Calling all eager Helpers

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Got your ticket? Well, thats spiffy, ‘cos now its time to choose how you can make your Burn that much more special by volunteering. There are loads of options, from year round roles to on site, to general helpers, to specific, more skilled positions. Have a look what’s available, and fill in the form, or send the team an email with any questions. … Read More

Art, Theme Camps and Event Registrations

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Volker Huenert Art Piece KB18 hanging Umbrellas

Photo by Volker Huenert. Artwork by Andy Flint. The elements which make Kiwiburn a Burn are the amazing Art projects, the vibes and tunes coming from Theme Camps and the multitude of hosted events! What would the Paddock be without wondrous light installations, interactive sound art or sculpture that resonates with your mood?; without Theme Camps which engage or inspire, … Read More

Kiwiburn 2020 Sold Out – now what?

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Whoa, that was something else on Saturday morning. It was anticipated that tickets would go quickly, but no one expected an official sell-out time of 38 minutes, with all tickets in baskets awaiting final processing within five minutes! Your fingers were on fire! To call that a record is an understatement. Shout out to the Ticketing Team and Quicket, who … Read More

Now that you’ve got your ticket…Volunteer!

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sput your hand up with love and show volunteers some love

Choose how you can help to make Kiwiburn 2020 the best ever! Congratulations, you’ve secured one of the hottest tickets in town. Kiwiburn is created by volunteers for volunteers, so how will you contribute to making Kiwiburn 2020 happen? There are heaps of opportunities open, including some on the ExCom, 2IC roles, and other year-round positions as well as on-site … Read More

Roll call – who will be on the Paddock?

Kiwiburn Webmaster

With the ever-increasing popularity of our beautiful little Burn, there has been some serious interest in the makeup of Kiwiburn 2020’s population. Will we be invaded by Europeans? Australians? Perhaps it will be entirely burgins (first timers), bringing to the Paddock their doe-eyed wonder? Our well-qualified troop of mathematical chimpanzees have been crunching the stats: 87% of tickets were purchased … Read More

Theme Camp News!

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Sensory Dispensory Maxine Andersonso

Photo by Maxine Anderson Tickets: Check! Idea: Check! Getting Organised: In Progress! Theme Camp registrations are open, so get your thinking caps on and amaze fellow Burners with your creative and outrageous ideas for a Theme Camp. We can’t wait to see all the regulars and to welcome some new ideas into the mix on the Paddock. Bring chill spaces, … Read More

IT whizzes needed!

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Calling all software savvy wizards, it’s time for Round Two! You may remember some time ago we were on the lookout for a magic crew of software ninjas to help with a special software development project. Well, that project is off the ground now and Kiwiburn is in need of one or two people with skills in JavaScript and / … Read More

Tickets Tickets Tickets

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Kiwiburn 2020 Eclectic Decade winning poster design, by Erika Pearce

Last chance to create a Kiwiburner Profile before tickets to go on sale this weekend! In case you missed it, Kiwiburn 2020: Eclectic Decade tickets go on sale 14 SEPTEMBER from 10am (NZT). Yep, that’s this Saturday folks. All the information on tickets you could possibly want is here. And if you’re buying tickets from outside of New Zealand, check here … Read More

What you need to know about Kiwiburn 2020

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You’re interested in buying tickets but are not entirely sure what you might get yourself into? The Kiwiburn Survival Guide was recently updated with the latest information to help you answer a number of questions. Even seasoned Burners should have a look as a few things have changed since the 2018 event. Not entirely sure how Kiwiburn even works? Get … Read More

Hostest with the Mostest

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Create an event and host it at Kiwiburn Have you ever dreamt of teaching others how to throat sing? Or holding a workshop on making mermaid costumes? Kiwiburn can be the blank canvas to your creative idea. Got a cool idea? Bring it to the Paddock, whether as part of your Theme Camp, or without camp affiliation. You can hold … Read More

Tickets are a-comin’!

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Tickets are the talk of the town. Less than two weeks to go until you can all get your hands on these hot tamales, as they go on sale on 14 September. Yeah Baby! In order for you to be able to buy a ticket, you have to register. Create your Kiwiburner Profile: Questions? Read the ticketing page: If … Read More

Theme Camp Registrations

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Dancealot Camp

Photo by Peter Jennings   Calling all Theme Camp Organisers! So you wanna have the raddest, most outlandish, swishest Theme Camp known to man? Or maybe a chilled out space with pillows is more your thang? Whichever way your Theme Camp wind blows, start putting your thinking caps on as registrations for Theme Camps will start on 14 September. Yup, that’s … Read More

Looking for the next Master of the Kiwiburn Universe

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Will you be the next Kiwiburn Chairperson? Leader of the Pack, Captain of the Ship, Overlord, Ringleader, Big Cheese, Top Gun! In the early days, the Chairperson was known as the Big Nob! Kiwiburn is looking for a new Chairperson. One of three Officer positions, it’s usually held by a Kiwiburner who has been involved for a few years, been … Read More

Re-shuffle in Kiwiburn ExCom

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Kiwiburn has a ‘New’ Services Facilitator! Committee Chair changes ExCom seats to focus on her true passion Kiwiburn ExCom Chairperson Jaz Hunter’s commitment to Kiwiburn has been strong for eight years now (wow!). Apart from her time as Chair, she has served as Gate Lead, Site Manager, Swag Lead and is currently Ticketing Lead and on the Event Management Team.  … Read More

Join the ExCom!

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The only constant is change  “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch The ExCom is comprised of long standing volunteers working hard to create a sustainable structure which helps all volunteers get the good things done. Some of our long serving ExCom … Read More

Goodbye to Anne – Art and Theme Camps Coordinator

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Anne is stepping down as Art and Theme Camps Coordinator Yup, it’s true.  I have been the Art and Theme Camp Coordinator (A&TC) for Kiwiburn since 2012 so I feel qualified to say that this is absolutely the best volunteer job at Kiwiburn. As A&TC, I have been the first person to find out what crazy art and Theme Camps … Read More

Goodbye Jamie, and thanks for all the fish.

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From humble beginnings, he emerged, and now he is born again. Our Crew Facilitator Jamie is stepping down from his role. Keeping it real since 2017, Jamie has facilitated the crew with the panache of a suave French waiter, but with more dinner breaks. Thank you Jamie for all the mahi you have done over the past ye-ye-years; developing emotional … Read More

Get your Kiwiburner Profiles created and updated

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Planning to be on the Paddock in January 2020? Then you MUST set up or renew your Kiwiburner profile in order to purchase tickets when they become available on 14 September. They will likely sell out quickly, so you will want to have our profile sorted before then. Oh yes you will! Create your Kiwiburner Profile: Questions? Read the … Read More

Free Money!

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Kiwiburn Art Grant design Poster

Ha, that got your attention, didn’t it? The Art Grants applications deadline is 1 September! There are a number of grants available (Large: over $500, Small: under $500, and Innovation: $800), so hurry and make sure you get some of that moolah in your grubby hands to create, build, enchant and achieve your Kiwiburn dream in 2020. It will literally only … Read More

Effigy. Temple. Effigy. Temple

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Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint. Minotaur built of palettes with horns

Photo of Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint Deadline for Effigy and Temple submissions 1 September Have you ever dreamt of building a thing, sharing it with your fellow Burners on the Paddock and then setting it ablaze? This is your year! Get your Effigy and Temple designs submitted and see your creation come to life. It all starts on the back … Read More