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COVID-19 Management & Refund Policies

 (note these policies are subject to change – see Note 10 below)

COVID-19 Management Policy

  1. The Organiser (Kiwiburn Incorporated Society and its Officers and its representatives) takes Covid-19 very seriously and has developed the following general policy. More detailed policies and operational procedures will be released as we get closer to the Event date
  2. Kiwiburn 2022 (the Event) will only open the Gate for entry if the whole country is at Alert Level 1 or below.
  3. Anyone with cold or flu symptoms IS NOT TO COME TO THIS EVENT. All Participants and any and all site visitors will be health screened (which may include a temperature check) on arrival and anyone failing that check will NOT be allowed to enter the Event and will be referred to a medical centre for further Covid 19 testing. If you are feeling unwell then STAY HOME and call Healthline (for free) on 0800 358 5453 or your health care provider if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19
  4. Contact tracing will be implemented and all movements onto and off the Event site will be recorded. Participants are recommended to utilise the Ministry of Health’s “NZ Covid Tracer” app or similar tracing app. The Event Organiser will have QR code posters on display.
  5. The Event Organiser will, as a minimum, adhere to any Government legislated measures or recommended guidelines as well as adhering to the Events NZ Voluntary Code
  6. Kiwiburn reserves the right to implement whatever additional health and safety protocols it deems necessary (over and above those covered above) at any time before or during the event to ensure the protection of the Burner community and the wider NZ community as a whole. Such measures will be developed in liaison with external advisors including Government Ministries (e.g. MoH, MBIE). the Regional Medical Officer of Health, local medical providers, Civil Defence, FENZ, and our Regional and District Councils representatives.
  7. Typical Covid measures may include (but are not limited to) health survey/screening on arrival (including temperature testing), contact tracing requirements, sanitation measures, personal protection equipment, social distancing, etc.
  8. Any decision to cancel the event will be made to ensure the safety of the participants and wider community. Any such decision is at the sole discretion of the Event Organiser.
  9. The Event Organiser has no liability for any costs or other liabilities incurred by ticket purchasers or ticket holders travelling to, or attending, or leaving, the Event even where such costs or liabilities arise as a direct result of the cancellation of the Event or the refusal of entry to, or removal from, the Event.
  10. The Organiser reserves the right to update any terms and conditions or policies at any time and such changes will have immediate effect. Such changes will be notified by updates to the Event website’s Covid Advice Update page. It is the responsibility of all Ticket Purchasers and Holders to monitor the Event’s website for Covid Advice updates.
  11. By purchasing or holding a ticket in any manner – including through Quicket direct purchase, Quicket Transfer, Quicket STEP purchase, gifting or private sale – all Ticket Purchasers or Holders accept unconditionally all terms and conditions imposed by the Organiser – including any subsequent updates or changes – and hold the Organiser blameless in all matters.


COVID-19 Refund Policy for Kiwiburn 2023

This policy sets out the amount of refund that the Organiser (Kiwiburn Incorporated Society) of the Event (Kiwiburn 2022) will make to the registered Ticket Purchaser of an Event Ticket.


  1. Should the Event be cancelled as a result of Covid restrictions or their impact on the Event at any time up to the opening of the Gate on Wednesday 25 January 2023, the Organiser will offer a pro-rata refund based on expenditure at time of any cancellation. In total, $210 of the $225 face value of the ticket is refundable; A non-refundable amount of $15 goes towards the annual subscription fee to the Kiwiburn Society which also covers basic year-round expenses and allows Kiwiburn to continue to function as an entity (even without an event). Any ticketing agency fees or charges associated with the original Ticket purchase are non-refundable.
  2. As with Kiwiburn 2021 and 2022, every effort will be made to delay outgoings as much as possible to manage impact on potential refunds due in the event of a cancellation.
  3. Ticket Purchasers who do not wish to receive any refund and instead generously wish to gift the ticket price in full to Kiwiburn will be given that option.
  4. Ticket Purchasers who generously wish to donate a proportion of their ticket will have the opportunity to do so by accepting any refund and then being able to gift a sum of money through a separate donations app.
  5. If cancellation occurs, Kiwiburn will be open and transparent regarding costs incurred up to and as a result of the cancellation and these will be published to the Community.
  6. All refunds will be processed by our Ticketing Agent – Quicket – and can only be made to the credit card account used for the Ticket purchase i.e. the person (Ticket Purchaser) whose credit card details were used to pay for a Ticket regardless of whose Burner Profile the Ticket is currently registered to as the Ticket Holder. Note the Ticket Purchaser may not be the same as the person named as being the Ticket Holder e.g. if the purchase price of the Ticket was paid to Quicket/Kiwiburn using the credit card details of someone other than the person named as being the Ticket Holder. See COVID-19 FAQs for further information on registered Ticket Purchaser versus Ticket Holder as well as the Refund process in general.
  7. The timing of when refunds will be made is dependent upon when the decision to cancel is made. The goal would be to refund within 4-6 weeks of the cancellation but the exact method of processing refunds – and the associated time required to process such refunds – is still being finalised as we are aiming to minimise the administrative process and thereby shorten the time to make the refunds.
  8. Note – once the Gates open on Wednesday 26 January 2022 the Event has commenced and Kiwiburn’s pre-existing and all encompassing NO REFUND policy will apply – see Point 3 under “Tickets and Refunds” section of the “Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Entry” which can be found here. Similarly if the Event is cancelled for any reason other than Covid related issues then the same standard pre-existing NO REFUND policy will also apply.
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