A message from ExCom

Aug 24, 2021

With only 155 days until Kiwiburn returns to the Paddock, we would like to share some important updates with you all.

Firstly we need to let you all know that Kiwiburn’s Event Manager for 2021 has stepped down.  

As many of you know, we are also currently looking at how we structure the organisation going forward, to make sure we have a diversity of ideas and the load is shared across many hands ensuring that we balance workloads and create an environment of experience and skill for Kiwiburn’s ongoing success.

ExCom have been considering how the event is to be managed onsite for KB22 and beyond. We are truly committed to ensuring that our volunteer organisation recognises Volunteers are our number one priority and your ExCom team wants to ensure they are seen as leading and supporting Kiwiburn to a culture of supportive engagement.  

While we have not quite finalised the new structure, you may have already seen an advertisement for one new ExCom member – Community Facilitator – who, with their new teams, is directly responsible for Burner Community engagement and liaison.

If you are keen to get involved in supporting our Community, please keep an eye out for Volunteer vacancies on our website. We are certainly looking for some more supporters to contribute in a number of roles – some year round roles are currently available whilst applications for onsite roles will be advertised in the coming months. Without your help and positive energies we simply would not have the world’s longest running international Burning Man Regional Event!

The 2022 event has seen us adopt two changes as a direct result of ExCom engaging with the Community and receiving strong community feedback.

  1. General Sale Tickets will be based on a lottery system and we hope this provides a fair and transparent process for those seeking tickets. Good luck to everyone and we will be reviewing this new system with the community after the Event for feedback
  2. You told us you want more Arts funding!  So this year we increased the Kiwiburn Arts Grants Fund to get more Art on the Paddock. Thank you to the record number of artists who applied and can’t wait see you making, building and creating magic.

We will be providing more updates from your ExCom team members over the coming months, our commitment to you all is to provide more community involvement, consultation, communication and FUN.


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