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Reintegration Tips

Now that the Burn is over, it’s time to get back into the default world. It’s reintegration time! Stink we know, but unfortunately there’s not enough Burns to just Burn all year round. Not yet anyway… It can be a jarring experience going from the Paddock to your...

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KB24 Stats

If you were on the Paddock this year, you may have felt the difference in the atmosphere - and not just because we didn’t have a Swamp Stomp repeat. The stats are in! This year there were a total of 1835 tickets sold with 1651 actually on site, meaning 89% of people...

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Lost & Found

If you're feeling the post-burn blues and realised you left something behind or stumbled upon a lost treasure, fret not!  Head over to the Kiwiburn Lost Property Facebook Page – the go-to spot for reuniting lost items with their owners! How to Reconnect: Lost...

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Leftover Love Thanks

We asked and y’all delivered! The Sustainability Team would like to say a ma-hoo-sive THANK YOU to our awesome KB family for all your donations to Leftover Love. Your willingness to give back to the local community saw a whopping 420 food donations and a grand total...

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Art Shark Update

We did the thing! Well done on the thing. KAC held Art Shark on Thursday (at the Burn) and if you weren’t there, you missed out. Our judges (KAC members) asked the hard questions, got some excellent answers, and definitely not enough bribes. KAC dolled out a total of...

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The Burn Awaits!

If you’re reading this, why aren’t you packing? Don’t forget that thing you were going to forget! Seriously though, we have several important announcements for you in this last minute issue. So read on, and then get back to packing. But before you scroll down, on...

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Gate Hours Reminder

Heading to the Paddock? Then you should make sure you know when you can and can’t make it through the gates! Gate hours for Kiwiburn 2024 are: Wednesday 24 January  Express Lane: 8am - 9am*  General Public: 9am     Close: 10pm Thursday 25 January Open: 10am   Close:...

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The Kiwiburn 2024 Weather Report

Curious on what the weather will look like on the Paddock this year? So are we! Let us present to you, the Kiwiburn 2024 weather report! So far, we hear that those lucky individuals who are already on site have been getting rained on most days. Looking forward to the...

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Paddock Conditions

We have some important info regarding the conditions onsite, fresh from the early crew. 1. The road down is a bit bumpier than normal, and is sporting some new potholes. Please ensure you drive slow (though you should be doing this anyway), have confidence in your...

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Leftover Love Reminder

If you missed it in the last issue, we have an exciting new scheme in place: Leftover love! This year, the Leftover Love team will be collecting (non perishable, sealed) food items to donate to food banks/pantries in the KB region. Less food waste, more regional love....

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