Code of Conduct

What does it mean to be a member of Kiwiburn?

Kiwiburn Inc. is an Incorporated Society, to which any member of the public may become a member by purchasing a ticket to the annual Kiwiburn event or by paying the prescribed annual membership fee. Beyond this, Kiwiburn is also a community, sustained by online activity and associated events across the country throughout the year. Kiwiburn has a responsibility to protect the safety of its participants, and the integrity of, the Regional event and other events. Therefore, where there are reasonable grounds to believe any individual (member or other) might put the safety and well being of other participants at risk or otherwise impede the safe and smooth running of Kiwiburn events, or online activity, Kiwiburn reserves the right to revoke, deny or suspend membership of any individual and additionally to evict, restrict, or ban any individual from events and activities.

What kind of culture do we intend to create?

Kiwiburn is founded on the 10 Guiding Principles of Burning Man, in an attempt to build community and facilitate events based on artistic expression, autonomy and respect. Event organisers do not wish to impose numerous rules or dictate anyone’s experience; this document is part of an ongoing attempt to articulate the values held as a community so participants know what kinds of behaviour are considered unacceptable to the collective. 

It is Kiwiburn’s hope and intention to facilitate a space in which people are safe and free to create whatever kind of experience feels right for them, insofar as it does not impede or impair anyone else’s experience. Such boundary issues can be subjective and difficult to define, and the final call as to whether a boundary transgression has occurred will be made on site by Event Management, or off site by the Conduct Committee in conjunction with the Executive Committee (ExCom). 

Kiwiburn endeavours to create a culture in which all people feel safe, included and respected, and will not tolerate discrimination based upon ethnicity, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, religious beliefs, and so on. Kiwiburn has a high level of expectation regarding consent and endeavours to create a culture of healthy interactions and communication which is both conscious and respectful of other people’s boundaries. 

Consent violations

  • Intentional, unwanted contact counts as assault; any form of non-consensual touching and repeated behaviour that demonstrates a lack of awareness or respect for other people’s physical space. Obviously there are many nuances and levels at play here; context, consideration and common sense are key here. Everyone has different tolerance levels and preferences, if you are unable to infer their boundaries from their body language, it is always best to ask. 
  • Persisting to interact with someone who has expressly asked that you leave them alone counts as harassment. If someone tells you that your behaviour was inappropriate or if they ask you to leave them alone, or if they make it clear with their body language that they don’t want to interact with you, it is best to accept and respect this. If you feel there has been a misunderstanding, you do not understand what was offensive about your behaviour, or you wish to apologise, then a respectful dialogue may be had. Rangers and Consent Guardians are on hand to lend support in these situations. 
  • Anyone has the right to ask you to leave their camp if your behaviour is considered inappropriate, threatening or otherwise unwelcomed. If you feel that they are excluding you based on discrimination, alert Rangers or Site Management. Please note that in the name of Radical Inclusion, some areas may be dedicated safe spaces for certain groups of people, and if you do not fit the particular demographic then you must respect this
  • If someone is intoxicated to the point that they are impaired in their ability to walk and speak or comprehend the consequences of their actions, then engaging in any kind of sexual act with them counts as sexual assault. Any encounter of a sexual nature requires complete and enthusiastic consent, and someone who is intoxicated is in no position to give their full consent. There is a continuum of intoxication and the boundary can get blurry, people can later regret something that they consented to when they were intoxicated though otherwise lucid. If someone is clearly intoxicated, the right thing to do is to wait until they have sobered up.
  • No intoxicants may be given to minors at all, or to adults without their fully informed consent. 
  • You must respect people’s rights when taking pictures and videos and/or sharing them online, refer to our Photography and Filming Policy for more information. 
  • Any of the above consent violations are grounds for eviction and/or banning from the current and future events, as well as investigation by the Conduct Committee, and may also result in the Police being notified. 

Illegal behaviours

The law of the land still applies at Kiwiburn, and as such illegal behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes but is not restricted to: 

  • Use and distribution of harmful substances and giving intoxicants to minors.
  • Any physical, verbal, emotional or psychological assault, or harassment of any kind.
  • Theft, destruction, or vandalism of property.
  • Trespass by attempting to enter an event without a ticket, or trespassing on neighbouring properties.

Dangerous behaviours

  • Kiwiburn does not tolerate behaviours which put the safety of yourself and/or other people at risk. This includes, though is not restricted to, unauthorised fireworks, weapons, gang patches, and dangerous intoxication. 
  • If you are attending an event with a minor in your care, you are required to be a diligent and responsible guardian at all times. Failure to adequately supervise your child will see you being asked to leave and/or the emergency contact person provided being contacted. 

Online conduct

Kiwiburn as a community is sustained throughout the year by our online forums on Facebook and Google Groups. Guidelines and rules are in place for interacting in these spaces; treat each other with respect and keep discussions constructive. Slander and trolling will see your posting rights restricted, and repeat offences will have you removed from any such group. 

In summary; be conscious, be kind.

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