How to start a Theme Camp #4 – Camp Members

Jul 29, 2023 | Kiwiburn, Theme Camps

Welcome back!

Captain here, today I’m continuing the ‘How to start a Theme Camp’ blog series.

This time I’m discussing how to organise camp roles and members. An important aspect of any Theme Camp!

I asked 25 fellow Theme Camp leads how they decide on roles and how they allocated them to their camp members. So you can be sure that you’re getting great info from all 26 of us (I ran a camp at KB23 too!).

I’ve grouped the answers into most common replies and ordered them from most common to least common.

Finally, before we begin, If you missed the last blogs in the series, catch up on them here:
#1 A general overview
#2 The application process
#3 Choosing a theme

Organising Theme Camp Members

Question 1 – How did your camp decide on roles?

The answers were:
– We discussed which roles we’d need then people volunteered for them
– Sit down with all members and discuss who would be best for each role
– The natural skillset of each person allowed us to choose who would be best for each one
– The camp lead/s select members for each role
– We decided based on who was available before/during the burn

Question 2 – What others roles do you have besides the basics (basics being: Camp lead & co-lead, Health and Safety officer & sound lead)?

The answers were (in no particular order):
– Consent lead
– Volunteer lead/co-ordinator
– Sustainability lead
– Logistics/travel lead
– Fire lead
– Shift lead
– Layout lead
– Decor lead
– Kitchen lead
– Events lead/co-ordinator
– Admin lead
– Lights/power lead
– Eco/waste lead
– Cleaning lead
– Bar lead
– Finance lead/treasurer
– Pack down crew
– DJ wrangler
– Camp zoozhser

That’s quite the list!

Bear in mind that these are just an example of some of the members that you can have in your camp. The options are limitless, and only set from your own imagination.

If you want to have a ‘Animal wrangler’ role, go for it. Want a ‘costume lead’ role? Sure! It’s totally up to you as a camp what you need/want.

Where to begin as a new camp

As a first time Theme Camp, you probably won’t have huge numbers so you won’t need to have a massive amount of roles.

As a camp, there are only a few that are necessary (for registration as an official Theme Camp):
– Camp lead
– Camp co-lead/s
– Health & Safety officer
– Sound lead (Especially important if you’re going to be a sound camp)

The rest of the roles are totally up to you! You can have as many other roles as you’d like.

So if you’re starting a new Theme Camp, get together and decide how you’ll assign roles.

Most camps said that choosing roles as a group worked well for them, or asking for volunteers worked well.

Again, how you decide is totally up to you as a camp, so get to choosing!

Alright, that’ll be all for today! Hopefully you found this helpful.

What’s next in the blog series?

Thanks again to the wonderful Theme Camp leads who filled in the survey, you really helped make this blog useful.

In the next blog I’ll be discussing putting on events!

Until then, have a wonderful day.


Image Credit: Pixabay

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