This page might not be up-to-date for Kiwiburn 2023. Check back soon, or contact us in the meantime.

Parking Policy

To make better use of the site, and help create a more people-friendly space, there is a new Parking Policy for the 2020 event*.

Camping with cars will be at your own discretion. Participants should drop gear off at their camp, then park in the designated parking area in order to maximise the camping areas of the main paddocks for everyone. This also applies to Theme Camps.

  • Please drive slowly and carefully at all times
  • Please comply with directions from Gate, Greeters and Site Safety volunteers
  • There is no driving allowed on the Paddock during the event (except for registered art cars and infrastructure/event related vehicles)
  • Parking or driving in the Forest is prohibited.

Note: Cars parked in camping areas are likely to be blocked in during the event, so park in the designated parking paddock if you need to leave before 10am Monday. Be considerate when parking.  

Allowed on site (outside of Parking Paddock)

  • Vehicles used for sleeping
  • Official event vehicles
  • House trucks and buses
  • Art cars
  • Any vehicles deemed necessary for participants.

All other vehicles should be parked in the parking paddock.

Please have only sleeping vehicles in your camp, otherwise park vehicles in parking paddock.

*The policy will be reviewed after the event and in accordance with any changes of venue size.

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