How to start a Theme Camp #3 – Choosing a Theme

Jul 24, 2023 | Theme Camps

Captains back! Yes I know, finally.

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting impatiently for me to return and continue my Theme Camp blog series.

Why the break?

We’ve recently had a ton of exciting announcements to make in the weekly EFP, so I decided to take a wee break and prioritise the news instead.

However, now that we are inching ever closer to KB24, it’s high time I get back into it. That way you can start planning and preparing everything to apply to run a shiny new Theme Camp!

If you missed the last blogs in the series, catch up on them here:
#1 A general overview
#2 The application process

Todays blog is all about choosing a Theme!

Before I begin, I need to thank some incredible people.

I asked fellow Theme Camp leads to fill in a survey. I asked them questions on their experience with starting and running a Theme Camp. Their answers will help me make these blogs as useful as possible for you to start your own camp!

So please join me in thanking all 25 of the lovely humans who took the time to fill it in!

You’re all stars in my book.

I will try to use as many of the answers (from the survey) as possible in this blog, so you can be sure that the info I share is based on the experience of 26 of us who have run a Theme Camp!

I’ve grouped the answers into most common replies and ordered them from most common to least common.

Alright, let’s get into it!

How do you put the theme in Theme Camp?

Question 1 – How did your camp choose its theme?

The answers were:
– Brainstorm as a group
– Come up with a theme that is based on your camp members interests/skills/what they like to do
– To provide a space for other like minded burn participants to share
– The theme came to us over time, we just created a camp and over time the theme developed
– We came up with a theme based on the theme of the burn (from that year)
– Inspired by other existing/previous Theme Camps
– Inspired by other burns
– We wanted something funny
– AI

Question 2 – Do you have any advice for choosing a theme?

The answers were:
– Find something that reflects your values/strengths
– Find something that no one else is bringing to the Paddock
– Choose something wild and random but have the name be something different as it’s fun to be mysterious
– Find something you all love, or if you can’t, find something you all hate. Then use it as your theme.
– Don’t stress about it too much, you can always change it later (Note from Captain – Many camps do this, my camp is doing this for KB24!)
– Choose a theme that is easily expressed in costumes, art and events
– Consider how expensive it is to run a food camp (before you decide to run one)
– Think about what you would enjoy as a participant at a Theme Camp, then use that as a theme!

So what’s your theme going to be?

As you can see there’s a range of different answers here. The general consensus on how to choose a theme seems to be sitting down with your camp members to brainstorm ideas. Find something that you all enjoy or that you’re all skilled at and create a theme based on that.

Your theme can be whatever you’d like, and most camps go for something random, unique or funny.

So get together, start planning and come up with something wild!

What’s next in the blog series?

Thanks again to the wonderful Theme Camp leads who filled in the survey, you really helped make this blog useful.

In the next blog I’ll be discussing how to organise camp members.

Until then, have a wonderful day.


Image Credit: Pixabay

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