Ah Regional Round Up

May 27, 2019

Black Rock City (BRC) has a Wiki – for all of you information hungry Burners, not completely… complete, but great for some art-spiration or theme camp motivation. Pity Kiwiburn doesn’t get a mention, but surely someone can update that… right?

Ah Metamorphoses, we’ve theme’d there, done that. The pink Burning Man regular talks us through BRC’s theme for 2019. As per usual, Kiwiburn sooo did it better. Not that we are biased.

It’s not in English but moving pictures need no language! Take a visual journey into Ukraine Burn.

Yodassa Williams “a powerful conjurer of black girl magic (70% Jedi, 30% Sith)” is working with BMO to increase inclusivity, something we are trying to work on at Kiwiburn as well – read her bio and story in the BM Journal.

Turtle Burn! Jeepers – I want to go purely because of the name. Oh yeap, it is Taiwan’s regional event and is  kickin’ of 7 June for a slow and steady weekend. They have a bilingual Facebook page too, genius.

Burn and Crash: sober reflections on Afrikaburn, a conversation between new found friends on the destructive nature of human condition, far-too-loud music and some profound spiritual experiences… take from it what you will.

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