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May 1, 2023 | Kiwiburn, Photography

The clouds gathered, the rain fell (and fell, and fell and fell some more) and the Temple and Effigy burned; quite some time ago! As I write this, it’s wild to think that KB23 was two months past. 

A picture of bare feet and gumboots in the mud.
Bare feet or gumboots, no in between!

But luckily, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we can relive Kiwiburn. Using a high resolution camera, and rigorously following the KB photography commandments (“Ye shall not photograph nipples without first politely asking those nipples” and so on) our very own KB photographers John, Ignacio and Tim snapped some gorgeous snaps and shot some mystical shots of our favourite place on Earth.

A picture of a signpost, displaying 'memory lane' and 'wormhole walkway'.
Talk a walk down memory lane!

Take a gander at this here cheeky link and you’ll be able to TIME TRAVEL back to the Paddock of yesteryear.

The heavens opened and dampened the Earth. But, (cue Galadriel voice) the power of the vibes could not be undone. It was still a soggy good time for all involved!

Despite being wetter than the towels aboard The Titanic, the Effigy burnt gloriously! Behold this epic picture of the fiery gaping maw, shortly before it collapsed in a shower of ash and sparks. 

A picture of the Effigy burning.
The Effigy burning regardless of the rain!

And who could forget the unrelenting furnace of the Temple?  A testament to its construction, was the success of its destruction.

A picture of the Temple burning.
The Temple burnt well, despite the rain.

I have a theory that the sheer volume of VIVID ink scrawled along the walls probably acted as a propellant, but what do I know? My job is to bring you the news, not facts and such. 

A picture of an art car.
One of the many art cars present on the Paddock.

Swing Fling’s Art car, which I only knew by the name we assigned it, “Flower Power”, is resplendent in all its petalled glory. 

A picture of Swing Flings art car.
Swing Flings art car in all it’s glory!

The next series of pictures are from Ignacio. They’re mostly of the evening times, where the world becomes neon and the creatures of the night abound.  The patience and skill needed to capture such beautifully detailed pictures in the dark is a real credit to Ignacio’s mahi. Thanks for these!

An awesome Kiwiburn sign, lighting up the night.
An awesome Kiwiburn sign, lighting up the night.

The Creature Lab was lookin’ fab, and there are loads of great little details of lights and art that show yet again just how much time and passion goes into transforming the Paddock each year. 

A picture of Creature Labs creatures.
Creature Labs creatures just hanging out.

As a first-time baby-burner, I’d never seen the three giant faces before. They were a treat each and every time I passed by them. They look amazing here in this picture. 

A picture of the three faces art installation.
The three faces were a sight to behold.

There’s also a beautiful picture of the Effigy in full-burn. Surrounded by thousands of burners, all anonymously gathered around our ritual release; it’s a perfect picture of our collectiveness. Possibly my favourite picture in here.

Tim’s photos are an eclectic mix of day and night. The closeups of specific camps and the street signs bring the smell of fresh mulch right back to me. These pictures are great because they captured so many small snips of the Burn that make up the whole. 

A picture of a group of people in a Theme Camp.
One of the many wonderful Theme Camp areas on the Paddock.
A picture of a shower.
Always scrub the deck!

If you have your own photos to share, we’d love to have ‘em! Send your (appropriately vetted) pics to news@kiwiburn.com. We are so grateful to our photographers, big ups to you all!

A picture of the Haast Eagle art piece.
The Haast Eagle was truly a wonderful spectacle!

A truly epic display of shutter-buggery this year. Get amongst it!

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