Art Shark Update

Feb 12, 2024

We did the thing! Well done on the thing.

KAC held Art Shark on Thursday (at the Burn) and if you weren’t there, you missed out. Our judges (KAC members) asked the hard questions, got some excellent answers, and definitely not enough bribes.

KAC dolled out a total of $1912.50 – which means next year, all going well, you could get some fancy nails in a loo, listen to a fun podcast whilst being cosy, find your lost shirt on a ship (probably), file your secrets, embrace a sea anemone and dispose of your nangs responsibly. Yay!

Thanks to all applicants and our pals at Camp Nipple Clamp (Paddock’s oldest newest sex camp) for hosting. Keep your art-deas cached and your eyes peeled (ew) for this year’s Art Grant application round – it could be your art on Paddock in 2025.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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