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There are so many questions to be answered regarding what Kiwiburn will do to manage COVID-19, what would cause an event cancellation, and what happens if we do cancel. We’ve put together this webpage to answer all of your questions, and for full details, please check out the full policies.

How will Kiwiburn deal with the uncertainty presented by COVID-19?

Kiwiburn 2021 will only go ahead if the whole country is at COVID-19 Alert Level One or below.

If any part of New Zealand is in Level Two or higher, the event will not proceed.

When will a call be made on whether the event is cancelled?

Please be prepared that we might need to cancel the event at any stage, including during the event. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any cancellations.

What is Kiwiburn’s refund policy if the event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions or impact?

The unanimous opinion was that in the case of a Covid-related cancellation as Covid is a known risk that our community should not be made to bear more than is necessary to ensure our event remains viable in the future.

Therefore, if the cancellation occurs before Gates open on 27th January 2021, Kiwiburn will refund $180 of the $195 ticket face value as the $180 represents the event component of the ticket price.  The remaining $15 is the annual Kiwiburn Society membership subscription (required under our Society rules) which is non-refundable and covers Kiwiburn’s basic annual running costs to allow us to operate year round even with no ticket revenue.  The other purchase cost is the ticketing agency fees of $4.71 which are non-refundable as the agency has already done all the associated work to process and issue the original tickets.

If the cancellation occurs after Gates open then Kiwiburn’s standard no refund policy will apply.

The $180 will be refunded to the Ticket Purchaser  – which is not necessarily the same person as the Ticket Holder (the person whose Burner Profile is linked to the Ticket).
The recorded Ticket Purchaser (person whose credit card details were used to pay for the ticket) may be different to the name of the person whose Burner Profile is finally linked to the actual Ticket (the Ticket Holder). The assignment of a Burner Profile to a ticket – whether that occurred either at the time of purchase or later via a Ticket Transfer – will not change who the recorded Ticket Purchaser is.  The only time the recorded Ticket Purchaser details are updated is when a ticket is resold via STEP because in this case a whole new purchase transaction is processed and new credit card details are recorded against the replacement ticket(s).
So Buyer Beware – if you pay for your ticket in any manner other than by processing the payment for that ticket through Quicket against your own credit card you will not be entitled to the refund and you will have to privately arrange for any passing on of a refund with the person recorded as the Ticket Purchaser – Kiwiburn and Quicket will not get involved, or be liable, for resolving any such private payment arrangements
What is Kiwiburn’s normal refund policy?

Refer to our standard Terms and Conditions for full details but in summary Kiwiburn as a default policy that there is no refund available should the Event be cancelled before or during the Event. See separate FAQs for the situation where the cancellation is Covid related.

Who gets the refund?

Kiwiburn can only refund to the Ticket Purchaser’s credit card account that was associated with the last payment transaction recorded through Quicket.  This means that if :

You purchased a Ticket(s) using your own credit card details:
You WILL be entitled to claim a refund for any and all  tickets your credit card paid for – regardless of whose Burner Profile was eventually linked to each ticket – as you are the Ticket Purchaser. Direct purchasing requires you to process a payment transaction using your credit card details, therefore, Quicket and Kiwiburn are aware of the Ticket Purchaser linked to the issued Tickets.

You purchased a Ticket(s) via STEP
You WILL be entitled to claim a refund for any and all  tickets your credit card paid for – regardless of whose Burner Profile was eventually linked to each ticket – as you are the Ticket Purchaser.  Tickets resold through STEP require you to process a payment transaction using your credit card details, therefore, Quicket and Kiwiburn are aware there is a new Ticket Purchaser linked to the reissued Tickets.

Your Burner Profile was linked to a Ticket but you paid someone privately for your ticket
You will NOT receive the refund, the original recorded Ticket Purchaser will. Because any private payment transactions will not have not been processed through Quicket’s system, there is no record of your credit card or bank details – only those of the original Ticket Purchaser – so you are simply the Ticket Holder. Therefore, as far as Quicket and Kiwiburn are concerned the original Ticket Purchaser remains the person legally entitled to a refund if one is requested.

If you had someone transfer a ticket to you using the Quicket Transfer option
You will NOT receive the refund, the original recorded Ticket Purchaser will. Note even though a new ticket was issued to you, because you did not process a payment through Quicket, you are a Ticket Holder not a Ticket Purchaser and you will NOT receive the refund as the system has no record of your credit card or bank details – only those of the original Ticket Purchaser.  Therefore, as far as Quicket and Kiwiburn are concerned the original Ticket Purchaser remains the person legally entitled to a refund if one is requested,

What if the event goes ahead, but I can't attend because of COVID-19?

Our COVID-19 Refund Policy only applies if the entire event is cancelled prior to gate opening on Wednesday 27 January. In all other circumstances, our standard no-refund policy applies.

That means that if you’re unable to attend Kiwiburn, whether it’s because your international flight is cancelled due to COVID-19 or perhaps because you’ve been isolated as a close contact of a known case, unfortunately we won’t be able to refund your ticket. You’ll need to sell your own ticket through STEP or privately to recoup your money.

How will Kiwiburn weather the financial storm? Can I gift the price of my ticket to Kiwiburn?

If we have to cancel the 2021 event as a result of COVID-19, Kiwiburn will be taking a financial hit, and we would appreciate your support to help see us through in a healthy position. 

You may choose to gift your entire refund to Kiwiburn by declining the refund, or make a donation of a chosen amount via a separate method (e.g. Givealittle, in particular if a cancellation occurs close to the event and a lot of costs have been incurred already). 

We will release a statement about ongoing costs incurred to date, depending on the timing of any cancellation.

If you can afford to offer a $180 refund to everybody, then why are you giving us the option to gift?

By using our annual membership income to cover normal year round running costs and utilising some of our contingency fund, reducing costs and rebudgeting other expenses towards next year’s event, Kiwiburn can afford to offer the $180 refund to those who request it.

This decision will not bankrupt the event. Should everyone request a refund, it will have an economic effect on the Event planned for 2022 and beyond, as well as any expansion of Kiwiburn activities. We are also responding to requests from the community of Burners who wish to make a gift towards the longevity of future events,  and in particular support the Arts and Artists.

If, for whatever reason, you choose to request a full refund for your ticket, Kiwiburn will be OK. We will not go bankrupt. But if you would like to help us shoulder the economic blow of these difficult times by donating all or some of your refund, and are financially able to do so,  we will provide you with some options on how this can be achieved (details to follow).  Such generosity will help Kiwiburn weather these uncertain times.

Why not postpone Kiwiburn to some other time in 2021, instead of cancel?

We discussed the possibility of postponing instead of cancelling Kiwiburn, but the risks are too high.

Planning and holding Kiwiburn is a massive undertaking, involving a lot of people giving up a lot of time, and money to be spent on consents and contractors. We don’t know how COVID-19 might affect any future event plans, and we may run into the same problems again. Unfortunately it won’t be feasible to hold Kiwiburn at any other stage in 2021 if we can’t go ahead in January, therefore the event will be cancelled and tickets refunded (excluding membership fee and payment/ticketing fees).

Why can't you roll my ticket over to Kiwiburn 2022?

Kiwiburn 2022 is a long time away, and an entirely separate event. This would involve a lot of administration to roll tickets over and refund those who can’t attend, and we can’t predict what might happen next year.

Our Society Membership Fees also need to be collected annually, so this would have to be managed separately in the event of a roll-over.

Because of this, it was decided that the simpler approach would be to treat each event separately, and to refund tickets for Kiwiburn 2021.

Why isn't cancellation covered by Kiwiburn's event insurance?

We have liability insurance for the event and the ExCom members, but this doesn’t cover a global pandemic such as Covid-19.

We have also checked with our insurance broker, and unfortunately there is no policy that would cover this situation: pandemic and government action on the scale we are seeing are specifically excluded from insurance policies.

Where is the 2020 report on Kiwiburn’s finances?

This will appear in the Afterburn Report which is tabled at the AGM which is now rescheduled for mid-October (date not yet confirmed).

Who can I contact if my question isn’t answered here?

We know there are many more questions not answered here. We may not have all of the answers just yet. Like you, we are feeling our way in the dark here. Feel free to send us your questions via the Contact Form. We will continue to share more information over the coming months, so as always, keep your eyes on the Electric Fencepost, our Kiwiburn Facebook Page and of course our website and FAQs page for the latest updates.

What can I expect at Gate?

There may be longer queues this year as every passenger in every car will be asked a questionnaire provided by the Ministry of Health. On Wednesday there will be a tent staffed by local Ministry of Health nurses who can perfom an on-site Covid Test if the outcome of the questionnaire and other factors warrant it. We ask all participants to be patient as our end goal is to ensure that once on the Paddock, every person can enjoy the Burn as they do every year and know that they are in a safe environment. 

What should I do if I have cold/flu symptoms?

We ask that every person who exhibits cold or flu symptoms presents at Gate with a recent (within 48hrs) negative Covid test to ensure we keep everyone safe. If you do not have a negative Covid test, you risk being requried to get a Covid test at Gate (there will be a tent provided by the Ministry of Health) and will need to self isolate off-site until a negative Covid test can be shown to Gate, along with everyone else in your car. 

One person in our car has a cold/flu or identified as requiring a Covid test at Gate. What does this mean for the other passengers?

Every car will be treated as one bubble. If one passenger in a car is exhibiting cold/flu symptoms and does not have a recent (within 48hr) Covid test, or the outcome of the questionnaire results in the need for an on-site Covid test, all passengers in the car will be affected and will need to turn around and self isolate off site until all affected persons have received a negative Covid test.

What does the current probable case in Northland mean for Kiwiburn?

At present, we are on track for Kiwiburn 2021 to continue as planned. You will get questioned by Gate using a Ministry of Health approved questionnaire and if there are circumstances which flag the necessity of a Covid-19 test, you will be required to get one and not return until you have a negative result. Please note that this is a fluid situaion and subject to change at any moment. 

I am coming from Northland/have been to a location visited by the recent probable Covid Case. What should I do?

If you are coming from Northland and are feeling unwell, or there is any chance that you visited or have come in contact with someone who visited one of the 27 publically known location that the probably Covid-19 case visited, please get a Covid test and wait for a negative result before travelling to site.

Click here to check out our FULL COVID-19 Management & Refund Policies