This page might not be up-to-date for Kiwiburn 2024. Check back soon, or contact us in the meantime.

Register Your Art

Anyone can bring art to Kiwiburn and add to the visual feast on the paddock. Artwork can be related to the theme for the year…or not. You may like to contribute something as an individual or a collective.

Art at Kiwiburn comes in all sorts of forms. Experimental and interactive sculptures, art cars, performances, costumes, sound, fire and more!

Art provides an opportunity for expression, gifting, civic responsibility, immediacy and leave no trace.

Registered Art Benefits

By gifting the presence of Art to the community, you or your team:

  • Will have your Art description featured in the Event Guide, distributed to every participant on entry.
  • Will have your Art included on the Art Trail map, available for all participants so they can find your awesome creation.
  • We do have a small number of Directed Tickets we allocate to artists that would like to bring Art to the paddock each year.

To access these benefits, Art needs to be registered with Kiwiburn and some paperwork submitted. For Kiwiburn 2023, we have a new streamlined process.

Please note – Any Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC) Approved Grants do not need to apply as they are automatically registered (this includes Art Directed tickets and Early Entry).

Key Dates for Kiwiburn 2023

Art Registration

21 September Art Registration opens
5 January Art Registration closes

Art Directed Reserve Tickets

We do have a small number of Directed Tickets we allocate to artists that would like to bring Art to the paddock each year.

21 September Request for Art Directed tickets open in Art registration form
20 October Requests for Art Directed Tickets closes
27 October Art Directed Tickets allocated (You cannot be allocated Art Directed Tickets and hold tickets from the General Sale / Theme Camp Allocation or Volunteer Allocation)
7 November Art Directed Tickets allocated to Burner Profiles

General Ticket Sales

7 October General sale tickets allocated from STEP via lottery

Health & Safety

1st October Health and Safety forms are available to be completed in your Artist Portal. Please complete within 30 days of registering your Art. (Final date for all H&S is 8 Jan 2023)

Early Entry

21 September Request for Early Entry open in Art registration form
November TBA Early Entry passes allocated

Event Guide

21 September Event Guide submissions open
5 January Event Guide submissions close

If you want your Art in the Event Guide(in addition to the Art Trail) you need to register with the Event Guide team separately here

Registration Process

  1. Fill out the Art Registration Form (by 5th January)
  2. Submit your Health and Safety Plan online (as above).

Early Entry

Art can apply for Early Entry passes, of which there are a limited number available for key team members who qualify to come to site early and build your Art.

You can apply for early entry in your Art registration. These will be advised in November.

Early Entry tickets are very limited due to our Resource Consent requirements and are strictly enforced.

Early Entry Criteria

Early entry is limited by our Resource Consent, it provides access to Artists where they need to set up complicated Infrastructure prior to the event commencing.

Priority is given to key members of your team and access may be granted up to 2 days prior to the event commencing.

Please let us know when you register if you need early entry, what you plan on doing and how many days and people are needed. Health & Safety during this period is critical as it is a working site.


Have we missed something or got questions?

Contact the Arts Registration Coordinator, Jennifer

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