Paddock Art Series #2: Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser

Dec 21, 2017 | Art, Paddock Art Series

Art by Olivia Hollard @beyondameteurart

Mildly Mysterious Art Manifesting at Kiwiburn

By Hayley Ware and Fergus Bassett

In the second exciting installment of the Paddock Art Series, I’ve been chatting to Fergus Bassett who is bringing an exciting, interactive and um, slightly…. different art project to Kiwiburn. The specifics are under wraps for now, so I won’t dive too deep into the details, though it’s shaping up to be a unique addition to the Paddock. What is this piece? Fergus and his team call it the ‘Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser’.

Fergus explains, “It’s basically your standard inter-dimensional travel device with a Kiwiburn twist, and as with any modern transportation machine, the experience we’re offering will be a mix of self-discovery, mystery, intrigue, cutting-edge science and a touch of artistic expression.”

How did Fergus come across such a device?

“The details are still hazy but I’ll tell you what I remember. It was a dark and stormy evening surfing the web when my house was struck by lightning. It must have had some kind of cosmic effect because I was suddenly blinded by light and sucked into my computer. As I floated through the viscous plasm of the internet I was drawn by forces unknowable into the realm of a cosmo-merchant. I opened my mouth to speak but was struck with the realisation that this merchant already knew all I had to say. Such mechanical forms of conversation were redundant here. A booming voice entered my mind:

“I see you’re after my Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser! I’m afraid all I can offer you is a prototype – though it contains the bridge to worlds you could never fathom, it can only be powered by the imagination of the most open minded, fun-loving individuals. It is yours if you think you are able to find such a resource.”

So I thought, cool, I’ll bring it to Kiwiburn!

Does it need any work to prepare it for the Paddock?

“There are a few obstacles involved in running our machine in an environment such as Kiwiburn. For one, it requires a cool, dark environment to run effectively so mid-summer heat on the Paddock poses an interesting challenge which we’re working through at the moment.

We also want to provide a range of different worlds to explore. Not all dimensions are friendly, so our team have been diligently traversing these realms to select the most safe and pretty ones for our beginner explorers. More dangerous exploits can of course be requested, at the traveller’s risk.

And of course there’s decoration. When it comes to inter-dimensional travel, there’s always a delicate balance between calibrating the machine effectively to ensure safety and decorating it to make it look pretty.

This experience will likely leave a lasting impression on the travelers who experience it!

“We expect a variety of reactions from our subjects ranging from euphoria, the likes of which they’ve never experienced, to reality shattering confusion, to deep and profound existential crisis. All of which we are prepared for.”

And what’s the goal of all this?

“With help from Kiwiburners we can progress humanity’s knowledge and hopefully improve the public’s perception of inter-dimensional travel. Sure, there’s a small chance of coming into contact with an alien super-virus, or being transported into to the centre of a sun… But science wouldn’t be fun without a bit of risk!

Try out Fergus’s Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser on the Paddock… If you dare!

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