’t need to remind you (we will anyway ‘cause we’re good...

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Feel the Burn Year Round!

If you’re missing that unparalleled feeling of being immersed in Kiwiburn - y’know, that bubbling excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation you feel in the lead up to the Burn - we have something that miiight just hit the spot! Many of you will know that our fantastic...

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Kiwiburn gets Railed!

For those of us who were at Kiwiburn 23 AKA Mudburn AKA Swamp-Stomp, we all remember getting just a scooch of liquid dirt on our toes at some stage throughout the festivities. Obviously, this was utterly unacceptable. If there’s ONE thing Burners all unanimously hate,...

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New Blog/EFP Writer – Captain Intro

Kia ora! Captain here, the newest member of the EFP/Blog post writing team. I have a quick intro on myself for you today! Who are you? Some of you may have met me in HBFA camp this year, where I’m the camp lead. When I’m not on the Paddock, I’m known as Owen. I live...

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Check Yer Luggage

Sometimes we bring back wonderful things from the Paddock. New friends, a handy drinks bottle you’re pretty sure isn't yours but will do nicely in lieu of the one you used to have, the weird rash that won't go away and hey, what are these two spare RT radio batteries...

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How to cope with the post-burn blues:

It’s been a full month since we were on the Paddock, and if you’re an Auckland-based Burner, it seems the rain has followed us from the Paddock right back here. If you're lucky enough to live outside of New Zealand's largest carpark, you might be having your share of...

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Regional Round Up

Burning Man: 27 Aug - 4 Sep 2023 Tickets If you’re planning on heading to Burning Man this year, you must register your Burner Profile, regardless of which sale/program you acquire your ticket through. Stewards Sale (formerly the Directed Group Sale, for Theme Camps,...

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Covid and the Paddock

If you’re anything like me, you love reading anything about anything Burn related, whether it’s about our beloved Kiwiburn, or if it’s about the big Burn over the far horizon. Now, if this is the case, you may have come across a particular blog post that discussed how...

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