Population size and ticket price for Kiwiburn 2022

Sep 27, 2021

Recently a decision was made by ExCom to slightly increase the number of participants, and thus the total number of tickets, to 2300. This is a modest increase of 100 souls over last year. It also means that 50%, or 1150 tickets, will be available in the general sale while the other 1150 will be reserved for crew, artists and Theme Camps. 

With a record number of Theme Camps (almost 100 now) and Art Grants given, one could almost get the impression Kiwiburn 2022 will be better than ever! Or at least bigger. Definitely slightly bigger.

In a second, separate decision, it was unanimously agreed that the ticket price will remain the same as the last few years at $195. This includes the $15 annual membership fee to the Kiwiburn Society and is non-refundable. 

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