Any Go-Getters out there?

Sep 23, 2019

Dedicated and energetic Volunteers interested in leadership wanted!

Kiwiburn is looking for a number of Executive Committee (ExCom) members. Do you have what it takes for a year-round commitment? Would you like to be on the forefront of shaping the event? Are you able to dedicate a few hours a week (more in busy times) towards making executive decisions, collaborate with other teams and coordinate activities that make Kiwiburn a little bit better each year? Well, then look no further!

Put your money where your mouth is, pack a bag with a large wad of common sense, a portion of can-do attitude, a healthy slice of humour, a pinch of left-field thinking, along with your collaboration hat and board the Let’s Make Sh*t Happen Express! What you don’t necessarily need is in-depth legal or accounting experience, though we won’t stop you if you do. There are three ExCom positions currently available, so have a nosey and see what might strike ya fancy.

The following leadership roles are currently available:

Chairperson – Big Cheese/Cheesette

Site Safety Facilitator – Ensures, you know, site safety

Crew Facilitator – Primary Cat Herder

AdminLead/Team – Head detangler and pivot point

Health and Safety Manager – Keeps the big bad wolf at bay

There are also a number of 2IC roles. You will undoubtedly learn new skills, get to know cool, inspiring people and help influence the event you know and love. Go on, check it out!

Fill in the volunteer sign-up form and start making a change!


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