How to Start a Theme Camp #2 – The Application Process

May 15, 2023 | Kiwiburn, Theme Camps

Welcome to the ‘How to Start a Theme Camp’ blog series. There’s a lot to cover in this series, so we’re breaking it up into separate topics, which we’re sharing in the EFP over the next few weeks.

If you missed last week’s blog, we gave a general overview of how to start a Theme Camp, you can find that here.

Today we’re going to discuss how to apply to Kiwiburn to have your Theme Camp on the Paddock.

Register Your Camp

Why should you register your camp? If you want to be an officially recognised Theme Camp, it’s essential that you register. As discussed in last week’s blog, your camp will receive a range of benefits, such as having your camp description and events displayed in the Event Guide.

But how do you register? The process is generally the same for each burn (please note – things do change year to year, so check the website later in the year for any updates). Let’s check out the steps you’ll need to take below and then we’ll discuss each step in greater detail.

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The Registration Process

  1. Fill out the Theme Camp Registration Form
  2. Agree to our Theme Camp Setup Guide
  3. Submit your Health and Safety Plan
  4. Register at least 3 events
  5. Have no MOOP, sound or safety violations on record from previous events.

The Registration Form

The Registration Form is the first step to becoming an officially registered Theme Camp. While the exact form may change each year, you can expect it to be fairly similar. You’ll need to fill in a range of details for your intended Theme Camp. Let’s look at some examples below:

  • Theme Camp name and description
  • Camp Lead and Co-Lead details
  • Intended events (these are not final and will be submitted later)
  • Camp member numbers
  • History of your camp (have you run it at Kiwiburn previously?)
  • Dimensions and placement requests (how big will it be and where would you like to be placed etc)
  • Sound & power system details
  • Theme Camp opening hours
  • Adult only content
  • Kiwiburn Culture related questions

This is not an extensive list, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect. Start planning and deciding on these things with your crew early if possible, this makes it easier to fill in the form.

The form and the link generally comes out around mid September, but stay tuned for an announcement on this later in the year. All dates are listed on the website, but also communicated through the EFP. (Please note – KB24 dates are not yet listed on the website).

Theme Camp Setup Guide

Before each burn, a Theme Camp setup guide is released. It contains a range of information on just about everything you could think of. Information for what to do and consider before, during and after the burn. It also includes safety and risk management information that you and your Theme Camp members must agree to before you can bring your camp to the burn.

Look out for the KB24 guide later this year!

Health and Safety 

Health and Safety is a big aspect of running your Theme Camp – it’s a key component of your application. Each Theme Camp must submit a Health and Safety form. This ensures that all hazards have been considered before the burn and that all of your members are clued into these.

The KB24 Health and Safety form will be available after registrations open, so stay tuned for that later in the year.

I will be giving a more in depth look at the Health and Safety process in an upcoming blog, so keep an eye out for that in the EFP soon.

Register at least 3 Events

This is a requirement of running a Theme Camp. Each camp must run at least 3 events during the burn. What these events are is totally up to you and your camp. (Note – this requirement may change for each burn, so look out for any announcements on this).

In the upcoming blog, I will be discussing Events in further detail – ideas, the submission process and how other Theme Camps run/come up with ideas for Events.

Have no MOOP, sound or safety violations on record from previous events.

If you are a new Theme Camp, you won’t need to worry about this. However, it’s important to remember this if you’re planning to run your camp for more than one burn. Be aware of MOOP, how loud your sound system is and of course safety in your camp, or face not being able to return with your Theme Camp next year!

Even if you’re not planning on returning with your camp – still pay attention to these anyway! Be a good human being, respect your neighbours and treat the Paddock with respect. It’s what allows us to return every year.

Once you’ve registered

If you’ve successfully done all of these tasks, you’ve officially registered your Theme Camp! Congrats! You’re well on your way to bringing your amazing camp, events and gifts to Kiwiburn.

Once you’ve applied, stay tuned for more details on the next steps. The website is the most up to date place to find information and key dates, so bookmark it in case you need it!

Alright, that’ll do it for today’s blog! You should be well informed on the Application Process now. Even though it’s still early in the year, it helps to know this process now, so you can be prepared. Take it from me, the earlier you start planning, the better! It makes it so much easier and smoother come application time.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, which is all about choosing Themes!

Mā te wā, Captain.

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