Fire and Safety Policy

Fire is fun! The burning of the Effigy and Temple are a huge part of Kiwiburn culture. In order to be able to have these large fires, and to keep our participants safe on the Paddock, all other fires must be registered and supervised. 

Kiwiburn must abide by all regional fire restrictions that may be in place at the time of Events. If no such restrictions are in place, the following policy applies:

Art Burns

Art burns must be registered prior to any Event, as Kiwiburn has limited capacity for art burns as part of our resource consent. If you are considering bringing any registered art to burn, please contact

Gas or Electric Stoves/BBQs

Cooking must be on gas or electric stoves (such as commercially available barbecues and camp stoves), and contained above ground. These must be supervised at all times and may not be left unattended under any circumstances. When a gas-fire appliance is in use, ensure there are no flammable material (trees, tents, tarps fabric, etc) within a three-metre radius. 

Open Fires

Absolutely no open fires will be allowed – fires will be restricted to registered artworks, the burning of the Effigy and Temple, and fire barrels/braziers. A fire is defined as any form of fire that is in the open air, and includes flying lanterns, fire spinning, pizza ovens, cookers that do not have an enclosed flue or ash tray, fireworks, wood fuels, BBQ coals, and cooking fires (including hangi and umu). Restrictions on open flame apply to fire spinning outside of the designated fire spinning camp and/or the Effigy burn. 

If a community project such as a pizza oven requires an open flame, participants may apply to the Art and Theme Camp Coordinator in writing for an exception to the policy. Only a small number of exceptions will be granted, and will be subject to safety requirements, the project being of benefit to the community as a whole, and other conditions as deemed necessary at the time.

Fire Spinning

Fire Spinning is only permitted at the designated Theme Camp, Flojo. You must abide by all safety and fueling procedures provided by the camp. In order to fire spin before the Effigy Burn you MUST attend a fire safety briefing by the Fire Art Safety Team.

Flame Effects

If you are incorporating flame effects (liquid or gas) into your Theme Camp, artwork or performance, you MUST register to ensure you comply with the relevant requirements. As a minimum, the following applies to flame effects:

  • All flame effects must be inspected on site and approved by the Fire Safety Team. You must obtain approval from the Fire Safety Team prior to lighting any flame effect.
  • All flame effects should be safe and secure – fittings and other relevant parts should undergo daily safety checks.
  • Once lit, flame effects must be monitored at all times by a (sober) camp member.
  • The area around any flame effect must be clear of flammable or combustible materials, including but not limited to: wood, paper, stored fuel, tents, dry vegetation or other camps, to a distance of 7m.
  • All liquid and flammable materials must be stored and used as per the Fuel & Hazardous Materials Storage Guidelines we’ll provide you.
  • Flame effects must be extinguished at the request of any Ranger, Site Manager and/or Emergency Services personnel.
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