Consent Culture at Kiwiburn

Having a strong consent culture on-paddock helps the event to be more fun, safe, expressive, and authentic. Consent culture is made and maintained by everyone who participates in Kiwiburn, and there are things that all of us can do to actively contribute towards this;

  • Make sure you have consent for all your interactions, including conversations, photographs, any form of touch and especially anything sexual. Listen to what people are saying with their words and their body language, and if you’re not sure, ask and pay attention to what people tell you with both their words and their body language. You can respect people’s ‘no’ by thanking them, or by giving them some space.
  • Learn about and practise safe bystander intervention
  • Know who is around that you can call on for support;
    • On site support includes Consent Club, Black Sheep Rangers and Site Mangers.
    • Year round support includes the Kiwiburn consent team and Conduct Committee.
  • Take the time to deepen your understanding of consent and consent culture.

Consent is FREELY GIVEN, ENTHUSIASTIC, and ONGOING. This can be harder than it sounds as it requires a conscious unlearning of some of our social habits. We all have more to learn about how to practise great consent and grow consent culture. If you want to upskill about consent some resources you can draw on include:

  • The website has some key advice and statements to help you critically reflect on consent culture.
  • Safe to talk is New Zealand’s sexual harm hotline. This service exists to support people who have experienced sexual harm, people who have caused sexual harm or people who are supporting others around sexual harm. They can offer advice, information and referrals.
  • Workshops at Kiwiburn about consent – there are usually heaps 🙂
  • Do you have friends who seem to be really onto it with their consent practices? Talk to them and ask them to tell you their honest thoughts on your behaviour and any advice they have for you to improve your understanding and behaviour around consent.

Learn more about Kiwiburn’s photography policy here.

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