This page might not be up-to-date for Kiwiburn 2025. Check back soon, or contact us in the meantime.

Parking Policy

To make better use of the site, and help create a more people-friendly space, our Parking Policy is as follows:

  • There is to be no driving on the paddock after dark. People who arrive after dark will be asked to park up immediately and carry gear to camping spots. There will be a camping spot next to parking for people who want to camp up for the night and then move the next day. Note: Sunset is around 8:40pm and Gate closes at 10pm on Wednesday.
  • During daylight hours, cars may be driven across the paddocks to unload gear, however, they then need to be moved back to the parking area. They may not be kept on the paddock as storage units, even for theme camps. This will be monitored closely by the parking team. The idea behind this is to unclutter the paddock as much as possible and allow more room for camping (and fun!).
  • Vehicles that are being slept in may stay on the paddock in camping and theme camp areas. Please note that sleeping vehicles are likely to be blocked in during the event, so park in the designated parking paddock if you need to leave before 10am Monday.
  • The parking team is working hard to ensure that we fit maximum cars into the parking area without anyone being parked in. Please follow the parking instructions and park thoughtfully. If you come in on Friday or Saturday you are expected to be able to follow the system and park sensibly on your own in the designated area.
  • Please drive slowly and carefully at all times.
  • Please comply with directions from Gate, Greeters and Site Safety volunteers.
  • Parking or driving in the Forest is prohibited.

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